How Many Calories in Persian Food? 50 Iranian Cuisine Calories

Knowing how many calories in Persian food will help you have a better diet. For example, knowing that eating a dish of offal has almost 1000 calories, you do not consume this food at night.
In the same way, if you know the calories of the food you consume and choose the right time to consume it, you will eat a healthier diet and as a result, obesity and weight gain will not come to you.

Table of Calories in Persian food

Without any additional explanation, we will go to Table of Calories in Persian food and introduce you to the calories of most Iranian foods.

Persian Food Calories in 100 grams
Khoresh ghormeh sabzi 180kcal
Khoresh gheymeh sibzamini 185kcal
Khoresh gheymeh bademajn 151kcal
Khoresh fesenjan 264 kcal
Khoresh bademjan 121kcal
Khoresh aloo esfenaj 137kcal
Khoresht karafs 173kcal
Gheymeh nesar 185kcal
Makaroni 371kcal
Kale pacheh 1000kcal
Kabab koobideh 268kcal
Joojeh kabab 198kcal
Chenjeh 388kcal
Kabab soltani 256kcal
Kabab barg 310kcal
Kabab bakhtiari 400kcal
Chicken koobideh 110kcal
Persian rice 120kcal
Koofteh berenji 191kcal
Koofteh nokhodchi 355kcal
Persian pizza 240kcal
Kotlet 300kcal
Kookoo sibzamini 200kcal
Kookoo bademjan 300kcal
Abgoosht 150kcal
Kale gonjeshki 195kcal
Vavishka 115kcal
Zereshk polo ba morgh 230kcal
Dolmeh bademjan 200kcal
Dolmeh barge mo 135kcal
Albaloo polo 286kcal
Kalam polo shirazi 180kcal
Dampokhtak 160kcal
Tahchin morgh 200kcal
Ash reshteh 250kcal
Ash doogh 118kcal
Ash jo 95kcal
Ash sholeh ghalamkar 121kcal
Kashk bademjan 125kcal
Mirza ghasemi 161kcal
Ghanbar polo 200kcal
Loobia polo 180kcal
Adas polo 204kcal
Shirin polo 241kcal
Halim bademjan 170kcal
Persian halim 300kcal
Beryani Esfahahn 174kcal
Sabzi polo ba mahi 203kcal
Kabab tabei 177kcal
Akbar joojeh 260kcal

For more information on the health of foods, you can also read the article Are Iranian foods healthy? Also, if you are interested in Iranian sweets and want to maintain your shapely body, read the article on the calories of Persian sweets.

How many calories are in Persian bread?

After checking the calories in 50 Iranian foods, we will check the calories in Iranian breads. Iranian breads are usually made from white flour and wholemeal flour and are very nutritious.

Next, we will look at the table of calories and nutritional value of Iranian breads.

Iranian Bread Calories in 100 grams
Barbari bread 360kcal
Sangak bread 200kcal
Taftoon bread 140kcal
Lavash bread 238kcal
Shirmal bread 361kcal
Baget bread 274kcal
Oat bread 282kcal
Toast Bread 293kcal
Nan gandom 259kcal

Is the Persian diet good?

Iranian food is excellent for various diets. For example, there are different types of soups and stews in Iranian cuisine that contain vegetables, grains, and fresh fruits. Iranian stews with meat chicken and fresh vegetables.

Chicken and fish kebabs that can be prepared without oil and on charcoal are very useful for diet.
Also, there are dishes made from cooked beans, such as Adasi, which are prepared by cooking lentils with onions and various spices and are a great meal for after the gym.

The food that is prepared in winter is called Khorak loobia ghermez, which consists of cooking red beans with tomato paste. These foods made from legumes and Iranian soups are even suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The agriculture of Iran produces many fruits and vegetables. Thus, a bowl of fresh fruit is common on Iranian tables, and vegetables are standard side dishes in most meals.

These are not only enjoyed fresh and ripe as desserts but are also combined with meat as accompaniments to main dishes.


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