How to Brew Saffron with Ice and Boiling Water 2023

I have been in love with the smell of brewed saffron for a long time when it was used to cook foods such as sholeh zard, and when we had guests and had dinners with saffron rice, the aroma of saffron filled our whole house.

Seeing Persian saffron is always a pleasure for me and It reminds me of gold. In addition to the fact that using saffron is joyful, the aroma of saffron makes us feel relaxed and stress comes down in our bodies.

I have always been like this. Stay with meals cook until the end of the article to tell you how to brew saffron in two easy ways.

Grind saffron

Grind saffron

Before brewing the saffron, we had to first grind it into powder. There are two methods for this, which keep the color and taste of the original saffron, One is to pound the inside of the saffron package with a heavy object and grind the saffron into powder.

The second method is to powder it in a mortar. Of course, without sugar, because sugar causes the brewed saffron to become cloudy.
Now we want to tell you the ways of brewing saffron. For this, we will introduce you two methods. One is brewing saffron with ice and the other is brewing saffron with boiling water.

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Brewing saffron with ice:

prepare ice for saffron

In this method, we need a glass of ice for every tablespoon of saffron (about 11 pounded saffron threads). One of the advantages of this method is that more color and transparency come out of the saffron, but it takes longer than the boiling method with water.

brew persian saffron with ice

Pour the ice into a bowl or glass suitable for saffron and then pour the saffron powder on it. Keep it at room temperature for half an hour until the ice melts and the saffron becomes colored. Now you can use it on food or you can store it in a closed bottle in the refrigerator for up to one month.

How to brew saffron with boiling water:

brew persian saffron with boiling water

The second method is the Iranian method which has been used since ancient times. The advantages of this method are that the coloring of saffron happens very quickly and it does not take much time.

prepare saffron for boiling water

However, it is less transparent than the ice method.
In this method, we pour saffron powder into a container and add boiling water to it. Half a cup of boiling water is suitable for approximately one teaspoon of saffron.

Then, put the container on indirect heat on a samovar, a kettle in a way that works with steam and not direct heat, and give saffron 20 minutes to release its color well.

brew saffron with boiling water

You can use any dish you have at home that is resistant to heat. Using this method with indirect heat causes faster and better coloring of saffron.

Necessary tips for brewing saffron

Necessary tips for brewing saffron

– To brew saffron, you must pay attention to the amount of water you use so that it is not too much and the saffron is not diluted or watery because it loses its color and smell.
– Filter the excess amount of saffron with a strainer and store it in a closed container in the refrigerator.
– In order for saffron not to lose its aroma, grind it as much as you need and store the excess amount in closed containers that do not allow air to enter.
– Grinding saffron with sugar makes the color of saffron dull, and it is suggested to grind saffron without sugar.
– We do not recommend the use of metal and brass mortar because it causes less coloring and lower quality of saffron.
– Pay attention to its application when grinding saffron. For example, when you want to grind and brew saffron for foods such as gheymeh nesar or tahchin, it must be completely powdered. But when it will be used in dessert or cake, it should be a little coarser and grind it less.

I would like to draw your attention to a few sentences about the taste of saffron taken from the site

The Flavor of Saffron

Some people say that saffron tastes slightly bitter to them while still lending a semi-sweet taste to dishes. This highly sought after spice offers several tasting notes: semi-sweet and honey-like, floral, fresh like the sea, musky or mushroomy, or even bitter for some. Everyone seems to experience it differently. It’s commonly used in Spanish paella dishes, as well as Portuguese and Turkish cooking.

The only real way to find out what saffron tastes like is to try it. It is available in some gourmet grocery stores or online retailers; it can be purchased in very small amounts for sampling or cooking with. Cooking some with plain white rice is a good way to get a sense for its flavor profile.

FAQ for brew saffron:

faq for brew saffron

1. How is brewing saffron and why is this step important in cooking?
Brewing saffron is a process that involves coloring the saffron with a warm liquid, usually water or milk. This step is necessary to increase the color, taste and aroma of saffron in food.

2. How did you brew saffron?
To brew saffron, we first crush or grind a certain number of saffron threads. Then add it to a warm liquid or some ice and wait until the color and taste of saffron is transferred to the liquid.

3. Can you use brewed saffron to cook certain foods?
Yes, brewed saffron can be used in various dishes such as zereshk polo baa morgh, sholeh zard or saffron syrup.

4. How much time is needed to brew saffron?
The exact time for brewing saffron depends on the method you use. If you brew with ice, you need more time, usually between 30 and 45 minutes. If you brew with hot water and indirect heat, you need 15 minutes.

5. Do you have to grind saffron before brewing?
Yes, usually saffron is crushed before brewing to make it easier to brew and transfer more color to the liquid.

6. Can you keep brewed saffron in the freezer?
It is usually not recommended to keep brewed saffron in the freezer. The best way to store it in the refrigerator for up to a month.

7. Can you use brewed saffron in the recipe of any type of food?
It is usually used in dishes that have rice or stews that need saffron color, sweets and even syrups.

8. Why should saffron be brewed and not be used fresh?
Dry saffron needs time to release its aroma and color. Brewing saffron accelerates this process and helps increase the quality and effectiveness of saffron in food.

9. Does brewing saffron have any special points that must be observed?

Yes, we should pay attention to various points in the type of grinding and brewing with indirect heat to give us a better color and aroma.

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