Comprehensive Guide to Iranian Breakfast Foods + Benefits

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is consumed in the early hours of the morning, and in this article, we will examine the types of Iranian breakfasts, how to prepare them, and the benefits of this important meal.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, especially if it is Iranian breakfast foods. Iranian breakfasts have a lot of variety.

Persian breakfasts are divided into two categories: hot breakfast and cold breakfast. For example, a cold breakfast is like cheese, butter, cream, milk, jam, and walnuts, which are served with fresh Iranian breads like Barbari and Sangak.

The hot Irani breakfast is also complemented by a variety of Iranian soups, Adasi, kale pache, nimroo, and omelets. Besides all these, Iranian tea is the most important hot drink for breakfast in Persian.

Breakfast in Iran is usually prepared and eaten between 6 am and 10 am.
Persian breakfast foods have a lot of variety in different diets, from athletes to vegans.

So this article is applicable to all people with different food tastes. I can’t wait to write the rest of the article for you. While writing this article, I really wanted to go to the fridge and make my own breakfast.

So, dear companions of the Meals Cook website, if you are interested in great and useful authentic Persian food for breakfast and you love new and different flavors, stay with me until the end of this article.

Iranians used to put breakfast and other foods on plastic and cloth tablecloths, sit around them, and start eating.

traditinal iranian breakfast table

Interesting ideas for Iranian breakfast

irani breakfast

To have great ideas for an airy Iranian breakfast, first get to know the types of Persian breakfasts completely.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Iran’s breakfast has two models: hot and cold.

I will first explain to you the cold breakfast ideas that most people like, and then I will look for other ideas for hot breakfast.

Persian breakfast Examples Main Ingredients Benefits
Cold Breakfast Bread and cheese, butter and jam, Sarshir and honey, Ardeh and Date Syrup, cream and honey Cheese, butter, Sarshir, Ardeh, Date Syrup, cream, bread, jam, honey Good for skin and hair, memory enhancement, cholesterol reduction, bone health, anxiety reduction, energy boost
Hot Breakfast Kale Pache, Ash Sholeh Ghalamkar, Halim, Fereni, Nimroo, Boiled Eggs, Iranian Omelette, Shir Berenj, Khagineh, Kaleh Joosh, Adasi Sheep head, meat, legumes, wheat, eggs, flour, vegetables, curd, lentils, rice, rose water, milk. Immune system boost, cartilage formation, digestion improvement, weight gain, memory enhancement, blood pressure reduction, cholesterol reduction, cancer prevention

Cold Iranian Breakfast Foods

Cold Persian breakfast foods are one of the simplest yet most nutritious meals. These meals include a variety of dairy products, such as cheese and butter, which are served with Iranian jams, honey, and walnuts.

Stay with me as I explain these meals to you in detail. In addition to this, I will explain the benefits of these breakfasts, which are very useful for having a healthier diet.

Types of Iranian bread for breakfast

iranian barbari bread

Bread is one of the most essential ingredients in Iranian tables. Iranian people believe that bread on the table is a blessing from God for her servants.

Traditional Iranian bread is prepared with a combination of wheat flour, yeast, and water. Iranian breads have different models: sangak, barbari, lavash, and taftoon.

In the old days, these breads were baked at home and in the oven, but nowadays, people buy these bread from bakeries and Bread shops, which are easy to prepare.

It is customary among Iranian people to eat breakfast with fresh bread. Really, the aroma of fresh bread on the first morning doubles the taste and pleasure of the Iranian breakfast table.

Iranian drink for breakfast

iranian tea for breakfast

The most important and main drink for Iranians to have breakfast is Iranian tea. A hot cup of tea makes your stomach ready to eat great food for breakfast.

Also, at the end of breakfast, a cup of tea helps to digest food faster. In Iranian tables, a glass of hot or cold milk and a glass of natural juice, such as orange juice, are also used for variety.

1. Nan o Paneer (Bread and cheese)

noon paneer iranian breakfast

Bread and cheese are two of the oldest and most important breakfast meals in Persian. Iranian white cheese, which I have already told you how to make at home, is one of the most delicious and fresh dairy products for breakfast.

White cheese has different models: Tabriz cheese, Liqvan cheese, cream cheese, and normal white cheese. This very nutritious dairy product is prepared with Iranian breads such as lavash, sangak, barbari and tafton.

Cheese, together with bread, is called a Loghmeh(bite) or a balleh. In addition to cheese, for better taste and more variety, ingredients such as walnuts, vegetables, jam, tomatoes cucumbers, grapes, or watermelon pieces are also used.

Along with bread and cheese, Iranian tea sweetened with sugar is used. The salty taste of cheese and sweet tea will provide you with a great experience while eating breakfast.

Benefits of Nan o Panir(Bread and Cheese)

Benefits Bread Cheese
Nutritional Content Contains bran, fiber, and carbohydrates Full of protein and rich in calcium
Health Advantages Beneficial for skin and hair Very useful for bone health

2. Kareh morabba (Butter and jam)

kareh moraba breakfast

Butter is also one of the main components of breakfast in Iran, and it belongs to the dairy family. The butter is almost yellow in color, and when it is spread on the hot Barbari bread, it has a special aroma that I crave to eat right now. Butter is eaten with jam, honey, cheese, and halva ardeh.

They spread butter like cheese in desired bites on bread, pour a little jam or other things mentioned on it, and eat the bite with Iranian tea. Iranian jams are very famous all over the world.

Due to the 4 seasons of Iran and the existence of most fruits in Iran, it also has many different jams.

The most famous Iranian jams, which are very delicious when combined with butter, are moraba albaloo, moraba havij, strawberry jam, and moraba beh.

Benefits of Kareh o Moraba (Butter and Jam)

Benefits Butter Jam
Nutritional Content Rich in antioxidants Contains vitamins C and K (e.g., strawberry and carrot jam)
Health Advantages Protects against cell and free radical damage Increases appetite and energy
Considerations High consumption can increase cholesterol

Some benefits of butter:

  • Rich in Vitamin A, necessary for thyroid and adrenal health.
  • Contains lauric acid, important in treating fungal infections and candida.
  • Contains lecithin, essential for cholesterol metabolism.
  • Contains anti-oxidants that protect against free radical damage.
  • Has anti-oxidants that protect against weakening arteries.

Sourced: 360-md

3. Sarshir and Asal

sarshi asal persian breakfast

Sarshir o Asal(honey) is one of the high-fat and calorie-rich Iranian cold breakfasts. Sarshir is a white substance similar to cream, which is prepared by heating milk for a long time.

It is a delicious and fatty substance that combines honey and bread to make a complete breakfast for you.

You should definitely exercise after eating honey because it is very fatty and full of calories that must be burned quickly.

The benefits of milk and honey(Sarshir o Asal)

Benefits Sarshir Honey
Nutritional Content High in calcium and calories Rich in antioxidants
Health Advantages Ideal for children’s breakfast Reduces anxiety and blood fat
Additional Benefits Combined with honey, acts as a laxative and relieves constipation

Honey contains mostly sugar, as well as a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc and antioxidants. In addition to its use as a natural sweetener, honey is used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent. People commonly use honey orally to treat coughs and topically to treat burns and promote wound healing.

Sourced: mayoclinic

4. Ardeh Shireh (Date Syrup and Tahini)

ardeh shireh irani breakfast

Arde or tahini is a thick, fatty liquid made from roasted and ground sesame seeds and is very delicious for Persian breakfast foods.

Arde, along with date juice, which is prepared as concentrated syrup or concentrated date extract, is a nutritious and very delicious combination for breakfast.

Arde or tahini has the taste of sesame, and with date or grape juice, which is very sweet and delicious, it is a combination full of energy with bread for a complete and nutritious breakfast.

If you are looking for a breakfast full of energy for children, this composition is an energy bomb. Also, due to the effect of sesame on improving brain function, it is an excellent breakfast for exam time.

Properties of Ardeh Shireh (Sesame Paste with Grape Syrup)

Benefits Grape Syrup Ardeh (Sesame Paste)
Nutritional Content Contains vital vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron Rich in healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals
Health Advantages Strengthens memory, prevents Alzheimer’s Strengthens memory, increases children’s energy, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
Additional Benefits Prevents heart attacks, strengthens teeth and bones

Grape syrup is a condiment made with concentrated grape juice. It is thick and sweet because of its high ratio of sugar to water. Grape syrup is made by boiling grapes, removing their skins, squeezing them through a sieve to extract the juice. Like other fruit syrups, a common use of grape syrup is as a topping to sweet cakes, such as pancakes or waffles.

Sourced: wikipedia

5. Khameh Asal (Cream and honey)

khameh asal irani breakfast

Cream and honey are a great combination, and children like them. Usually, if you are looking for delicious, tasty, and odourless dairy products, I suggest you use cream.

The combination of cream and honey provides a sweet and very nutritious concoction for a traditional Iranian breakfast. They usually eat this excellent breakfast with Berber bread or Sangak.

Cream can be consumed alone or with jam and chocolate cream for breakfast.

Benefits of Cream and Honey(Khameh Asal)

Benefits Cream Honey
Nutritional Content Contains fatty acids and vitamin A Rich in antioxidants
Health Advantages Acts as a laxative, relieves constipation Treats wounds, regulates blood sugar, has anti-cancer properties
Additional Benefits Recommended for eye health


Traditional hot Iranian breakfasts

Traditional hot Iranian Breakfast Foods are used in all seasons of the year, but they usually reach the peak of people’s use and consumption in the winter season.

Very rich and complete breakfasts, which can be named from Nimroo and omelette of a coffee house to Kale Pache and Ash sholeh ghalamkar and Adasi.

In the following, according to the priority and hot breakfasts, which are more popular and liked by the people and also the author of this article (Chef Haghighi), we will discuss.

1. Kaleh pache

kaleh pache irani

Kale Pache is one of the oldest and even strangest breakfasts and dishes in Iran and even in the world. The head, hands, and feet of sheep cooked with different spices are called Kale Pache.

One of the most authentic Iranian dishes that is used for breakfast because of its high calories and energy. A full meal that makes you feel so full, and you can’t even eat lunch.

Usually, the head, hands, and feet of the sheep, which have been cleaned and washed before, are cooked with cinnamon, onion, and turmeric the night before.

Cooking offal has important points. I have already posted a complete recipe for kaleh pacheh, which has an easy but long cooking method. Also, except for this case, we have put the other Persian breakfast recipes on the website.

Eating offal has two stages. First, they pour the juice of the giblets with a little sheep brain in a bowl and eat them with pieces of bread.

Then, they eat the main contents of the giblets (eyes, tongue, ears, and feet) with fresh sangak and a little fresh lime.

Benefits of Kale Pache

Benefits Kale Pache
Nutritional Content High in vitamin C and B vitamins
Health Advantages Strengthens the immune system
Additional Benefits Promotes cartilage formation for healing fractures
Energy Benefits Provides extra calories and energy, suitable for children and athletes

2. Ash Sholeh Ghalamkar

ash sholeh ghalamkar irani

Ash Sholeh Ghalamkar is one of the few hot Iranian Breakfast foods, and it contains almost all nutritious and rich ingredients for the human body, such as meat, beans, and wheat.

This soup is decorated with curd, which is a dairy product full of calcium, and fried dried onion and mint, and in addition to its great taste, it doubles the properties of this food.

Preparing this soup at home takes some time, and it is usually served in restaurants and eateries. Shole Ghalamkar soup is a complete meal and fills a person alone, but it can also be served with Berber bread or Sangak.

Benefits of Ash Shole Ghalamkar

Benefits Ash Shole Ghalamkar
Nutritional Content Rich in protein due to legumes, meat, and curd
Health Advantages Excellent for people with anemia and iron deficiency
Additional Benefits Healthy and cartilage-building meal for children and the elderly

3. Halim

halim for persian breakfast


Halim is a hot and traditional Iranian Breakfast Food in Iran and even the Middle East, which is prepared with wheat and mutton. It is a delicious combination of a firm and elastic state.

It is usually served with cinnamon and sugar and, in some cases, with salt. Middle Eastern people also cook Haleem using their desired traditional methods and eat it for breakfast.

A traditional and hearty breakfast, which is very time-consuming and difficult to prepare but can be easily found in most restaurants and Halim shops in Iran.

If you are a guest of an Iranian during the winter season in Iran, they will definitely prepare Halim for you for breakfast.

Properties of Halim

Benefits Halim
Nutritional Content Rich in fiber, vitamins, and protein (from wheat and meat)
Weight Gain Excellent for thin individuals and pregnant women needing to gain weight
Heart Health Reduces blood cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, and reduces blood clot risk
Overall Health Supports better heart health and reduces heart disease

4. Persian starch pudding or Fereni

fereni iranian breakfast


Fereni, or starch pudding, is an excellent breakfast for the winter season. In Iran, food stores usually prepare and offer porridge for breakfast in the winter season.

It is a great meal for babies and the elderly. The mixture of rice starch and milk is stirred for 5 to 10 minutes, and an excellent and nutritious Iranian padding is prepared.

It is usually sweetened with sugar, honey, or grape juice and eaten. In addition to breakfast, it is also an excellent concoction for sore throats and colds.

Benefits of Fereni

Benefits Fereni
Nutritional Content Contains energy, vitamin B, and calcium
Main Ingredients Prepared with honey and milk
Health Advantages Provides all the properties of milk, such as calcium and vitamins
Additional Benefits Serves as a complementary meal for children

5. Nimroo

nimroo persian breakfast

Nimroo is a simple and nutritious meal for breakfast. If you are in Iranian coffee houses and cafes in the morning, Nimro is usually one of the main dishes for breakfast.

Nimroo can be prepared at home in less than 5 to 10 minutes. Pour some oil or butter on the bottom of the pan and let it heat up completely, then break the desired number of eggs and pour them into the pan.

You wait until the eggs harden to the desired amount and are fried completely. Add a little salt and black pepper at the end and eat with Berber bread or fresh stone.

Benefits of Nimroo

Benefits Nimroo
Nutritional Content Contains vitamins D, E, K, B6, calcium, zinc, protein, and healthy fats
Health Advantages Offers almost all the benefits of eggs, despite being fried in oil

Studies show that consuming omega-3 enriched eggs is a very effective way to lower blood triglycerides. In one older study, eating just five omega-3 enriched eggs per week for three weeks reduced triglycerides by 16–18% (34Trusted Source).

Sourced: healthline

6. Boiled eggs

boiled egg

Boiled eggs are a suitable and convenient choice, full of vitamins, for breakfast before going to school or work.
In this way, you put two or three eggs in a small pot, according to the family members, and pour water in such a way that water covers the pot up to the top of the boiled egg.

Turn on the gas and let the eggs cook for 10 to 15 minutes. You go to get ready, get dressed, and let the eggs cook.
After this time, when the eggs are cooked, fry them in a container of cold water to shock the eggshell.
This makes the skin of the egg easy to peel off, and you can eat the boiled egg with bread and a little salt and pepper.

Benefits of Boiled Eggs

Nutrients Boiled Eggs
Vitamins Vitamin A, B6, B12, Folate (B9), and B2
Minerals Phosphorus (15%), Selenium (9%), and Zinc
Protein Egg white contains high-quality protein
Health Advantages Excellent for athletes and children, egg yolk has useful vitamins and fats for the body

7. Iranian omelette

irani omelette

Iranian omelette is an attractive and delicious combination of tomato and egg. There are two ways to prepare Iranian omelette. One is a combination of eggs with tomatoes, onions and Iranian spices.
Another is the combination of eggs with fried tomato paste. Usually, in Iranian cafes, the omelette is cooked in the same way.

Iranian omelets are served with fresh Berber or Sangak bread, fresh lemons, and a little raw purple onion. They are very traditional and, of course, delicious. As usual, the end of this excellent breakfast is Iranian brewed tea.

Benefits of Iranian Omelette

Benefits Iranian Omelette
Nutritional Content Contains all vitamins and proteins of eggs
Vitamins from Tomatoes High in vitamin C
Health Advantages Anti-prostate cancer properties
Additional Benefits Reduces cholesterol, improves skin and hair health

8. Shir berenj (Persian Rice pudding)

shir berenj irani breakfast

Shir berenj is a hot Iranian breakfast that is prepared from a combination of milk, rice and rose water. These ingredients are completely cooked and softened together, and at the end, they are decorated with sugar, date juice, grape juice, and cinnamon and served.

The breakfast is nutritious and excellent for children as well. Of course, sometimes rice milk is also served cold.

Benefits of Shir Berenj

Benefits Shir Berenj
Nutritional Content Rich source of calcium (from milk)
Vitamins and Minerals Contains vitamins beneficial for skin and hair
Energy Benefits Provides daily calories

9. Khagineh

khagineh irani breakfast

Khagineh is an excellent and favorite dish that is prepared with eggs and flour. It is an authentic Iranian pancake. Eggs are mixed with flour and a little dried vegetables, salt, and pepper and then fried in hot oil. We fry in a pan.

A soft and very delicious combination that is served with Lavash or Tufton bread.

Benefits of Khagineh

Benefits Khagineh
Nutritional Content Contains the nutritional properties of eggs
Health Advantages Strengthens skin and hair (due to whole wheat flour)

10. Kaleh joosh(kal-joosh)

kaleh joosh irani breakfast

Kaleh joosh is an authentic Isfahan dish that is also used for breakfast. A Iran breakfast full of energy and protein that uses Turkish curd with fried walnuts, onion, garlic, and aromatic dried vegetables. A complete meal with a very special taste that makes you feel full for a long time.

I have a personal experience and memories of kalleh joosh that I will share with you. My uncle and cousins are from Isfahan city and whenever I go to visit them, they spread a big table for breakfast and the first breakfast is kaleh joosh and eggs.

It is boiled. Because the people of Isfahan attach great importance to breakfast, they provide themselves with a variety of foods.

Benefits of Kaleh Joosh

Benefits Kaleh Joosh
Nutritional Content High in protein and calcium (from curd)
Health Advantages Useful for treating osteoporosis
Additional Benefits Improves brain function, helps prevent Alzheimer’s (due to walnuts)

11. Adasi

Persian adasi breakfast

Lentils are a very nutritious food that is more than 9000 years old. Adasi is also a nutritious and very delicious breakfast made from cooked lentils with hot onions and Iranian spices.

Adasi is an Iranian vegan breakfast full of iron and protein for athletes. After the gym, athletes usually use lentils for breakfast.

In Iran, in restaurants and cafes, Adasi is part of the Iranian breakfast menu. It is also an excellent breakfast for people who follow a vegan diet.

Benefits of Adasi (Lentil Soup)

Benefits Adasi
Nutritional Content Rich in vitamins, fiber, and protein
Health Advantages Improves digestion, heart health, and muscle production
Additional Benefits Aids in cancer prevention


Thank you for being with me until the end of the article “Iranian Breakfast Foods.” at the end, we will conclude that breakfast is the most important meal in all food cultures, and in Iran, this issue is much more important.

Iranians attach great importance to their meals, and you can see the importance of healthy eating in the breakfasts I introduced above.

Finally, if you have the experience of eating any of these foods, share them with me or send me photos of your breakfast tables so that we can discuss them on social networks.

Also, in this article, I have included Persian breakfast recipes in different sections of the site that you can see and enjoy.


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