5 Iranian Vegan Breakfast + Quick Recipe

Persian vegan breakfast ideas : For those of you who consider breakfast very important

Iranian vegan breakfast, perhaps this matter has not been discussed on the Persian and English web, and it has been less discussed.

When we went out for breakfast with a vegan friend, and he didn’t have any Iranian suggestions for breakfast, I thought of this so that by studying and researching this fascinating diet, I could find 5 Iranian breakfasts that vegans can also enjoy.

As we discussed in the Iranian breakfast article, I said that Persian breakfast is the favorite of all diets and includes all of them.

So, according to that, I started my research and found five interesting items for Iranian vegan breakfast, which I will tell you below.

1. Vegan Adasi _ Iranian Vegan Breakfast

vegan adasi

The first food that comes to my mind for breakfast for an Iranian person who has a vegan diet is Adasi.

Adasi is an authentic Iranian breakfast that is recommended for vegans. I have prepared a brief recipe below for this excellent breakfast.


Ingredients Amount
Lentils As much as needed
Onion One medium
Potatoes One medium
Tomato paste One tablespoon
Turmeric, salt, pepper As much as needed

How to prepare:

First, slice the onions and fry them in a pan. Once the onions are fried a little, then add the spices and the sliced potatoes and lentils.

Fry a little and add the water. Let it sit. Cook all the ingredients together. After one to two hours, when Adasi is ready, please put them in small bowls and eat them.

2. Vegan Nan Panir Sabzi

vegan noon panir sabzi

The second item for Iranian vegetarian breakfast is cheese and vegetables. Prepare wholemeal bread with vegan cheese.

Cut fresh vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, and cucumber into rings and serve with bread and a little cheese. A great vegan breakfast meal was quickly prepared.


3. Halim Vegan

vegan halim

An excellent and delicious Iranian vegan dish for breakfast is Haleem Vegan. For the preparation method, we do the same as the usual Halim, but with a few additional points that I will mention at the end.


Ingredients Amount
Wheat without skin One glass
Vegetable butter 30 grams
Cinnamon powder As much as you like
Vegetable oil (sesame or olive) As much as you like
Sugar As much as desired

First, wash the wheat and then pour water on it to the extent that it is two knuckles above the wheat.

Soak the wheat for 12 hours or overnight until morning. Then, drain the wheat and put it in a large pot. Add 5 to 6 glasses of water to the pot and put it on the heat.

After boiling the water in the pot, lower the heat until the wheat is fully cooked and the seeds are soft. After the wheats are soft, add some salt and half the amount of vegetable butter.

Pour them directly into the food processor and mash until it has a uniform texture.

After the wheat is completely crushed, return it to the pot and add boiling water to the extent of 1 glass. Put the pot on low heat and keep stirring the wheat until it thickens but does not stick. The more you stir the wheats, the more stretchy they become.

After the halim water is drained, remove the pot from the heat so that the Iranian vegetable halim is neither too hard nor too loose. Put Halim in a serving dish, decorate it with cinnamon, sugar, and coconut powder, and serve.

Oat and Porridge Vegan Breakfast Recipes

It’s impossible to write about vegan breakfast ideas without mentioning oats! They’re so darn versatile – you can soak them, simmer them, bake them, and more – and they taste great with all sorts of sweet and savory toppings. Not an oatmeal person? You’ll find recipes using quinoa and chia seeds in this category too.

Sourced: loveandlemons

4. Vegan kuku sabzi

vegan kuku sabzi

It is an excellent dish and meal for Iranian and vegetarian breakfast. Vegan kuku sabzi or vegetable kuku without eggs is prepared like normal vegetable kuku, but with some substitutes in the raw materials that we will explain.


Ingredients Amount
Kuku vegetables 300 grams
Chia seeds + water 3 cups chia seeds + 9 cups water
Salt, turmeric, and pepper As needed
Baking powder Half a cup
White flour Half a cup
Oil As needed
Ground walnuts 1/4 cup
Barberry 1/4 cup

How to prepare vegan kuku sabzi:

 Make flaxseed by mixing ground flaxseed and water and putting it in the refrigerator. Mix grated or cooked potatoes with vegetables, walnuts, garlic, flour, barberry, baking powder, salt, pepper, turmeric, and oil.

Add the flax seeds and pour the mixture into the mold.

Bake the ingredients for 40 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius. Use barberries and walnuts on the cocoa to decorate. Eat vegan kuku sabzi with fresh bread for breakfast.

5. Vegan Ash reshteh _ Iranian Vegan Breakfast

vegan ash reshteh

Ash Reshteh is an authentic Iranian dish for breakfast or lunch, which is also eaten with noon barbari.
All the steps to prepare vegan ash reshteh are the same as regular ash reshteh. You should only pay attention to the fact that you should use special vegan curd for cooking. In the following, I will also teach you how to prepare vegan curd.


Ingredients Amount
Peas, beans, lentils One cup of each, pre-soaked and cooked
Vegetable Ash One kilogram
Ash noodles Five hundred grams
Onion Three pcs
Garlic Four cloves
Hot mint For two hours
Vegetable curd Some
Spices (salt, pepper, turmeric) As desired


How to prepare:

Follow the same method of preparing Iranian Ash reshteh as I mentioned in the previous parts, and at the end, decorate it with vegetable curd, onion, garlic, and fried dry mint.

How to prepare vegan curd:

To prepare vegan vegetable curd, you need walnut kernels, lemon juice, water, and salt. First, put the walnut kernels together with salt and lemon juice in a mixer.

Then, add water little by little and mix until the walnuts are well crushed and smooth. Combine. Get a white color.

The concentration of ingredients, like the Kask(curd) itself, should be medium. If it is too hard, you can add water or lemon juice. In the end, the vegan curd is ready, and you can drink it.


Iranian vegan breakfasts are very delicious, and preparing them is not a difficult task. For this purpose, I prepared this article for my dear friends who have a vegan diet so that they can get acquainted with the Iranian model of the vegan diet.

In the previous episode, I talked about Iranian vegan dishes. In this episode, I collected the best Iranian vegetarian breakfasts for you, which I hope will be useful for you. If you have any experience with these breakfasts, comment for me so that we can have a friendly discussion with you.


  1. What is a typical Iranian vegan breakfast?
    • A typical Iranian vegan breakfast includes dishes like Adasi (lentil stew), Nan Panir Sabzi (bread with vegan cheese and herbs), Halim (wheat porridge), Kuku Sabzi (herb frittata), and Ash Reshteh (noodle soup).
  2. How can I make Adasi vegan?
    • Adasi can be made vegan by using lentils, onions, potatoes, tomato paste, and spices like turmeric, salt, and pepper.
  3. What ingredients are used in vegan Kuku Sabzi?
    • Vegan Kuku Sabzi includes coco vegetables, chia seeds with water, salt, turmeric, pepper, baking powder, white flour, oil, ground walnuts, and barberries.
  4. Can Ash Reshteh be made vegan?
    • Yes, Ash Reshteh can be made vegan by using peas, beans, lentils, vegetable ash, ash noodles, onions, garlic, hot mint, vegetable curd, and spices.
  5. What is a good substitute for curd in vegan Ash Reshteh?
    • A good substitute for curd in vegan Ash Reshteh is a mixture of walnut kernels, lemon juice, water, and salt blended to a smooth consistency.

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