Is Persian food the same as Mediterranean food? 5 differences and similarities

In this article, we will examine the question Is Persian food the same as Mediterranean food? Mediterranean food is not the same as Iranian food, but they have common points.

Both use fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains in their food, but in Iranian food, more lamb and beef are used, and much less in Mediterranean food.

In the rest of this article, we will discuss the differences and similarities between these two foods.

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Geographical difference

Mediterranean foods, as the name suggests, are related to the people who live along the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Morocco through Italy, Greece, Tunisia, and other countries.

The use of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as olive oil and less red meat in the Mediterranean diet have made these foods famous. Due to the healthy eating style of these foods and the Mediterranean diet, it is well known all over the world. 

Persian food, which is from the country of Iran in the Middle East, originates from a rich and very old history and culture of the Persian people.

In Iranian cuisine, a variety of legumes and fresh vegetables are used, and the diet of Iranians mostly includes mutton or meat. It is chicken and all kinds of bread and cereals.

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Mediterranean food

Cooking difference

Cooking techniques in Iranian cooking and cuisine are based on cooking frying and sometimes grilling.

For example, types of stew such as khoresh ghormeh sabzi are cooked in between 4 and 6 hours and it is known as a slow cooking technique.
But in Mediterranean cuisine, they are more famous for grilling and eating raw and half-cooked vegetables.

Cooking techniques in Iranian cooking and cuisine are based on cooking frying and sometimes grilling. For example, foods like Italian pasta and Turkish kebab, are related to Turkey.

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Ingredients difference

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes more vegetables, fruits, seafood, legumes, and nuts, and does not allow sugary foods, dairy (except for limited amounts of yogurt and cheese), and red meat.
Iranian cuisine is more diverse and in addition to vegetables and legumes, they use rice, red meat, chicken, and various spices such as saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, and cardamom(hel spice).

Ingredients difference


  1. Food most often consumed is plant-based.
  2. Meat products are also consumed in moderation.
  3. Not only is the variety of products is very important, but consuming local products to maximize flavour.
  4. Ideally, the products being harvested are consumed.
  5. There are limited sweet products.
  6. Olive oil is a common ingredient.
  7. Herbs and spices, onions and garlic are used instead of salt.


Differences in cultural

Iranian cuisine originates from the rich culture of Iran, which goes back thousands of years and has been passed down to the next generations with little changes over the years.

After more than 2,500 years of their culture, Iranians have still kept the authenticity of their native foods.
Mediterranean cuisine is a combination of different cultures of Rome, Morocco, and Arabs.

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Calorie difference

Iranian and meat foods such as kale pache and fried foods that use frying oil and fat have more calories. But some foods, such as stews, have fresh vegetables, walnuts, and pomegranate paste, and have natural fat and fresh vegetables and have fewer calories.

Mediterranean foods are relatively low in calories due to the use of less saturated fat and meat and the use of healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Conclusion Is Persian food the same as Mediterranean food?

Iranian and Mediterranean foods have similarities, and in terms of diet, Mediterranean foods are more suitable for vegetarianism and weight loss. In terms of tradition and culture, Iranian foods are much older and more authentic.

Also, the diversity in Iranian cuisine is much higher, and in terms of the use of different spices and tastes, they are unrivaled in the world.

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FAQ Is Persian food the same as Mediterranean food

1. Is Iran considered the Mediterranean?

No, Iran is located in the Asian continent and the Middle East, next to the Persian Gulf.

2. What is the main difference between Iranian and Mediterranean food?

The main difference between Iranian and Mediterranean cuisine is that meat and rice consumption is more in Iranian cuisine, and more vegetables and fewer spices are evident in Mediterranean cuisine.

3. What is the point of commonality in Iranian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine?

The common point of these two is the use of vegetables and fresh fruits and grains as well as the use of grilling food in the cooking type.

4. Are there any foods with the same name or similar among Iranian and Mediterranean foods?

There are no foods that have the same name, but there are foods that use the same type of meat and raw materials, such as kebabs.

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