Persian food with Afghan Food – 4 Differences

Persian and Afghani Foods have many similarities and few differences, which you will learn about in this article

Persian food with Afghan food have similarities and differences due to the same geographical location and old culture. Iranian cuisine has different types of stews, kebabs, soups, and pan-fried foods.

In the same way, Afghan cuisine has similar types of stews, kebabs, soups, and baked bread. For example, the national dish of Afghanistan is Kabuli pulao, and the national dish of Iran is chelo kabab koobideh.

Both have used rice as rice. Both dishes have meat, one uses grilled minced meat and the other uses cooked pieces of meat on their dish.

But there are differences, for example, in Iranian cuisine, saffron, barberry, and pomegranate paste are used as spices and fresh vegetables.

Afghan cuisine uses spicy spices and spicy pickles due to the influence of Pakistani and Indian cuisines.

Aspect Persian Food Afghan Food
Ingredients More use of saffron, barberries, pomegranate paste, and fresh herbs. Spicier with influences from Indian and Pakistani cuisine.
Geographical Influence Access to the sea leads to more seafood dishes. Influences from neighboring India and Pakistan.
Cooking Style Slow-cooked stews and pilaf-style rice dishes. More boiled or steamed dishes.
Eating Style Use of metal cutlery like spoons and forks. More often eaten with hands.

Afghan lady testing Iranian and Afghan dishes

1. Ingredient differences and similarities between Persian food with Afghan food

The basic ingredients in Iranian and Afghan cuisine are almost similar. For example, the use of rice, meat, and bread is very common among these two countries.

However in Iranian cuisine, there is more diversity in raw materials, such as the use of various fruits such as pomegranate, barberry, and plum, or the use of fresh vegetables is more evident in Iranian cuisine. The use of saffron is a big difference in the raw materials of Afghan and Iranian cuisine.

Iranian dishes, especially Iranian pilafs and stews, use infused saffron, which gives a great color and aroma to these dishes and distinguishes them from other dishes in the world.

Vegetables and fruits are used less in Afghan cuisine, and saffron is used very little and is limited in Afghan cuisine. For this reason, the color and smell of Iranian food are usually better. In Afghan cuisine, spicy and Indian spices are used more.

In this video, you can get to know the top 10 foods of Afghanistan, and read the rest of the article for more information.

The diet of most Afghans revolves around rice-based dishes, while various forms of naan are consumed with most meals.[5] Tea is generally consumed daily in large quantities, and is a major part of hospitality.[6] The culinary specialties reflect the nation’s ethnic and geographic diversity. The national dish of Afghanistan is Kabuli palaw, a rice dish cooked with raisins, carrots, nuts, and lamb or beef.[7]


2. The influence of geographical location between Persian food with Afghan food

The geographical location of Iran leads to the sea from the north and south, so the use of seafood such as fish and shrimp is more common. Foods such as vegetable pilaf with fish or fish roe are one of these types of food.

However the geographical location of Afghanistan is influenced by the countries of India and Pakistan, and it takes on the color and smell of spicy Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

3. Type of cooking between Persian food with Afghan food

Iranian and Afghan cooking methods

In the cooking style of Iranian cuisine, rice is usually cooked in the form of pilaf, stews are slowly cooked, kebabs are grilled on charcoal or gas grills, and cocos are fried in oil.

The cooking style of Iranian cuisine is very diverse.

The cooking style of Afghan cuisine is also close to Iranian, for example, dishes such as Afghan mento should be boiled or steamed and it takes an average cooking time.

Usually, foods are boiled or steamed, and in Afghan cuisine, grilled foods and or frying are used less.

I wrote an article about whether Persian food is the same as Mediterranean food. I wrote and you can get more information about Iranian and Mediterranean food by reading it.

4. Eating style between Persian food with Afghan food

Eating with spoons and forks and with hands between Iranians and Afghans

Another difference between Iranian and Afghan food is the style of eating of these two people. Iranians usually eat with metal spoons and forks.

In some parts of Iran, such as in the north or south of Iran, they eat some foods with their hands, which are very few.

But in Afghanistan, which has its own culture, they eat food with their hands, and in the Afghan restaurants I went to in Vancouver, Canada, they had secrets that the food should be eaten with hands.

The taste of kabuli pulao or ghabuli pulao is very pleasant when it is served by hand.
I sometimes really like to eat food with my hands and of course with washed and clean hands.

eating style with spoon


Persian food with Afghan food is very similar. These two countries are neighbors and they share a common culture and religion.

In this article, we have discussed in brief that almost the same ingredients are used in the way of cooking and raw materials.

but in Iranian cuisine, there are more vegetables and seasonings such as saffron. is used But Indian and Pakistani spices are used in Afghan cuisine.

In general, the cuisines of Iran and Afghanistan have many similarities.

In the following, you can look at my article about the common foods between Iran and Turkey and enjoy the differences and similarities of the foods of these two friendly and neighboring countries.


1. Is Afghan food similar to Persian food?

In one sentence, it can be said that Persian food with Afghan Food have many similarities in raw materials and cooking methods, but there are differences in the use of these ingredients and cooking techniques.

2. What cuisines are similar to Persian?

Iranian cuisine is almost similar to that of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Türkiye. Due to the almost common religion and culture among these neighboring countries and the same geographical location, they have many similar foods.

3. What are the most famous dishes of Iran and Afghanistan?

The most famous dishes of Afghanistan are Kabuli Polo, Manto Afghani, Ashek and Bolani. The most famous Iranian dishes are ghorme Sabzi, Kabab koobideh, joojeh kabab, Fesenjan, and khoresh gheymeh.

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