20 Persian Foods with Ground Beef Recipes

In this article, we will review 20 Persian foods with ground beef that are very popular and delicious. At the very beginning, I would like to say that minced meat is used in all cuisines of the world, and with almost the same recipes, different and popular dishes can be prepared.

In Iran, they prepare delicious and excellent dishes with ground beef.
Foods such as pasta, Vavishka, Kalam polo Shirazi, Fesenjan with ground beef, etc.

One of these delicious dishes is Persian pasta with ground beef, known as macaroni in Iran. A professional combination of minced meat, onions, Iranian spices, and tomato paste, which is fried together and cooked between the noodles.

The most popular Persian food with ground beef and even children and people with a bad taste in food like this dish.
Another model uses ground beef in the form of meatballs and the middle of polo. (Polo: Iranian rice cooked with different spices is called.)

One of these popular dishes is Loobia polo with meatballs, which is the author’s favorite dish.
A delicious combination of minced meat, grated onion, turmeric, and black pepper, cut into a circular shape and fried.

Then it is combined with green beans and tomato paste and cooked in the middle of rice. A great dish with a magical taste that you must try before you die.

To learn about the rest of these dishes, be sure to follow this article until the end. Attractive Iranian dishes with minced meat are waiting for you.

Persian Foods with Ground Beef

Dish Description
Kabab Koobideh A popular Persian grilled kebab is made with ground beef and lamb and mixed with spices and onions.
Kofteh Tabrizi A traditional Persian meatball dish made with ground beef, rice, and herbs, often filled with dried fruits and nuts.
Kotlet Persian meat patties are made with ground beef, potatoes, and onions and fried until crispy.
Gheymeh A Persian stew made with ground beef, yellow split peas, tomatoes, and dried lime.
Abgoosht A traditional Persian meat and chickpea stew made with ground beef and a variety of spices.
Loobia Polo A Persian rice dish made with ground beef, green beans, tomatoes, and spices.
Fesenjan with Ground Beef A rich and flavorful Persian stew made with ground beef, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses.
Aash with Ground Beef A hearty Persian soup made with ground beef, beans, and herbs.

persian food make with minced meat

All kinds of Persian food with Ground Beef

In the rest of this article, we will give you a complete review of the taste and preparation of Iranian dishes with minced meat.

To see the complete recipe of each dish, you can click on the name of these dishes to be redirected to the page related to the recipe.

20. Number 2 of Persian foods with ground beef: Albaloo polo with meatballs

Albaloo polo with meatballs is also prepared with chicken in other models. An excellent, luxurious, and formal meal.

The combination of ground beef with Iranian onions and spices is made into balls and fried. At the end, red cherries are cooked together with Iranian rice.

If you are a fan of sweet and sour food, I recommend this Iranian luxury food. In addition to being delicious, this dish is very beautiful.

Whole pieces of cherry with meatballs and Iranian rice are a beautiful combination for your parties. Along with this dish, you can serve Shirazi salad, mast o khair.

albaloo polo with ground beef

19. Beryani Isfahan

The city of Isfahan is famous for its ancient monuments in Iran and the whole world. But the foods of Isfahan are also very famous and popular. One of these foods is Biryani.

Of course, the name beryani or beryooni is applied to different foods in different parts of the world, but Isfahan’s beryan is prepared from sheep meat that is boiled and then minced.

After that, this meat is poured into special ladles with cinnamon and mint and cooked on fire.

Beryani is usually served with minced cooked white liver on Sangak bread. This dish is one of the most famous dishes in Iran. It is prepared with ground beef, and many restaurants in Isfahan only serve this dish.

18. Koofteh Tabrizi

As its name suggests, Tabriz meatball or koofteh Tabrizi belongs to the city of Tabriz in Iran. A traditional Iranian dish prepared from a combination of half-cooked rice and cobs with minced meat.
The half-cooked cob is pounded with rice. We combine ground beef, grated onion, spices such as black pepper, turmeric, and thyme, and aromatic vegetables.

Then it is combined with a mixture of cobs and half-cooked and pounded rice. Then it is put in a special sauce made from tomato paste and various spices and cooked.

Koofteh Tabrizi is an authentic and very delicious Iranian dish that is served with Sangak bread or Barbari bread along with sabzi khordan.

koofteh tabrizi with ground beef

17. Kaleh Gonjeshki

Kaleh Gonjeshki is an old and authentic Iranian food. Small pieces of ground beef, which are the size of a sparrow’s head, are combined with potatoes and special aromatic vegetables and cooked in a special sauce.
This old food is very popular in Tehran and other cities of Iran. The taste of cooked meatballs is very special among tomato sauce and vegetables.

Kaleh gonjeshki is served with lavash bread or sangak bread along with eating vegetables and it is also known as a fast Iranian food.

kaleh gonjeshki with ground beef

16 .kotlet

Kotlet is an Iranian and even international dish that is prepared from a combination of potatoes and ground beef, onions, eggs, and special spices.

This food is usually known as a food that is prepared quickly and is very popular. There are restaurants in Iran that only serve this dish and it is known in other parts of the world with the same recipe and slight changes.

Kotlet is from the kookoo family and is served with Sangak and lavash bread along with khiar shoor, tomatoes, or zeytoon parvardeh.

kotlet with ground beef

15. Kaba tabeie

Kabab tabei in a pan is a simple and convenient dish made from a combination of ground beef, onions, and special spices that are fried in a pan and served with a special sauce. Prepare a pan grill.
This dish is one of the most popular fast and simple Iranian dishes, which is suitable for everyone’s food taste.

Kbab tabei is usually served with Iranian rice for lunch or dinner.
Along with this dish, eating vegetables, mast o musir, and torshi haft bijar are used.

kabab tabei with ground beef

14. Persian stuffed onions 

Persian stuffed onion or Dolmeh Piaz is one of the most unknown Iranian dishes. Maybe many people don’t like this dish because of the onion, but they are wrong.

The ingredients inside this dolma are prepared from ground beef, yellow split, rice, and delicious and aromatic vegetables.
These ingredients are wrapped in onion leaves and cooked in a special sauce, and they taste great. If you are a fan of all kinds of dolma, be sure to try this delicious dolma.

Combining onion and ground beef is always excellent and can be considered a complete and unknown Iranian dish.

dolmeh piaz with ground beef

13. Reshteh polo with meatballs

Reshteh polo is a magical combination of rice, noodles, and circular pieces of minced meat. A simple dish with a quick recipe that is usually prepared in the same way everywhere in Iran.

A combination of fried minced meat with Iranian noodles and rice is placed side by side and cooked with Iranian spices.

It is an excellent meal for lunch or dinner, which is also very attractive for noodle fans. Noodles are usually served alone with a little spice, but this dish is a complete combination for this group of people.

Rice noodles are served with mast o musir, mast o khiar, and Shirazi salad.

reshteh polo with ground beef

12. Fesenjan with Meat Balls

Fesenjan is an authentic Iranian stew made with ground beef or chicken. I usually like Fesenjan with meatballs more. A black stew, sweet and sour, served with Iranian rice.

Minced meat is mixed with onions and spices, divided into small circles, and fried. These meats are put in a stew made from a mixture of pomegranate and walnut paste and cooked.

It is one of the best Iranian dishes that is served on occasions like Nowruz and at parties as a special dish.
This dish has a warm taste, and it is usually served with borani esfenaj, and mast o khiar, which have a cold taste.

fesenjan with ground beef

11. Loobia polo with minced meat

Loobia polo is a popular Iranian dish for dinner and lunch. Usually, this dish is prepared with two different models, which are made with ground beef or pieces of meat.

The green beans in this dish are usually available in the summer season. But to be able to have these ingredients in all seasons of the year, they can be prepared and frozen in different stores in Iran.
A combination of green beans, rice, tomato paste, and very delicious Iranian spices, is completed by placing the fried meatballs on top.

From the completeness of this dish, it can be mentioned that tahdig of beans and pilaf can be mentioned as an independent dish. So if you are a fan of rice dishes, don’t miss this dish.

loobia polo with ground beef

10. Number 10 of Persian foods with ground beef:Adas polo 

Adas polo is a popular Iranian piaf made with ground beef. A combination of lentils and rice, which is decorated with fried or fried minced meat, barberry, raisins, or dates.

One is a food that has all the basic ingredients available and in addition, has many properties for the body.

To prepare this dish, cooked lentils are mixed with rice and cooked. In a separate container, minced meat, onion, and various spices are mixed and fried.

It is decorated with hot onions, raisins, blackberries, and roasted dates.

adas polo with ground beef

9. Persian Makaroni

Persian Pasta or Makaroni is another very famous food in the world that Iranians prepare with their style and methods.

The combination of minced meat, which is fried and cooked with onions, Iranian spices, tomato paste, with macaroni noodles that cook in a pot for 30 to 45 minutes. This combination is also called Iranian pasta.

A fast and of course very tasty food that is very popular among children and adults. Maybe the way to prepare this pasta is strange for you, but you just have to try pasta with this method once to know its extremely delicious taste.

In the end, tahdig sibzamini made from potato pieces alone can fill you up for a meal.

Persian makaroni with ground beef

8. Baghali polo with minced meat

If you are looking for a formal and yet simple meal, Baghali polo with ground beef is the best option. Baghali polo is usually a Party meal that is prepared in different models with chicken and Lamb shank and meat pieces.
This model of pilaf, which is prepared with minced meat, is faster than other models and is tastier.
A combination of fava beans and dill-like vegetables is served alongside Iranian rice, which is served with minced meat fried with spices and tomato paste.

If you have guests and you don’t have enough time to prepare other party dishes, this dish is the best option for you.

Usually, Persian pickled garlic, which has a warm taste, is used in baghali polo, which has a cold taste.

baghali polo with ground beef

7. Number 7 of Persian foods with ground beef:Vavishka

Vavishka is originally a Russian dish that came to Iran from Russia. It is a fast and nutritious healthy food. It is usually served in restaurants in the north of Iran.

This dish is a combination of minced meat, spices, onions, and tomato paste that are fried together. Then fried potatoes are added to these ingredients and it is completed.

This dish can be served with bread or rice. Besides Vavishka, you can also use khiar shoor, tomato, and all kinds of Persian pickles.

vavishka with ground beef

6. Ghanbar Polo

Ghanbar polo is an authentic Shirazi dish that is very popular among Shirazi people. An excellent pilaf is Shirazi cabbage pilaf, which is a special dish.

You can prepare this dish at parties and make your guests happy with the beautiful shape of this dish.

A complete meal made of ground beef fried in pomegranate and walnut paste and other side dishes is prepared. In the end, these ingredients are placed on top of Iranian rice and create a perfect combination.

You can use and enjoy Shirazi salad, mast o khiar next to ghanbar polo.

ghanbar polo ground beef

5. Persian Pizza

Persian pizza is a different pizza from the Iranian style. The difference between this pizza and other pizzas is in the sauce and toppings. The main ingredients of this pizza are marinated and fried minced meat, which makes the taste of this dish different.

In a very detailed article, I have explained to you step by step how to prepare Persian pizza, which you can watch and enjoy.

Persian pizza with ground beef

4. Rolet Goosht

Rolet goosht is a wonderful dish of ground beef that I love. It is one of the most festive and delicious dishes in this article.

If you, like the author of this article, have a special interest in meat and are not a vegetarian, you must try this dish.

It is one of the oldest, most luxurious, and most elegant Iranian dishes, which is also served in most parts of the world.

A combination of minced meat, onions, and spices, which is rolled up, and vegetables, plums, walnuts, barberry, or boiled eggs are used in the middle.

This attractive combination is rolled and baked in the oven placed in a special sauce and served with Iranian rice.

Besides the meat roll, you can also use sir torshi, mast o khiar.

3. Number 3 of Persian foods with ground beef: Bademjan Shekam por

Bademjan shekam por is a very delicious meal prepared with ground beef. The combination of fried minced meat with delicious spices and tomato paste is placed in the middle of the eggplant.

This combination is served with Iranian rice and is an excellent dish for entertaining guests. In addition to the delicious taste, the beautiful appearance of this dish also adds to the popularity of this dish.

Generally, this dish is used more in the winter season, but due to the availability of eggplant in all seasons of the year, there is no time limit for cooking this dish.

bademjan shekam por with ground beef

2. Number 2 of Persian foods with ground beef : Kalam polo Shirazi

Kalam polo Shirazi is another Iranian dish prepared with ground beef. An assembly dish with a very good flavor and taste, the origin of this dish goes back to the city of Shiraz in Iran.

An excellent and delicious combination of cabbage, rice, spices, and local vegetables, which is decorated with meatballs.

If you are interested in local dishes made from vegetables and meat, you can prepare this dish and use it in your parties and enjoy it.

kalam polo shirazi with ground beef

1. Number 1 of Persian foods with ground beef: Kabab Koobideh

Kabab koobideh is the most famous Iranian dish prepared with ground beef. An excellent and delicious combination of ground beef, onions, and special spices that are grilled on charcoal.

This dish is one of the most famous and best Iranian dishes in the world. An excellent kebab that is usually prepared with minced lamb meat and served with rice or bread.

In my opinion, if we want to name 5 of the best kebabs in the world, Kobedeh Kebab is one of them.

kabab koobideh with ground beef

In many countries, food laws define specific categories of ground beef and what they can contain. For example, in the United States, beef fat may be added to hamburger but not to ground beef if the meat is ground and packaged at a USDA-inspected plant.[note 1] In the U.S., a maximum of 30% fat by weight is allowed in either hamburger or ground beef.



Persian foods with ground beef are very diverse and show the authenticity and rich culture of Iran. Considering the vastness of Iran and the use of fresh ingredients and diversity in the use of these ingredients in this country, foods with different flavors and models have been created.

These 20 dishes prepared with minced meat are a very good example of Iranian food diversity beautiful tables and Iranian hospitality. If you have the experience of traveling to Iran or eating these delicious foods, share your experiences in the comments section.


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