6 Best Persian foods with Pomegranate Paste in 2024

Persian foods with pomegranate paste are classified as sour and colorful foods. Iranian cuisine is famous for the use of different flavorings and spices.

One of these flavorings is pomegranate paste, which has a sweet and sour taste depending on the model and is black. Foods prepared with pomegranate paste are almost black and taste sour and sweet.

Among the best of these foods are Fesenjan, Akbar Joojeh, Morghe torsh, and Ghanbar Polo. Fesenjan is one of the most famous and popular.

The magical and delicious combination of pomegranate paste and powdered walnuts is cooked together, and fried meat or fried chicken is placed on top and served with rice. Of course, these are Persian Foods that are served at weddings.

Stay with me in this article to introduce you to 6 of the best Persian foods with pomegranate paste.

What is pomegranate paste?

Pomegranate paste(robe-anar) is a useful seasoning for Iranian foods. It is prepared by boiling and thickening pomegranate juice. There are three different models of pomegranate paste: sour, sweet, and sweet.

Pomegranate molasses is a common ingredient used in Middle Eastern and North African cuisines. It’s often added to savory dishes to add a bit of sweetness and tangy flavor.


Iranian foods prepared with pomegranate paste

Making different kinds of food with pomegranate paste allows you to benefit from its properties and try its attractive taste in different foods.

This seasoning is used in Iranian cuisine. In addition to its excellent taste and color, it has many properties, such as vitamin C and blood purifier.

Iranian foods prepared with pomegranate paste are usually related to the north of Iran and the cities of Mazandaran and Gilan.

I will explain how to make food with pomegranate paste and what foods can be used.
I will also explain up to 6 of the best Iranian foods prepared with pomegranate paste.

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1. The number one Persian Food with Pomegranate paste: Fesenjan 

Fesenjan is one of the most traditional and oldest Iranian stews. With its almost dark brown color and sour taste, it is a regular part of Nowruz Eid parties and nights on Iranian tables.

The calculated and excellent combination is walnut powder, pomegranate paste, fried meat, or fried chicken. This authentic Iranian stew is usually prepared with sour pomegranate paste and served with Iranian rice.

fesenjoon with pomegranate sauce

2. Number two Persian foods with pomegranate paste: Akbar Joojeh

Akbar joojeh is one of the most popular and delicious Iranian foods prepared with pomegranate paste.

This delicious food, one of the most original Iranian foods, was invented by Ali Akbar Kalbadi and is one of the foods related to the north of Iran.

Young chickens are flavored with special spices and lemon juice. They are then fried in butter and finally served with a special sauce made from pomegranate paste, walnuts, and garlic.

akbar joojeh with pomegranate paste

3. Number Three Persian foods with pomegranate paste: Ash anar

Ash anar is one of the traditional and authentic Iranian foods served in the past, especially on Yalda night.

This soup belongs to Shiraz and is prepared from beans, rice, vegetables, pomegranate, and pomegranate paste.

This soup is prepared in different ways, but in the Shirazi model, minced meat is also used in it. Due to its beautiful and interesting appearance, it is usually an ornament for special parties and celebrations in Iran.

To see how to prepare these foods, click on the name of the food to be directed to the recipe page.

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ash anar with pomegranate paste

4. Number Four Persian foods with pomegranate paste: Morgh torsh

Morgh Torsh, or Sour chicken, is a delicious and sour food made from chicken and pomegranate paste.

This stew is also prepared in the northern cities of Iran, such as Gilan and Mazandaran, which have small differences.

Sour chicken combines fried vegetables and fried or grilled chicken with pomegranate paste and walnuts, which are cooked together at the end and served with Iranian rice and pickles such as pickled garlic.

This food is almost similar to Fesenjan stew but has many changes, including adding vegetables and garlic.

morghe torsh ba robe anar

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5. Number Five Persian foods with pomegranate paste: Joojeh torsh

Joojeh Torsh is an authentic Iranian food belonging to Gilan in the north of Iran. Another food is a combination of chicken fillet and pomegranate paste.

This food is similar to Morgh Torsh but with some changes in cooking and ingredients.
Chicken fillet is combined with aromatic northern vegetables, pomegranate paste, onions, and walnuts and grilled on charcoal.

A great taste, similar to saffron joojeh kabab, but with a sour taste and almost black color.
Sour chicken is one of the main foods in all restaurants in northern Iran and is very popular.
This food is served with Iranian rice and olives, and pickled garlic can be used on the side.

joojeh torsh ba robe anar

6. Number Six Persian foods with pomegranate paste: Khoreh Morgh Nardoon

Khoresh morgh nardooni is a delicious stew made of fried chicken, pomegranate, and paste. Nardooni chicken stew is mostly prepared in autumn and winter and is a special food for parties.

Khoresh morgh nardooni is also special for autumn and winter because pomegranates are present.

It combines fried chicken cooked in pomegranate juice with pomegranate and pomegranate paste.

This stew is served with Iranian rice or pilaf(Polow), and Iranian pickles, such as pickled garlic, can also be used.

khoresh morghe nardooni

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In this article, we reviewed 6 Persian foods with pomegranate paste. We concluded that Iranian foods are prepared with very interesting and delicious seasonings, which are rarely found in other foods.

These foods mostly taste sour and are cooked in various forms of stew or kebab. Also, due to the presence of pomegranate paste, these foods have excellent properties of pomegranate fruit.

So, for once, prepare one of these foods to fall in love with Iranian cuisine.

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