Ghare Ghoroot Recipe _ Persian Black Curd + 8 Benefits

Experience the sour and delicious taste of Iranian black curd: Iranian sour curd sauce.

Ghare ghoroot, or Persian black curd, is a dairy product. This substance has very high calcium and a sour taste. Due to its very sour taste, it is used in Iranian dishes that require sour seasoning, such as khoreh ghormeh sabzi or Qaraqorut Ash.

Yogurt or buttermilk is used to prepare qare qorot. Preparing Iranian sour whey is very simple, and you only need to take whey or yogurt and boil it. The taste of this Persian dessert is very sour.

The liquid obtained from boiling the yogurt water turns into a curd when it cools and hardens.
In the following, I have provided three different step-by-step methods for preparing Qarqarout, which you can see and enjoy.

Qareh qurut recipe

How to make ghare ghoroot?

Method 1)

Make ghare ghoroot with yogurt



In the second method, we use yogurt, which is always available. Of course, first, you have to remove the yogurt water from the yogurt and then use the yogurt water to prepare ghare ghoroot.

  • 1000 ml yogurt
  • 1 tbsp Salt (If needed)

1. I prefer to use local yogurt to make qare qorot. First, I pour the yogurt into a cotton bag, tie it tightly, put it in a colander, and put a bowl under it to collect the yogurt water after it is removed.

Alternatively, I can Hang the bag on the drip tray or anywhere else and place a large bowl under the yogurt bag.

Step 1 ghare ghoroot

2. I let it sit for 2 to 3 hours until the yogurt water is completely removed. Then, I pour the yogurt water into a suitable pot and heat it until it boils.


3. Then I reduce the heat and let it boil little by little, and the yogurt water becomes thick. Every few minutes, I stir and check its consistency.

If you want, you can add a little salt to it. After 2 to 3 hours, ghare ghoroot is ready.


Qarehqurut is ready


Method 2)

Make qaraqorut with corn flour



In the first method, we use corn flour, which is usually found and available in every home. Note that no other flour should be used except corn flour.

  • 500 ml Yogurt water obtained from sour yogurt (in a bag)Or water from making curd
  • 125-gram Corn flour
  • as needed Salt
  1. Pour yogurt water into a pot and put it on high heat. Let it boil for 40 minutes with the door open. After that, add 5 spoons of corn flour to the pot and let it until the corn flour is completely dissolved. Stir to mix.
  2. To prevent the corn flour from becoming lumpy, dissolve it in a glass of cold water and then add it. Now, we add the required amount of salt to the boiling water. The mixture of yogurt water and corn flour should be boiled until the water evaporates completely. The more the liquid boils, the darker the color will be.
  3. After the water evaporates completely, remove the liquid from the heat. Then, pour it into the mold until it cools down and takes the right shape. After it cools down, it is ready, and you can use it in your foods, stews, and pickles.

ghare ghoroot

Method 3)

Make ghare ghoroot with doogh (Buttermilk)

doogh iranian


In the third method, we use doogh (buttermilk), which is better if it is sour buttermilk, so the Iranian sour whey has a better and more sour taste in the end.

  • 1000 ml doogh (Sour)
  • ½ tbsp Salt (If needed)
  1. To prepare ghare ghoroot with Persian doogh (buttermilk), I always prepare local and sour buttermilk, put it in a suitable pot as per the steps, and put it on the heat until it boils.
  2. If needed, I add a little salt to it. Then, I moderate the heat until it evaporates little by little and becomes thick. After 2-3 hours, Persian whey sauce is ready.

8 Ghare Ghoroot Benefits:

benefits of ghare ghurut

1. Iranian black curd is a very tasty tart that is a source of vitamin D and calcium.

2. Because this delicious sour substance is made from milk, cheese, or curd juice, it contains a lot of calcium.

3. This substance detoxifies the body, cleanses the intestines and stomach, and is suitable for the human body.

4. Of course, it should be consumed in moderation, and consuming too much of it causes acidification of the stomach, lower blood pressure, and weakness in the body.

5. The protein in this product plays a structural and strengthening role in the body (especially muscles) and helps in growth and development.

6. The sugar in ghareghorut is of the lactose type, which is one of the best natural sugars and has less energy than regular sugar.

7. Lactose is broken down during the production process of Quroot and turns into simpler sugar, so consumption of ghare qoroot does not cause a problem for people who are lactose intolerant.

8. One of the most important properties of Iranian sour whey is its low-fat percentage, which has made this product a dietary product for overweight and high-blood-fat people.

Notes for Qara Qurut:

Notes for Qara Qorot

  • You can use Iranian sour whey in all kinds of soups, pickles, and stews such as ash reshteh and khoresh ghormeh sabzi.
  • While this substance is very tonic, it is not suitable for people with low blood pressure, and do not overdo it for children.
  • This substance can be prepared with cheese or doogh, which is the same preparation.
  • This substance is rich in vitamin D and is also suitable for people suffering from osteoporosis.

Side effect of Ghare ghoroot

Since a lot of salt is added to make Iranian sour whey, its consumption is harmful and dangerous for people with high blood pressure.

The high acidity that is present in Qareh qurut causes tooth decay. After consuming this substance, avoid excessive consumption.

Acidification of the blood is one of the most important harms of excessive consumption of Qaraqrout. This work causes problems such as cardiovascular problems, brain problems including memory loss, as well as digestive problems and stomach problems.

The lactic acid in Qaraqrout reduces the activity of brain neurons. Because this food contains very large amounts of lactic acid, so excessive consumption harms the human brain.

The conditions for maintaining the Ghare ghoroot:

The rate of spoilage of this product primarily depends on the amount of moisture and the way of extracting water from the Qaraqrout. If the moisture is extracted well, the rate of spoilage is very low.

The higher the amount of moisture in it, the higher its perishability. Then, the more water has been extracted from it, the higher its resistance to corruption will be.

Qaraqorut is traditionally made from dūġ, ie curdled fermented buttermilk, produced by adding Kashk water, ie sour whey which contains lactic acid bacteria, to full fat yogurt which is then swung in a goatskin until it separates into butter and dūġ. The dūġ is then boiled to be put into a cheesecloth and strained.



Ghare ghoroot is a substance produced from yogurt or curd, which has many benefits for the human body. In addition, it is a very widely used sour ingredient in Iranian stews and all kinds of soups. This sour taste can be consumed alone, but you should not overdo it.

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