Mast o Khiar Recipe “Persian Cucumber and Herb Yogurt”

Do you have a luxurious party and don’t have an option for dessert? Mast o khiar is the best option for dessert with any food and for any taste.
In Iranian parties, yogurt and cucumber or yogurt and shallot should be added to any food, especially if the food is hot. An excellent dessert that is full of vitamins and minerals and helps digestion.

Mast o khiar is a delicious and popular Iranian appetizer that has a special place on the Iranian table and can be an attractive option on the reception table at parties.

To see the complete and step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare this delicious appetizer step by step stay with us on meals cook site.

Ingredient for mast o khiar:

Cucumber 1 piece
Cream yogurt  7 ounce
Chives  4 stalks
Garlic   1 clove
Fresh mint  2 spoons
Salt and black pepper as needed
Fresh mint leaves and rosemary for decoration as needed

Instruction for mast o khiar:

instruction for mast o khiar

1. To make mast o khiar, first we clean the cucumber, then without removing the skin, we chop it with a sharp knife. You can also grate it with a coarse grater.

step 1 mast o khiar

2. We wash the cleaned chives and after the excess water is removed, we put them on the kitchen board chop them finely, and set them aside. Peel and crush the garlic. Then we also chop the washed mints.

Peel and crush the garlic

chop the washed mints

3. Pour the yogurt into a suitable size bowl and add the crushed garlic along with salt, pepper, chives, and chopped mint. At the end, add the chopped cucumber and mix all the ingredients completely.

add black pepper to yogurt

mix ingredient mast o khiar

4. When the ingredients are completely mixed and the flavors are combined, to decorate mast o khiar, we use fresh mint leaves and rose buds and decorate according to our preference.

Enjoy your delicious appetizer.

mast o khiar is ready

mast-o-khiar is served along with Persian food like albaloo polo, dami gojeh, kalam polo shirazi, ghormeh sabzi,adas polo, loobia polo, khoresh gheymeh.

History of yogurt:

history of yogurt

When was the first yogurt produced?

When was the first yogurt produced

In ancient times, the people of the Middle East believed that Prophet Ibrahim lived a long and healthy life due to the continuous and daily use of yogurt.

The first yogurts were probably produced by accident, when the milk was poured into bags made of goat skin and transported, the bacteria in the goat skin caused the milk to ferment and yogurt was obtained.

In ancient times, it was thought that the Bulgarians were the first people to make yogurt, although it was later discovered that people in other countries such as Iran and India had been using yogurt for centuries before Christ.

In the mid-20th century, Russian biologists concluded that milk-fermenting bacteria (Lactobacillus) were beneficial to health and tried to increase the use of yogurt in Eastern and Central Europe.

The first yogurt production factory was established in 1919 in Barcelona, ​Spain, and after that yogurt consumption in the whole of Europe increased day by day.

In the continuation of increasing consumption of yogurt in different parts of the world, they gradually came to the conclusion that they could combine yogurt with other ingredients such as spinach, eggplant, cucumber, etc., and prepare attractive and delicious appetizers for themselves.

History of mast-o-khiar in Iran:

mast o khiar history

It is said that during the time of Naser al-Din Shah, one day Amir Kabir, who was fed up with the lack of food at the court table, suggested to the Shah that for one day they should eat what the vassals eat. The king asked what do our vassals eat? Amir Kabir said: yogurt and cucumber

The king called the chef and ordered him to make mast o khiar for tomorrow’s lunch…

The chef ordered supplies to prepare the following ingredients:

 1) Full-fat yogurt of at least 18 kg

 2) thin cucumber 6kg

 3) White kernel walnuts 1 kg

 4) Hamedan top onion 3kg

 5) Top raisins and seedless royal currants 1 kg

 6) High-quality bread with nuts 9kg

 7) Excellent garden mint and spring vegetables 1 kg

After they had eaten mast khiar, Naseruddin Shah ordered an additional bowl and he returned and said to Amir Kabir:

Our vassals eat such delicious foods and we were unaware! Whoever displeased and blasphemed blessings, tie him to the stake…!!

With every serving of cucumbers, you’ll get closer to your daily vitamin K needs. Vitamin K most notably supports healthy blood clotting throughout the body. It’s also important for healthy bone development as a vital precursor to the protein osteocalcin, needed to create bone tissue.

Benefits of mast o khiar:

benefits of mastokhiar

We have heard a lot about the anti-cancer properties of cucumber and the benefits of yogurt to strengthen the digestive system and the immune system.

But the properties of the delicious and popular combination of yogurt and cucumber are not limited to these things. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about the benefits of mast o khiar.

The main ingredients of this appetizer are yogurt and cucumber. Yogurt and cucumber are both cold and it is suggested to use warm additives such as walnuts, raisins, dill, and mint when preparing it.

Cucumber, with a light green to dark green color, is a very moist fruit with edible seeds, which is used in all kinds of sandwiches, salads, and juices in addition to cucumber yogurt. This fruit has a lot of water and is very useful for hydrating the body.

Cucumber has low calories and is widely used in weight loss diets. In addition, it is very useful for skin and hair beauty.

Cucumber has a lot of potassium and can be used to control blood pressure without adding salt. In addition, cucumber is useful for treating kidney failure, liver, pancreas, lung, stomach, tooth and gum diseases.

Cucumber juice is very useful for diseases such as arthritis, gout, and eczema. Cucumber has vitamin K, which is effective in preventing the formation of cancer cells.

Mast o khiar is used as a slimming agent along with raspberries and some mint.  On the other hand, consuming yogurt on a daily basis can be very beneficial for the human body.

Among these properties, we can mention appetizer, fattening, detoxification, constipation, antimicrobial properties,anti-cancer properties, blood fat-reducing properties, as well as skin beauty, etc.

Therefore, the composition of mast-o-khiar can be used as an appetizer with countless benefits for the human body, and at the same time, it is low in calories and low in fat.

Notes for mast-o-khiar :

Notes for mast-o-khiar

Cleansing and strengthening the skin

Removing makeup is one of the most important things that women should do every night before going to bed. Many women often use chemicals to remove face makeup while natural and inexpensive materials such as mast o khiar have cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and skin-refreshing properties.

Mast o khiar has both soothing and cooling properties for the skin, as well as anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties. Manufacturers of many creams, moisturizers, and all kinds of cosmetics use these properties of cucumber yogurt to obtain the chemical formula of their products.

Cold mast-o-khiar really plays a good role in removing cosmetics and chemicals from the face and is one of the best options for complete facial cleansing.

FAQ for mas:t khiar

1. Can i freeze mast o khiar?

You can store masto khiar in the refrigerator for 3 days, and more than that will make it retain water.

2. What is the main ingredient in mast o khiar?

Yogurt and cucumber is the main ingredient in mast khiar.

3. What is served with mast o khiar?

Masto khiar is served with ghormeh sabzi, gheymeh nesar,kookoo sabzi and loobia polo.


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