Samanu Recipe Best Step-by-Step Guide+15 Benefits

Samanu is a traditional Iranian dessert that has a special place on the Haft Sin table during Nowruz.
A dark brown dessert made by cooking wheat germ for hours in special large containers.
Semno is a sweet dessert that is prepared without sugar and other sweeteners and is very useful for the body.

Some of the benefits of Samanu include increasing energy, increasing breastfeeding in pregnant women, beneficial for skin and hair, and preventing osteoporosis.
Due to the time-consuming preparation of this dessert at home, Samanoo is usually bought ready-made.
But today I have brought you a recipe that you can prepare and enjoy at home in the shortest possible time.

Today in Meals Cook we will teach you how to prepare this Persian dessert with wheat in a simple way. Stay with us.

How to make samanu?


It can be said that we have a hard and long way to prepare Samanu, but in the end, when samanu becomes ready and you eat it, all the fatigue and hard work will be forgotten. Samanu is one of the best and most memorable desserts of Nowruz Eid, which is usually found during Nowruz in most Iranian houses.

Samanu recipe

It can be said that samanu is one of the most delicious and famous Iranian dessert, and few people do not like this delicious dessert. I suggest that one time make this dessert and try it.

  • 4 Cups Sangak bread flour
  • 2.2 pound Wheat with skin
  • 2 glasses Boiling water
  • 4 glasses Lukewarm water
  1. First, I put the whole wheat with the skin on it in a container full of water. I let it soak for 24 hours to 48 hours, depending on the type of wheat. I change the water of this wheat.

  2. After this, our wheat starts sprouting. Then, I drain the wheat and place it on a clean cloth. I have to visit this wheat and wet the cloth regularly.

  3. After two days, the roots of the wheat will come out, and it is ready to use. I put the wheat in the tray, and every once in a while, I wet the wheat with the spray.

    Be careful not to collect water between the wheat and the tray; this will cause the wheat to sour. After two days, the wheat sprouts and turns green and is ready to use.

  4. Then, we cut the wheat into pieces by hand and wash them. We put them in a mixer or meat grinder and grind them.

    After that, I add water to this amount. I pass the wheat through a sieve and keep the wheat juice.

    After taking completely strained wheat juice, we add about 7 liters of water to the pot containing wheat juice.

  5. In this step, I mix wheat water and flour. I do this slowly and patiently so that the flour does not become balls. In the end, I have a smooth liquid without lumps of flour.

  6. At this stage, we put the ingredients in a large pot, put it on the heat, and start stirring for 1 and a half hours. The heat should be high enough to boil, and then I reduce the heat.

  7. After 4 hours of cooking, the samanu turns pale brown. There is still work to be done, and for another 4 hours, we have to heat the samanu and stir it so that the bottom of the semanu doesn’t burn.

  8. Little by little, our samanoo is getting ready and thickening. I add the almonds with skin to this.

  9. Almost 10 hours have passed since our cooking, and at this stage, we put a steamer or a cloth on the pot to let the samanoo brew. At this stage, I put it on a very low heat for half an hour.

  10. After almost 11 hours, my Samanu is ready to be served. I pour this into another and decorate it with almond kernels



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How do you eat samanu?

I usually eat it when it cools and hardens. If I’m very hungry, I eat it with stone bread or lavash bread. Overall, it is an excellent diet meal for weight gain.

Samanu is a very tasty and nutritious dessert without sugar. If you have a sports diet, you can easily eat this nutritious dessert before training.

Samanoo is usually eaten for breakfast and dinner.
It is also one of the main elements of the Haft Sin table during Nowruz. It is the decoration of the Iranian Haft Sin table.

Properties of samanu

My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 9
The ease of cooking Very hard
Served for Dessert
Suggest for Daily meal, Nowruz meal
What is served with? Persian tea

Samanu benefits:

samanu benefits

1. Among the vitamins and minerals found in this dessert, we can mention vitamins A, E, K, group B vitamins, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, chromium, and zinc.

2. The iron in this dessert is very useful for pregnant women and prevents them from anemia.

3. This dessert has high amounts of fiber. This substance is very useful for slimming, and by making people feel full, it prevents them from overheating.

4. This dessert also has high amounts of calcium and phosphorus. These substances solve bone problems and strengthen bones.

5. This dessert is also recommended for patients with diabetes. Wheat is not sweet until it sprouts. There is wheat sweetness in the form of starch. When it sprouts, the starch breaks down and turns into candy.

6. Consuming this dessert is also very useful for athletes and can be used instead of bodybuilding supplements.

7. In addition, if the mother is constipated, this dessert will make bowel movements easier and relieve constipation.

8 Other properties of samanoo include:

  • Improving women’s diseases.
  • Regulating menstruation.
  • Improving digestive system diseases.
  • Regulating heart rate.
  • Preventing arteriosclerosis.
  • Preventing gallstones.
  • Regulating blood cholesterol.
  • Improving genital swelling.

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Golden tips on how to prepare samanu :

Golden tips samanu

  • To make this more colorful, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of roghan heyvani three hours before brewing Persian sweet paste. This will make the color of this dessert good.
  • The flame for cooking Persian sweet paste must be gentle. You have to be patient to cook this dessert.
  • In response to the question of how many hours this dessert should be on the gas, you should know that this dessert needs a lot of time to cook and it should stay on the gas for at least 8 to 10 hours.
  • The reason for the elasticity of this dessert is the presence of wheat germ in it, which is rich in vitamins and has many properties for the health of the body.
  • After cooking, it is time to decorate it. You can use chopped walnuts, almonds, and pistachios to decorate this dessert.
  • If the thickness of the homemade dessert is too high, you can add some water to it and then let the dessert boil again.
  • Only wheat germ is used to cook homemade this dessert without wheat flour.

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The nutritional composition of the wheat grain varies somewhat with differences in climate and soil. On an average, the kernel contains 12 percent water, 70 percent carbohydrates, 12 percent protein, 2 percent fat, 1.8 percent minerals, and 2.2 percent crude fibres.

Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and small amounts of vitamin A are present, but the milling processes removes most of those nutrients with the bran and germ.


FAQ for samanu recipe:

FAQ for samanu recipe

1. What is the method of making samanu’s color red?

Use a copper pot to make the color of it red and improve its color.

2. How many hours should this be on the gas?

In response to the question of how many hours should be on the gas, you should know that to cook this dessert you should put it on the gas for at least 3 to 4 hours.

3. What is samanu flour?

To cook this dessert you must use special flour. wheat flour or Sangak bread flour. Some people also use wheat flour to prepare this dessert step by step.

4. What is Samanu in English?

Samanu is a brown dessert, full of vitamins and rich, with a sweet taste and a long way to prepare it, which is an inseparable part of the Haft Sin table during Nowruz.

5. What is samanu?

Samanu(samanoo) is an authentic Iranian dessert made from wheat germ. This dessert is one of the pillars of the 7-sin table during Nowruz. Samanoo is one of the oldest Iranian desserts, which has a very long cooking time, and this shows the culture of patience in ancient Iranians.

This means that by waiting and continuously stirring, a dessert with natural sweetness appears at the end. These all show the rich cultures of Iranians. This culture shows the patience and integrity of the Iranian people, which will eventually lead to great sweetness even in everyday life.

Did you like samanu recipe?

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    1. Hi dear kamila , this very delicious dessert should be cooked for a long time, and if it is cooked in a short time, this dessert will be loosed.

  1. Hi Mohsen jan
    I made this Samanoo recipe for this year nowruz and it was really delicious. Now I want to know what type of Iranian bread it should be used with?

    1. Hi dear marjaneh, I’m so happy this recipe of samanoo is useful for you. you can use barbari bread or sangak bread along with samanu.

  2. Hi dears
    What is main ingredient in samanu?
    Can i freeze samanoo for 4 weeks?
    And final question: how many calories in each spoon of samanu?

    1. Hi dear Kiara ,Wheat with skin is a main ingredient is samanu,
      No you can not freeze samanu at all, each spoon of samanoo has 45kcal

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