Khakshir Recipe + 20 Health Benefits Persian Flixweed Syrup

Talking about khakshir reminds me of summer heat; one syrup is the end of everything. When I was going to school, my mother always made me a khakshir syrup or tokhmeh sharbati with plenty of ice when I got home.

Even now, when I come home from work, my wife Mahsa prepares khak shir with fresh lemon juice.

It removes the fatigue of the whole day and the heat of my entire body. You do not know what great properties this plant and this syrup have for the health of the body.

Stay with me for the article. I will explain it to you completely, so let’s go to the end of the article.

Flixweed syrup is one of these plants used abundantly by many people, especially in the summer when its syrup can be used to quench thirst and reduce body temperature.

People worldwide have used medicinal plants for their medical needs for hundreds of years. Due to the interest of many people in consuming kokeshi, we dedicated this article from meals cook to its properties and side effects.

Stay with us until the end of this article.

 Khakshir Health benefits(20 flixweed syrup benefits):

Health benefits of khakshir

    • According to old Iranian medicine, khak e shir is warm and moist.
    • One of the flixweed seeds benefits is a wound and injury healer.
    • Boiled khakeshir can eliminate intestinal and bloody diarrhea and female secretions and bring water to the tissue.
    • khakeshir is a diuretic
    • One of the khakeshir health benefits is that a fever reducer.
    • It is useful for getting rid of worms.
    • Relieves inflammation of the kidneys
    • It cures measles and scarlet fever and is prescribed as a cooling agent for typhoid fever and smallpox.
    • This Persian drink opens the sound.
    • To eliminate hives and skin inflammations, you can use it.
    • The flowers and leaves of the plant can be used to cure diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency.
    • Khakeshir seeds are slightly antiseptic.
    • Laxative and cooling with cold water
    • Its seeds increase the amount of lust and sexual desire and open the appetite.
    • It regulates the digestive system and relieves the stomach of diseases
    • Removes urinary congestion and is fattening
    • It is useful for treating gout and genital diseases.
    • It is effective for simple diarrhea in infants.
    • Apply a bandage on hard and cancerous swellings and swelling of the breast, eye, and ear.

Medicinal properties of khakshir

What is the Iran drink Khakshir?

khkshir recipe

Khakshir, or flixweed, is a plant found in gardens and deserts. Its flowers are bright yellow. It is interesting to know that this plant grows automatically.

Khakeshir is prepared in two types. One is that its seeds are small, and its redness is low. The other type is sweet; its seeds are relatively bigger, and its color is dark red, which grows in Alborz and deserts. We have different khakeshir drinks, such as saffron khakeshir, that you can read in this article below.

sekanjabin syrupsharbat albaloo, and saffron syrup are drinks that quench thirst in the hot summer weather.

For: 6 people

Preparation: 25 minutes

Khakshir recipe:

what is khakshir

Ingredients for Khakeshir:

Cold water 6 glasses
Rose water 2 tablespoons
Sugar a glass
half a glass
Fresh lime juice (optional)  as needed

 How to make Khakeshir:

how to make khakeshir

1. Soaking:

washing khakshir

To prepare this drink, we first pour it into a suitable bowl, pour water, and wash it. Then, Wash khakeshir, pour it into a bowl, add some water, and soak in the water for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Washing:

pour the khakeshir several times into another bowl

Next, pour the khakeshir several times into another bowl to wash away the sand and dirt.

3. Preparing flixweed syrup:

Preparing fixweed syrup

After soaking, pour the flixweed seeds into a pitcher to prepare a homemade drink. Then add some sugar, rose water, and water. Start stirring the syrup with a spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved in the water.

4. Serving drink:

serving khakshir drink

Pour some ice into the pitcher, pour the syrups into the glass, and serve. You can add some fresh lime juice to make the syrup tasty and then drink it.

Khakshir drinks with saffron recipe:

khakshir with saffron

Ingredients for Khakeshir with saffron:

Washed flixweed          2 tablespoons
Powdered saffron     as much as the tip of a teaspoon
Tokhme sharbati (chia seeds)    1 tablespoon
Water         1/2 glass
Sugar     1/2 cup

Instruction Khakeshir with saffron :

1. Boil sugar and water:

In preparing a delicious homemade drink with saffron, you should pour sugar and water into a pot and put it on gas heat. Let the water boil, and the sugar slowly dissolves in the water. At this stage, it is better not to stir the sugar until it dissolves in the water.

2. Add rose water to the juice:

After the sugar is dissolved in the water, at this stage, you must add rose water to the syrup. Stir the juice for about 6 minutes.

3. Add saffron to syrup:

At this preparation stage, you can add saffron powder to the syrup. Then, you have to wait a bit for your syrup to thicken. Whenever the syrup reaches the right concentration, you can turn off the gas flame and remove it from the heat.

4. Preparing syrup:

In the last step, the syrup should be completely cooled. Then, pour some syrup along with the seeds of khakshir and soaked tokhme sharbati (chia seeds) into the glass and mix it with water. Your syrup is ready.

Descurainia sophia is a member of the family Brassicaceae.[1] Common names include flixweed, herb-Sophia and tansy mustard.[2] It reproduces by seeds. It is a dominant weed in dark brown prairie and black prairie soils of southern Alberta.

Its stem is erect, branched, and 4–30 in (10–76 cm) high.[4] It was once given to patients with dysentery and called by ancient herbalists Sophia Chirurgorum, “The Wisdom of Surgeons”.[5] It is the type species of the genus Descurainia (named for French botanist and herbalist François Descurain (1658–1749)) and of the rejected genus Sophia Adans.


Notes for khakshir:

notes for khakshir

How to wash khak e shir:

Since flixweed has small seeds, it is challenging for many people to wash it. To wash khakeshir, you should pour it in water and stir well. Then, wait a while for the small sticks to float on the water.
Now, you can slowly empty the water in the bowl. Add a little water to the bowl again, stir the flixweed, and pour it into another bowl. This will cause the sedimented pebbles to remain in the bowl.
Repeat this several times until all the pebbles and extra particles are removed from it. Finally, pour this into a strainer, wash it, and use it to make syrup.

For a better taste, you can combine khakeshir with rose water syrup. Rose water syrup smells great and has great relaxing properties.

Tips and tricks on how to prepare khakshir drink: 

Tips and tricks on how to prepare khakshir drink

  • To prepare homemade khakshir syrup, you can prepare the juice separately and then pour it together with the juice in a glass. To prepare juice, you need to combine water and sugar. Then boil it on the heat until it reaches the right concentration. When the sap is ready, use it to make this syrup.
  • You can use aragh bidmeshk, bahar Narenj, or kasni to make this drink delicious.
  • To prepare this drink more easily, you can soak flixweed, put it in an ice mold with a little water, and put it in the freezer. With this method, you can easily prepare a delicious homemade sharbat-e-khakeshir whenever you like.
  • You can use some honey instead of sugar to make the drink.
  • This Persian drink is a home remedy for heatstroke in traditional medicine.
  • Adding rose water and lemon to this Persian drink is completely tasteful.
  • You can use more or less sugar in the syrup if you wish.
  • You can use cardamom instead of rose water.
  • Using some saffron will improve the aroma and colour of the syrup.
  • When washing flixweed seeds, use plastic containers because they hold more sand grains and settle.
  • If you prepare a refreshing Persian summer drink a few hours before serving it and store it in the refrigerator, it will have a better aroma and taste.

Khakshir benefits for weight loss:

Khakshir for weight loss

One of the properties of this syrup is that it improves bowel movements, cleanses and detoxifies the intestines, and causes weight loss by increasing fat excretion from the body. One of the most unique properties of this drink is helping to lose weight.

 Using flixweed for a long time leads to rapid weight loss and slimming. To lose weight and get fit with flixweed seeds, wash a tablespoon of flixweed, dissolve it in a glass of lukewarm water, and sweeten it with very little sugar.

 Consuming sugar causes obesity, so use very little or no sugar.

 Is khak e shir useful for slimming the stomach and sides?

  •  Yes, due to its anti-inflammatory and slimming properties, it can be useful in losing weight and slimming the abdomen and sides.
  • This useful plant is also used to control the blood sugar level and improve the function of the digestive system, both of which can be effective in losing weight and reducing the size of the abdomen and sides.

Now that you are familiar with the great benefits of khakshir, you can also read about the benefits of sour cherry tea.

Faq Khak-e-shir syrup:

faq for khakshir

1. How to prepare Khak-e-shir syrup without sugar?

To prepare Khak-e-shir syrup without sugar, you can use some honey to sweeten the syrup.

2. How to prepare two-colour mold fl syrup?

To prepare two-colour flixweed syrup, you must prepare Khak-e-shir syrup and tokhme sharbati separately and pour them into a glass.

3. How to prepare khakshir syrup for constipation?

In the recipe for Khak-e-shir syrup for constipation, you should use 2 tablespoons of this drink with 1 glass of warm water. Consuming this syrup twice daily in the morning and at night is better to relieve constipation.

4. What are the benefits of khakshir syrup?

Khakeshir syrup is useful for quenching thirst and helps to treat constipation. This syrup is very useful for treating fatty liver, removing facial acne, removing dandruff, strengthening sexual powers, removing fever, removing parasites, treating cancer, removing bad breath, and improving hoarseness.

5. What is called khakshir in english?

Khakshir in english is called Flixweed.

6. Where can I buy this? 

Khakeshir can be found in Persian or Middle Eastern grocery and specialty health food stores. It may also be available for purchase online.

7. Is Khakeshir an alcoholic beverage? 

No, this drink is a non-alcoholic herbal drink. It does not contain alcohol unless it is intentionally added by the person preparing it.

8. What is Khakshir? 

 Khakshir is a traditional Persian drink made from the seeds of certain plants, often referred to as “Persian herbal tea.

9. How to use Khakshir for facial obesity?

To use flixweed in the treatment of facial obesity, you can mix a few spoons of flixweed with a spoon of honey and leave this mixture on the skin for about 25 minutes.

After that, wash your face with warm water.

This method can help improve the texture and health of your facial skin.

10. Is it harmful to eat every day?

Reasonable use of this does not harm healthy patients. But for people with certain diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, digestive diseases, or allergy to this syrup, it is recommended to use this in consultation with a specialist doctor.

Also, it is better to consume this syrup in the right amount and in compliance with health tips to achieve the best results.

Did you like a recipe for Khakeshir?

  • If you have experience eating Khak e shir, please share your comments.
  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest this drink to you.
  • You can ask me questions about this Persian drink in the comments. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.
  • If you make this drink and love the taste of it, please share your pic with us on @mealscook Facebook & mail.


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    1. Hi dear sarah,khakshir called in english :Flixweed is the common name of the plant descurainia sophia.

    1. Hi dear Bobby, You can served many persian sweets with khakshir, like that : persian noghl, poolaki, baklava and ghottab.

    1. Hi dear Tyler, Khakshir has lots of benefits for example:
      The flowers and leaves of the plant can be used to cure diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency.
      Khakeshir seeds are slightly antiseptic.
      Laxative and cooling with cold water
      Its seeds increase the amount of lust and sexual desire and open the appetite.
      It regulates the digestive system and relieves the stomach of diseases
      Removes urinary congestion and is fattening

  1. Hello, my dear friend, thank you for the complete article on Khakshir and its benefits
    Can you introduce me to an article on how to prepare Samanu dessert?

    1. Hello dear Eli, I’m glad you were satisfied with khakshir recipe, yes you can see here how to prepare samanu recipe.

    1. Hi dear Jason, Calories in one cup of khakshir (133 grams) are 29 calories, 48% of which come from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 22% from fat.

  2. Hi dear Mahsa ! Thanks for all the info and beautiful pics. I like your blog very much! Could khakshir go bad? I have a jar that is few years old and i was wondering if it is still good to use. I made it and we all eat it. Of course, I also used some fresh lemon that my mother sent me and it turned out great. I wanted to know if it is possible for it to spoil over time?

  3. Mehsa jan, thank you for this great recipe of Khakshir. Whenever summer came, my mother would make a full pitcher for us and we would come home from work and always eat to quench our thirst.
    Thanks alot.

    1. Hi dear Fariba
      Exactly, Iranian mothers should make khakshir for their children in the summer season to improve their health

    1. Hello, dear friend, you can usually get khakshir seeds or syrup from stores that have Iranian products
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