Delicious Abgoosht Bozbash Recipe {in 7 steps}

Abgoosht bozbash or abgoosht ghormeh sabzi is one of the authentic and delicious dishes of Hamedan, which is usually prepared and served as a vow. This simple and delicious abgoosht, unlike normal Persian abgoosht is cooked with red beans instead of peas and white beans, and instead of tomatoes and tomato paste, it has green vegetables.

This green abgoosht is a different type of abgusht that will definitely satisfy you if you are a fan of Qormeh sabzi and abgoosht. The way to prepare this food is simple and it is actually a combination of cooking ghormeh sabzi and abgoosht.

Abgoosht bozbash, with its green appearance and the familiar aroma of ghormeh sabzi, will bring a smile to everyone’s face as soon as it is placed on the table.

The combination of fat with onions, green vegetables, and red beans creates a special abgoosht that you only need to try once to fall in love with it. it is served with barbari bread or sangak bread.

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bozbash abgoosht

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What is served with? Onion, sabzi khordan, mast o musir

History of abgoosht bozbash

History of abgoosht bozbash

Abgoosht bozbash is one of the most popular foods among the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia. In fact, “Bozbash” is a Turkish word that is formed from two words “Boz” meaning “light gray” and “Bash” meaning “head” and it most likely refers to the color of the food after cooking.

Bozbash in Persian is equivalent to the word “vegetable abgoosht” and the first recorded recipe of it dates back to the era of Nasereddin Shah. Making a delicious bozbash abgoosht like other Iranian dishes needs to follow the cooking techniques that we are going to provide you with in this article. Join us to introduce you to how to prepare abgoosht bozbash.

Preparation time:1 hours

Cooking time:2 hours

For: 4 people 

How to make bozbash abgoosht? (abgoosht bozbash recipe)

How to make bozbash abgoosht


Mutton with fat 0.6 pound
Red beans or pinto beans 0.2 pound
Green vegetables (leek, parsley, fenugreek) 0.6 pound
Peeled medium onions 2 pcs
Peeled medium potatoes 2 pcs
Lemon juice or limoo amani powder 2 tablespoons
Salt, red pepper and black pepper as needed


In order to be able to prepare the most delicious abgoosht bozbash, it is necessary to choose fresh and high-quality raw materials. Especially, the vegetable of abgoosht bozbash has a great effect on the taste of this delicious dish.

1. Soak red beans or pinto beans the night before and change the water several times to remove the swelling. Then drain the water.

2. Remove the fat from the meat. Then pour the meat, beans, and onion in a pot with the right amount of water and place it on a high gas flame until the water boils. Then reduce the gas flame, close the lid of the pot, and let the ingredients cook well.

fry meat and onion

3. Fry the green vegetables well with a little oil until the excess water is removed and it adds a little oil.

add beans too pot

4. Fry a chopped onion with the fat and spices in a pan until the onions are completely light. Then mix them together well.

5. After the meat is half-cooked (about two hours), pour the roasted vegetables and the pounded mixture of fat and onion into the pot and let the abgoosht cook for another hour. You can remove the whole onion from the pot at this stage.

add vegetables to pot

6. After the meat is fully cooked, add peeled potatoes,limoo amani powder, and salt to the abgoosht.

add potato to pot

7.Serve abgoosht bozbash like normal abgoosht.Bring the water to the table separately so that the guests can use it as they wish. Mix the abgoosht meat and eat it. Serve abgoosht bozbash hamedani with fresh bread and vegetables or pickles.


Properties and benefits of abgoosht bozbash:

Properties and benefits of abgoosht bozbash

Abgoosht bozbash has extremely nutritious raw materials and therefore has many properties as a delicious and authentic Iranian dish.

This abgoosht is very effective for strengthening physical strength as well as the immune system and has a lot of nutritional value. Likewise, the presence of legumes in it provides a significant part of the needed protein and its fresh vegetables also provide fiber to the body.

You can eat this food with sabzi khordan, seer torshi, mast musir,naz khatoon, and torshi bandari.

Important tips for preparing abgoosht bozbash:

Important tips for preparing abgoosht bozbash

  • You can also use white beans or cowpeas to prepare abgoosht bozbash.
  • If you plan to use real limoo amani, pierce them with a fork and soak them in warm water for two hours. During this time change the water once or twice to remove its bitterness. Also, it is better to remove the core of the lemons after soaking. Three to four limoo amani are enough for abgoosht bozbash for 4 people.
  • Note that using a lot of limoo amani and fenugreek will make your abgoosht bitter.
  • To prepare a delicious abgoosht bozbash, you need to adjust the amount of water and the gas flame correctly so that you don’t add water again while cooking. It is important to know that adding too much water will spoil the taste of the food.
  • If you use lean meat, add a little fat separately.
  • You can eat this food for both lunch and dinner.
  • You can add curd to this food in the last 15 minutes of cooking.
  • You can also use yellow split peas instead of chickpeas.
  • You can remove potatoes from the recipe according to your taste.

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