Ash Shole Ghalamkar Recipe _ Hearty and Healthy Iranian Soup

Ash Shole Ghalamkar is one of the most delicious types of ash, which apparently goes back to the city of Tehran and the time of Naser al-Din Shah.

Although this ash is cooked in most cities of Iran, such as Isfahan and Tabriz, ash shole ghalamkar of the old Tehranis is unique and popular.

Ashe sholeh ghalamkar is more than an appetizer; it is a complete meal. You should have a lot of patience to cook this ash, which is prepared with all kinds of beans and meat but don’t doubt that cooking this traditional Iranian dish is worth spending hours on.

Perhaps among the types of ashes, the way to prepare ash reshteh or ash doogh and ash anar is easier and more common. Still, as you know, the world of ashes is very diverse, and they have always had a special place on Iranian tables as a traditional and complete food.

In the meantime, it may not be easy to prepare some ash, such as shole ghalamkar, but when you try the taste of this hearty ash, you will definitely forget the fatigue of cooking it. To the extent that even seeing the photo of this dish is appetizing.

In the cooking of this ash, aromatic vegetables such as leeks, parsley, cilantro, spinach, and legumes such as peas, beans, lentils, rice, and onions, as well as cold meat or boneless neck, are used. At the end, with fried mint, fried garlic, and fried onion, it is decorated and served.

In this article, we will share with you how to prepare ash sholeh ghalamkar and how to make it tasty. So stay with meals cook site.

History of ash shole ghalamkar:

History of ash shole ghalamkar

As the narrators narrate, in the spring, when Naseruddin Shah Qajar went around Tehran for hunting he ordered 12 pots of food to be loaded.

To make this ash, they put everything they could get into it, from mutton and all kinds of beans to several types of vegetables and aromatic spices.

To prepare the ash, so many servants were gathered that everything was crowded and messy, and that’s why the people of the court kitchen named this ash “Shole Ghalamkar”.

How to make ash shole ghalamkar? (Ash sholeh ghalamkar recipe)

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 3 hours

The amount of calories in 100 grams of ash shole ghalamkar: 260 calories

Ingredients ashe sholeh ghalamkar:

ingredient for ash shole ghalamkar

The vegetables of this ash are mint, parsley, savory, basil, and coriander, which should be mixed in equal amounts. It is necessary to explain that these ingredients are intended for about 4 people, and if you want to prepare in larger quantities the volume of these ingredients should increase.

Rice  half a cup
Lentils 1 cup
Chickpeas  half a cup
Wheat  half a cup
Pinto beans  half a cup
Meat 0.5 pound
Onion and Garlic 4 pieces
Ash vegetable 1.1 pound
Salt,turmeric and black pepper as needed
Curd as needed
Liquid oil as needed

This text from

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Instruction ash sholeh ghalamkar:

1. It is better to soak the beans in separate bowls with some water the night before and change the water several times. It will make the swelling of the beans less and cooking them will take less time.

2. In the next step, peel and wash 3 onions. Then, cut it finely on the kitchen board. Then put a pan in which you have poured some oil on the gas stove with low heat until it gets hot.

Add the onions to the pan and fry. After the onions are fried, pour them on a plate and keep them aside.

step 2 ash shole ghalamkar

3. Prepare a suitable pot. Then drain the wheat and add it to the pot along with 5 cups of water and put it on the gas stove with low heat until it cooks slowly.

step 3 shole ghalamkar

4. Next, in another pot, pour the beans with 3 cups of water and let them cook with the gentle heat of the oven.

After about an hour drain the beans and add them to the pot of chickpeas and allow them to cook completely.

5. Next, clean and wash the meat, then chop it on the kitchen board with a sharp knife. Peel the remaining onion and garlic, cut them into four parts, pour them together with the meat in a pot, add 5 cups of water, and let the meat cook slowly on the mild heat of the gas stove.

After the meat is cooked, take it out of the pot and pound it with a meat grinder until it becomes a beard. Strain the broth and set aside.

step 5 shole ghalamkar

6. In the next step, wash the rice and rinse the lentils. Then pour the rice into a pot with 6 cups of water. Place the pot on the stove. First, increase the gas flame to boil the water. Then, reduce the flame so that the lentils and rice are cooked slowly.

step 6 shole ghalamkar

7. Now, it’s time to prepare the ash. Ash shole ghalamkar vegetable includes Spinach, parsley, basil, coriander, and mint. Clean and wash the vegetables. Then, chop them finely on the kitchen board.

step 7 sholeghalamkar

8. After the rice and lentils are cooked, add the chopped vegetables to the pot and stir well. Of course, to prevent the color of the vegetables from changing, add salt to the pot before adding them.

9. After about 20 minutes, when the vegetables are soft, it is time to add cooked wheat, beans, and chickpeas to the pot.

10. Add the meat to the pot along with the broth that you left aside, then add salt, turmeric, and pepper and stir the ingredients well.

step 10 shole ghalamkar

11. Then add half of the fried onion that you have prepared to the pot and add some boiling water to the pot. Reduce the heat of the stove and allow the ash to cook for two to three hours until glazed slowly.

step 11 shole ghalamkar

12. After ashe shole ghalamkar is ready, pour it into a beautiful bowl and decorate it with fried onion, fried mint, and curd.

How to make ash shole ghalamkar without meat

How to make ash shole ghalamkar without meat

In the traditional recipe of ash sholeh ghalamkar, meat must be used, but if you want to cook this ash in a vegetarian way, you should remove the meat and increase the variety of legumes.

In the preparation of ash shole ghalamkar without meat, you can add some mung beans and cowpeas to the ingredients above and add more aromatic vegetables such as marzeh or tarragon. Due to the removal of meat the cooking time of this ash will be less.

Note: Regarding the preparation of ash shole ghalamkar without meat, you should be careful that wheat cannot be removed from this ash, but if you do not have wheat, you can try the preparation of this ash with wheat semolina.

Notes ashe shole ghalamkar:

notes for ash shole ghalamkar

  • If you don’t have access to spinach, you can use beetroot instead.
  • It is better to use boneless meat in preparing ash. If you use meat with bones, remove the meat and pound it.
  • Use more fried onion to make this ash tastier.
  • You can add some yogurt to it at the end of its cooking to make it tastier.
  • The recipe for the preparation of ash shole ghalamkar, which we taught, is suitable for 4 people. If there are more or fewer people, change the ratio of ingredients.

FAQ ashe shole ghalamkar:

1. What city is Ash Shole Ghalamkar for?

Ash shole ghalamkar is originally a Tehran dish but it is also cooked in the cities of Isfahan and Mashhad with a different cooking method.

2.What is shole ghalamkar vegetables?

Ash shole ghalamkar vegetables include leeks, parsley, coriander, and spinach. Add a little bit of savory and tarragon to this mixture to make it taste better.

3. How to prepare ash shole ghalamkar with wheat semolina?

In order to prepare the delicious ashe shole ghalamkar with wheat semolina, you have to soak the wheat overnight and then cook it.

When the wheat is cooked, let it cool down and then grind it. And after cooking the rice and vegetables you can add the ground wheat to the ash and stir the ash constantly so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Then add ground beans and mashed meat to the ash and season it with curd, fried mint, and onion.

4. What is the most important point in how to prepare the original ash shole ghalamkar with yogurt?

In the recipe for homemade ash shole ghalamkar with yogurt, when the ash is almost ready, add the condensed yogurt to the ash. Then, stir it well.

Remember to stir continuously after adding the yogurt so that it does not thicken.

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