Ashe Sabzi Shirazi Recipe – Delicious and Nutritious

Ashe sabzi Shirazi (Shirazi vegetable soup) is a traditional Iranian dish with vegetables, meat, and various cooked beans. Tarragon plays an important role in this dish and should be used.

Ash Shirazi is mostly used in Ramadan and religious ceremonies and is served with Sangak bread and lemon juice.

All the cooked ingredients are combined, crushed, and finally cooked with vegetables. One of the distinctive features of this dish is its stickiness.

This is used as breakfast in Shiraz city, and you should buy it early in the morning from Shiraz shops because it sells out very quickly.

I have prepared an excellent and easy recipe for this dish. Stay with me until the end of this article.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time : 3 hours

For: 5 people

Ashe sabzi shiraziIngredient

Pinto beans 0.1 pound
Red beans 0.1 pound
White beans 0.1 pound
Chickpeas 0.3 pound
Lentils 0.2 pound
Rice or half-rice 0.4 pound
Mutton or veal 0.6 pound
Tarragon 0.3 pound
Leek 0.2 pound
Salep  1tbsp


1. To prepare this delicious soup, we must first prepare the meat of this dish. At this stage, slice the onions and fry them in a pot or pressure cooker. After the onions are golden, add the meat and spices.

add spices to meat

Fry the meat and onion in a pressure cooker and add turmeric and black pepper. After roasting a little:

  • Add two glasses of water.
  • Close the pressure cooker lid.
  • Let the meats cook completely.

2. When the meats are fully cooked after 60 to 90 minutes, open the pressure cooker door, separate the meat juice from the meat and onions, and mash the meats completely with a meat grinder.

You should pay attention to the fact that the ingredients should not be visible, and all the ingredients should be completely crushed.

separate the meat juice from the meat and onions

3. Then, we add the peas, beans, and lentils, which we have soaked overnight, to the pot and cook until fully cooked.

We put the peas and beans in one pot and the lentils in another until they are completely cooked. Because lentils cook faster than peas and beans, we separate the pots.

cooked beans

4. After the beans are fully cooked, take about two spoons of the beans, pour them into the meat pot, and beat them together. This will make them taste bad.

5. Then we go to cook the rice. In this step, we choose a large pot because all the ingredients are supposed to be mixed in this step. The rice should be half-grain so it is easier to mix with the ingredients.

cooked rice

We proceed to the next step once the rice is fully cooked and soft. We pour all the ingredients we cooked before into the rice pot: the beans, meat mixture, crushed beans, lentils, and juice.

Finally, we add the chopped vegetables to the ingredients. Cover the pot and let it boil.

mix all ingredients

6. At this stage, we add a bit of fox to the ash so that the ash becomes sticky and perfect and all the ingredients become elastic.

After about 30 minutes, when the ingredients are cooked together, and all the beans have reached the cooking stage, our Shirazi vegetable is completely ready.

During this half-hour, constantly stir the soup so it doesn’t stick. After the soup is completely cooked, pour it into the dish of your choice and serve it with fresh lemon and Sangak bread

Ashe Shirazi and Ash Anar shirazi are among the best ashes in Shiraz city in Iran.

ashe shirazi is ready

The techniques of preparing Ashe sabzi Shirazi

  • Ashe sabzi Shirazi can be eaten with curd like other soups.
    If you like vegetable soup without meat or follow a vegan diet, do all these steps except add meat and broth.
  • To make Ashe sabzi Shirazi stretchy, you must beat the ingredients completely and use the fox powder.
    To make Shirazi vegetable soup, you can use pinto beans instead of white beans, but white beans are more common than pinto beans.
  • It is used as a red dill in some commands, which is wrong. Dill makes the soup taste bad, and its smell is unsuitable for interacting with leek and tarragon.

The techniques of preparing Ashe sabzi Shirazi

What is served with Ashe sabzi Hirazi

This dish is usually served as breakfast in Shiraz in the early morning. To accompany it, you can use Sangak bread, lavash bread, and fresh lemon. Finally, to prevent stomach bloating, you can also drink tea with rock candy after a meal.

Ashe sabzi Shirazi without meat

To make ashe sabzi Shirazi without meat, follow all the steps for preparing Shirazi soup with meat, except for removing the cooking step and adding meat.

Properties of Shirazi vegetable soup

Ashe sabzi shirazi contains vitamins A, C, E, and manganese due to the legumes and vegetables. It also has a lot of protein due to the lentils and meat.

Shirazi soup has antioxidant properties and protects the body against diseases. It helps to strengthen memory and is effective and useful for the nervous system’s activity.

Other properties of Ash Sabzi include reducing body inflammations and joint rheumatism, building cartilage, strengthening bones, preventing osteoporosis, improving skin and hair conditions, and repairing them.

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1. Is it possible to make vegetable soup with dried vegetables?

The main flavor of this dish comes from the presence of fresh vegetables. But if fresh vegetables are not available, you can substitute dried vegetables.

2. What are the main vegetables of Shirazi Sabzi Ash?

The main vegetables of this dish are leeks and tarragon.

4. How can we have a smooth vegetable soup?
To make the ashe sabzi Shirazi thick and stretchy, you must stir it very carefully at the end of this soup. You can use a bit of fox to make it stretch better.

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