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Khoresht boz ghormeh is a popular food of Kerman, which is not known like many traditional foods, and you may know Kerman only because of its cumin.

This popular stew is more like pounded meat decorated with curd and dried mint, which is made from cold meat or fatty muscle of goat and sheep, and after cooking it is decorated with curd, fried onion, saffron, and fried mint.

How to make boz ghormeh?

The way to prepare boz ghormeh is that if these ingredients become a little juicy, it is eaten as abgoosht boz ghormeh with local bread, and the water is taken completely for stew, and it will be served with Persian rice and yogurt.

Eating yogurt next to this food that has curd seems a little dangerous because it is too cold, so pour dry mint and black pepper into your yogurt bowl and eat it.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to one of the best and most delicious traditional foods of Kerman, which can easily be included in your weekly food list.

Join us and learn how to prepare boz ghormeh in meals cook site.

how to make boz ghormeh

Boz ghormeh recipe

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 90 minutes

You can also read tahdig ghormeh sabzi.


Meat 1.1 pound (head, muscle or neck)
Chickpeas One and a half cups
Curd two to two and a half cups
Onions 2 pcs
Garlic one plant
Medium potatoes three (remove if you don’t want to and replace with more meat)
Brewed saffron as much as needed (four tablespoons)
Walnuts, fried onion, fried garlic and fried mint as much as needed (for decoration)
Salt, pepper, and turmeric as much as needed


instruction for boz ghormeh

1. Soak and cook chickpeas with potatoes

In order to start teaching how to cook boz ghormeh, it is necessary to soak chickpeas in water 24 hours before preparing this delicious Kermani stew and change the water once every twenty-four hours.

Cooking chickpeas:

After 24 hours, the chickpeas are now puffed up and you can pour them into a pot and put it on low heat to cook, The thing you should pay attention to is that during these steps when the chickpea juice boils, it is time to remove the foam and let it cook with gentle heat.

Cooking potatoes:

Adding potatoes to the ingredients of boz ghormeh is completely tasteful and is not included in the original recipe of this food. If you feel that your meat is lacking, it is better to compensate for the lack of meat by adding a little boiled potato and combining it with other ingredients.

2. Fry onion and meat, combine these ingredients with chickpeas

fry meat with onion

To make a delicious boz ghormeh, it is better to be careful when choosing the meat, the fresher the meat, the tastier the stew will be. In addition, to choose the right meat, it is better to use neck or muscle meat.

combine these ingredients with chickpeas

The step of combining these ingredients and roasting is one of the most important steps that will not be very difficult and you will easily pass it with a little care.

Fried onion and garlic in stew:

Fried onion and garlic in stew

At this stage, take the onion and garlic and cut them into slices, put the chopped onions in a pan, and fry them with a little oil. When the onions become light, it is time to add garlic, turmeric, salt, and pepper.

add spices to boz ghormeh

Roasting mutton with onions and adding half-cooked chickpeas:

Cut the meat into small pieces or into small cubes and add to the frying onions, continue frying the meat and onions until the color of the meat changes. If you want, add your favorite spices to it, and finally throw away the half-cooked chickpea water combine the chickpeas with meat and onion, and let them cook with a few glasses of water.

3. Mixing or pounding meat, peas and onions

Mixing or pounding meat, peas and onions

At this stage, you mix the cooked ingredients (meat, chickpeas, onions) brew a little saffron, and mix the curd with it and let it cook on low heat for about 45 minutes until it sets well.

brew a little saffron

Finally, to decorate and flavor this food, you can prepare the fried onion, fried mint, and fried garlic separately, and after serving the stew in your own dish, add curd, and brewed saffron, and decorate it with walnuts. Eat with bread or rice. Enjoy your meal.

Beryani Isfahan, koofte Tabrizi, and dopiaze aloo of Shiraz are all famous and traditional foods of different cities of Iran, but the question is do you know what kind of stew is the famous food of Kerman?

boz ghormeh is ready for serve

boz ghormeh is ready

The properties of boz ghormeh:

The properties of boz ghormeh

  • High protein due to the presence of peas
  • Rich in calcium due to curd
  • Very nutritious and complete food

One of the questions that may arise for you is why the goat? The main point in the composition of this food is the main reason for its name, the use of goat meat in the olden days for this famous Kermani food has made boz ghormeh meat gain a lot of fame, and finally, after the passage of time, this stew with meat is now the lamb is cooked and still very tasty.

Goat Meat Nutritional Benefits

Goat meat has a somewhat richer, sweeter, robust and more gamey taste. Cooking this lean meat with a lot of spices further enhances its flavour.

Interestingly, the level of saturated fat is much less in goat meat.

  1. It is believed to be an excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid, a kind of fatty acid that helps prevent inflammatory conditions.
  2. It contains high amounts of iron. 
  3. It contains high levels of vitamin B12.

Notes for boz ghormeh:

Notes for boz ghormeh

  • If you want a colorful boz ghormeh, it is better to brew saffron and add turmeric in such a quantity that the color of your stew is the color you like.
  • Cooking Kermani boz ghormeh with original Kermanshahi oil is another thing, the aroma and taste of this traditional stew will be more delicious and attractive with this animal oil.
  • Since the curd in this food may cause too much salt, postpone the addition of salt until the last step after cooking.
  • If you don’t have chickpeas, you can use cobs instead, if you use chickpeas, it is better to cut them in half and remove the skin after cooking.
  • If you use potato in boz ghormeh, it is better to cut it into several wedges and cook it with other ingredients.
  • If you want to have an authentic boz ghormeh, never add oil to the stew and the food should be greased with meat oil.
  • There is another type of this stew (in other cities of Kerman) which uses rice in the last minutes of its cooking. During the last 50 minutes of cooking the goat meat, depending on the amount of ingredients, half to one pint of rice is mixed with other ingredients and allowed to mix with meat and chickpeas.
  • Adding mint and garlic is because the curd is cold.
  • When you want an authentic Kermani boz ghormeh, you can have two models, one is stewed and the other is diluted with abgoosht.
  • Boz ghormeh stew is served with rice or bread. (Sangk bread would be a great option.)
  • Crushed walnuts are one of the most useful and delicious nuts that you can add to boz ghormeh and enjoy their unique taste.
  • If you want to eat this stew with rice, after the food has settled down and the water is enough, turn off the heat and there is no need to beat the contents anymore and it is ready to eat.
  • When you add the curd to the food, remove the stew from the heat after a while, because the curd loses its properties in high heat.

FAQ for boz ghormeh:

faq for boz ghormeh

1. What is the main ingredient in boz ghormeh?

Meat, chickpeas, curd, onions, and garlic are the main ingredients in bozghormeh.

2. Can i freeze this food?

Yes, you can freeze this food in the freezer for 1 months.

3. What is served with boz ghormeh?

Boz ghormeh is served with sabzi khordan, sir torshi, mast o khiar, and Persian doogh.

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