Chelo Kabab Bakhtiari Recipe in 5 Steps

Step-by-step training of chelo kabab Bakhtiari at home in the shortest possible time and with the original and traditional recipe

One of the most delicious Iranian kebab is kabab Bakhtiari (bakhtiari kebab), which has many fans. From the past to the present, kebab has been one of the most popular and favorite foods of the people.

Bakhtiari kabab is a combination of joojeh kabab and Chenjeh kabab, which is served with rice or bread.

The recipe of Bakhtiari kebab goes back to the time of Naseruddin Shah, and without a doubt, anyone who travels to Chahar Mohal Bakhtiari will experience the authentic taste of this kebab. did

This is a good excuse to learn more about the history of this delicious food, and it is a matter of pride that this kebab is considered one of the foods of Iran.

Come with us to see the complete and attractive recipe for kabab Bakhtiari.

Necessary ingredients to prepare Kabab Bakhtiari:

ingredient kabob bakhtiari

Boneless red meat  5.3 ounce
Chicken fillet  5.3 ounce
Onions      2 pcs
Kiwi    1 pc
fresh lime juice  4 tablespoons
Olive oil     2 tbsp
Brewed saffron  2 tbsp
Salt, black pepper  as needed

Instruction  :

bakhtiari kebab recipe

First step: preparation of onion

First, you need to prepare the marinated ingredients for this kebab. Wash and peel the onions and cut into large slices.

Slicing the onions makes it easy to separate them from the kebab when grilling, and you should not grate the onion in the kebabs because it sticks to the meat and burns during grilling, and the food looks bad.

One of the other components of this marinade is kiwi, which you can peel and chop depending on the season. Kiwi softens the texture of the meat due to its enzyme.

Second step: meat preparation

Cut the meats into rectangles

Cut the meats into rectangles and cut them evenly because during cooking, due to uneven cutting, some of the kebab may remain cooked and raw.

Now put the meat in a bowl, add the onion and kiwi to it, and wait for 30 to 60 minutes to taste.

The third step is preparing the chicken meat

preparing the chicken meat

Chicken has a softer texture than meat, so for this reason, we marinate the meat first and then season the chicken.

To season the chicken, put it in a bowl, add some onion, saffron, and black pepper to it, and let it taste.

Step 4:Mixing

separate the onion slices from the meat

Now that you have seasoned both ingredients separately, you should separate the onion slices from the meat, put the chicken and meat in a bowl, add olive oil, salt, black pepper, and lime juice to, and wait for 15 minutes. Let it taste.

Fifth step: grilling

grilling kabab bakhtiari

Now, before skewering the kebabs, prepare the charcoal for frying, then stick one of the metal skewers in the middle of the meat and chicken slices so that there is no space between the meat and the chicken, then put it on the hot coals.

Turn it constantly until the kebab is cooked.  Then eat with rice and grilled tomatoes. Enjoy your meal.

Veal Nutrition Facts

  • Calories: 129
  • Fat: 3.28g
  • Sodium: 112mg
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Protein: 24.6g
  • Phosphorus: 268mg
  • Potassium: 294mg
  • vitamin B12: 2.99mcg
  • Niacin: 8.19mg


History of Kebab:

history of kebab

Kebab is an authentic Iranian dish that is not new. This dish dates back to the era of Naseruddin Shah when this king became famous as a kebab eater.

It is interesting to know that eating kebab with pilaf and grilled tomato goes back to the lineage of Naseruddin Shah, so when Naseruddin Shah became king, he brought a number of cooks who were skilled in cooking kebabs to Tehran.

During the reign of Naser al-Din Shah, the people of the court used to eat kebab with bread, but after a while, rice was added to the fixed part of the kebab plates to complete this dish and make it tastier than before.

Gradually, court dishes, including kebabs, were added to the dishes of ordinary people, and because this dish was particularly popular, it attracted the attention of restaurant chefs.

This factor made restaurants prepare different types of kebabs and add them to the list.

Today we see all kinds of kebabs including kabab torsh, kabab barg, kabab koobideh, kabab bakhtiari, kabab soltani and dande kabab. For more Persian food recipes, visit the Meals Cook page.

What is the difference between Kabab Bakhtiari and Soltani kebabs?

Kebab Soltani:

What can cause a sultan to be satisfied? Of course, he will be fully satisfied with his nutritious and delicious food! Kebab Soltani fulfills this desire in a unique way.

To prepare this kebab, two large skewers are usually served to each person, which includes a large koobideh kebab skewer and a barg kebab skewer.

As you know, the method of preparation of these two kebabs is different, and to prepare this kebab in a traditional way, lamb or calf fillet is used.

Kabab Bakhtiari:

bakhtiari kebab

When you hear the name kebab, depending on whether you are a fan of chicken or meat, the image of chicken or meat may come to your mind.

kabab bakhtiari (bakhtiari kebab) skillfully offers you both of these kebabs in one skewer.

What is better than this? As you know, chicken meat is cooked in a shorter time. For this kebab, meat and chicken are skewered side by side, and in order for the kebab to be completely cooked at the end of cooking, the meat is left to rest for a longer period of time, which makes it stale.

Both of these kebabs are very suitable for parties and formal events and can decorate your table.


NOTES for Kabab Bakhtiari

Grilling without charcoal:

1. If you do not have the possibility of grilling with charcoal, you can make them in the pan. In this way, we put a little oil in the brush, completely grease the pan, and put it on the heat.

2. Then we put the kebab skewers in the pan and turn the heat down first so that the meat does not burn, and after the color of the meat changes, we turn them over to the other side so kebabs catches itself and then reduce the heat.

3. Next, we let the kebabs fry, and you can use all kinds of vegetables besides tomatoes with the kabab bakhtiari (such as grilled mushrooms, grilled peppers, or even fried potatoes)and enjoy this tasty kebab with rice.

How to prepare the original kabab Bakhtiari:

Kabab Bakhtiari is originally prepared from a combination of mutton and mutton fat, nowadays, restaurants use a combination of chicken meat and veal or mutton in one in between (like Caucasian kebab).

To make authentic Bakhtiari kebab, place a small piece of mutton fat between two pieces of meat.


faq for kabab bakhtiariv

1.What is the name of Persian kebabs?

kebabs in iran called kabab such as: kabab koobideh, bakhtiari kabob.


3. What is served with this kabob?

Seer torshi, zeytoon parvardeh, mast o musir is served with Bakhtiari Kabob.

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