Keshmesh Polo ba Morgh Recipe _ Iranian Raisins Rice

Iranian raisin pilaf, a mixture of fried raisins with different spices, which is combined with Iranian rice and saffron and is decorated with fried chicken at the end, an excellent Iranian dish.

Keshmesh polo with chicken is an easy and very tasty and beautiful food. If you are tired of repeating dishes, I suggest you prepare keshmesh polo ba morgh. A delicious pilaf with raisins and fried chicken.

This food is one of those foods that I can easily prepare for guests. This is because it is both a party and is compatible with any food taste.

If you like foods that have a sweet taste, raisin rice is a great option. The combination of fried raisins with onions and various spices along with seasoned fried chicken and finally combined with Iranian saffron rice make a great meal for lunch and a great party.

The beauty and taste are great, just make it once and it will become a regular part of your party food. So, stay with meals cook in the rest of the article, and I will explain to you how to prepare this delicious food.

keshmesh polo ba morgh


ingredient keshmesh polo

Onions Two medium 
Raisins one and a half cups
Walnuts A cup
Barberry Half a pint
Chicken breast 0.9 pound
Turmeric one tablespoon
Salt and pepper as needed
brewed saffron Two tablespoons
Liquid oil as needed
Curry spice One teaspoon 



1. First step for keshmesh polo ba morgh recipe, we go to the chickens. Put the chickens in a pot and add a garlic clove and an onion to it.

Then, we add the spices needed by the chicken, such as turmeric, salt, black pepper, and curry spices. Then, add the brewed saffron with two cups of water to the pot. We put the chicken on the heat to cook.

step 1 keshmesh polo

2. At this stage, we go to the rice that we have already soaked. First, we pour a spoonful of salt into the boiling water.

add rice to pot

At the same time, we pour the lentils into another pot to cook. After the lentils are half cooked, take the lentil water and add it to the rice.

Pour the rice into the pot to boil. When the rice boils, add the lentils to it. Mix rice and lentils and stir. After a few minutes, depending on the type of rice that was prepared, drain the rice.

mix rice and lentils

3. After draining the rice, pour oil on the bottom of the pot and grease the bottom of the pot completely. We can use potato or lavash bread for tahdig as desired.

Then, we add the drained rice and lentils to the pot and close the lid of the pot until the rice is cooked. It usually takes 35 to 45 minutes for rice to brew.

step 3 polo keshmesh

4. Then we go to the chickens and put the cooked chicken in the water and after it cools down, we cut the chickens.

After cutting the chicken, we saute it with onions, walnuts, raisins, and spices until it is completely fried. We have already soaked the raisins and drained them. Adding walnuts is optional.

add raisins to chicken

5. I sometimes add a little tomato paste to the chicken to make it more colorful, and this action is completely optional.

After the chicken is fried, put the lid on the pan, lower the flame, and let the mixture of chicken and raisins cook for three minutes.

add chicken water

6. After 45 minutes, when the rice has boiled, remove the lid of the rice and add butter to it as desired. And in another container, roast some barberry. Pour the rice on a special plate, pour the mixture of chicken and raisins on it, and decorate it.

keshmesh polo is ready

Keshmesh polo is ready, and you can eat it with salad shirazi or mast o khiar.

Notes for keshmesh polo:

notes for keshmesh polo

  • Lentils should not be overcooked and soft so that they do not get crushed when pressed between two fingers.
  • To make the chicken tasty and colorful, you can add a little tomato paste to it.
  • Be careful not to throw away the lentil juice and add it to the boiling rice.
  • You can use potato, lettuce or lavash bread as you like for tahdig.
  • Barbberies are very elegant, beautiful and delicious for parties and gatherings.
  • You can also use minced meat instead of chicken.
  • This dish is very similar to adas polo, although with a few changes.


Health Benefits:

Due to raisins, chicken, and rice, raisin pilaf has perfect vitamins, proteins, and calories. Piloui raisins have many properties, including
Memory Improvement
Treatment and relief of constipation and diarrhea
Treatment of liver diseases
Sexual stimulation and infertility treatment
Reducing the risk of kidney stones
Slimming and fitness are other properties of Piloui raisins
Improving and maintaining the health of the digestive system
Improve blood circulation

Raisins, sultanas, and currants have similar nutritional qualities. All are rich in antioxidants – substances that help your cells fight harmful molecules called free radicals. And they’re all good sources of: 

  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B6
  • Manganese

Raisins also contain boron. This mineral helps maintain good bone and joint health, can improve wound healing, and may improve cognitive performance. 



Keshmesh polo is a very delicious Iranian food that is mostly served for parties. It is a nutritious and excellent dish due to the presence of lentils and chicken, it has high protein and iron and is suitable for children.

Keshmesh polo is prepared in two ways, with chicken and with meat. If you like sweet food, keshmesh polo is the best option. This food also is served with torshi hafte bijar.


1. Can I make keshmesh polo with meat?
Yes, you can use minced meat instead of chicken.

2. Is this food suitable for vegans?
Yes, by removing chicken and meat, this food is excellent for vegans due to the presence of lentils and raisins.

3. Is this food suitable for parties?
Yes, because of its beautiful appearance and taste, it is perfect for parties.

4. When should I add the chicken to the rice?
Chicken is usually added at the end of cooking, but you can also add it to rice in the middle of cooking.

5. Do we have to soak the raisins?
Yes, soaking raisins softens them at the end and prevents them from drying out during frying.

6. What should we do so that the rice does not dry out?
In order for the rice to be soft and not dry, it is very important to soak the rice before cooking and be sure to use a steamer.

7. How long should lentils cook?
Lentils should be cooked so that they are not crushed by hand and not too soft because they should be cooked with rice at the end.

8. Is keshmesh polo ba morgh suitable for children?
Yes, due to the presence of lentils and chicken, this food is a source of iron and vitamins.




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