Koofteh Tabrizi Persian Recipe with Minced Meat

It is impossible to be Iranian and not have tasted the unique taste of koofteh tabrizi. The combination of meat, cobs, aromatic vegetables and other ingredients make up one of the old foods of Iran.

This food is one of the oldest Iranian dishes that is famous in the world, and it is as old as the original history of the people of Azerbaijan.

It is not easy to make koofteh tabrizi, but if you add love as a seasoning to your food while cooking and practice a few times, you will soon learn how to make this delicious food.

If you read this article from the meals cook to the end, we promise that you will learn how to prepare the original koofteh tabrizi and the tips that you should follow to avoid losing it.
This food is one of the most famous Iranian koofteh, which has a very delicious taste due to its high variety of cooking and the use of different ingredients for it.

Now that you are familiar with this food it’s time to learn the recipe of it. So be with us in this article with meals cook site.

How to make koofteh tabrizi? (Koofteh tabrizi recipe)

How to make koofteh tabrizi

Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 2 to 3 hours
The amount of calories in an average: 336 calories

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My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 10
The ease of cooking Very hard
Served for Dinner, Launch
Suggest for Daily meal, party meal
What is served with? Sabzi khordan, torshi hafte bijar

Ingredients for koofteh:

Minced meat 1 pound
Half-cooked cobs 5 tablespoons
Half-cooked rice 8 tablespoons
Egg 1 pc
Grated onion without water 1 pc
Vegetables (Marzeh, coriander,tarragon and parsley) 1.7 ounce
Turmeric powder 1 tablespoon
Black pepper 1 teaspoon
Salt as needed

Ingredients for inner:

Medium sliced onion 1 pc
Barberry 3 tablespoons
Walnuts 4 pcs
Aloo Bukhara as needed (in the number of meatballs)

Ingredients for sauce:

Large onion 1 pc
Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
Tomato paste 3 tablespoons
Brewed saffron 5 tablespoons
Cinnamon stick 1 pc
Salt as needed
Boil water as needed


instruction for koofteh tabrizi

Tip before starting cooking:

To prevent the meatballs from falling apart when cooked, be sure to soak the cob and rice and change the cob water several times.

Half-cook the cob and cook the rice along with turmeric. Remember to chop the vegetables well and keep them ready until it’s time to cook.

1. Mix meat and cob

step 1 koofteh tabrizi

We start the preparation of delicious koofteh tabrizi by mixing the ingredients. In this way, pour the minced meat and the half-cooked cob into the food processor, grind it and then pour it in a big bowl.

2. Kneading the ingredients

Kneading the ingredients

Next pour the half-cooked rice, egg, grated onion without water and spices into the bowl containing the meat add some salt and knead the ingredients well.

Knead the ingredients for about 40 minutes to prevent the meatballs from falling apart.

Note: The important point of making koofteh tabrizi is to knead the ingredients together enough.

3. Putting the dough in the refrigerator

step 3 koofteh tabrizi

step 3 koofteh

Continue the process of cooking koofteh by adding chopped vegetables to the ingredients in the bowl and kneading the ingredients until they are completely uniform. Remember to dry the vegetables completely; otherwise, the texture of koofteh will fall apart. Next, put the ingredients in the refrigerator.

Note: You can also use dried vegetables but don’t forget that it doesn’t contain any water.

4. Preparation of inner ingredients

Now it’s time to make the inner ingredients for koofte, and this wash and drain the barberry. For a better taste of this food, cut an onion into slices and, using a pan and some oil, start frying the onions until they turn golden.

5. Cooking the inner ingredients

After the onions change color it is better to pour the barberry into the pan and stir well, then turn off the heat and take the onion and barberry out of the pan and pour them into a suitable bowl.

Now it’s time to take the kneaded ingredients out of the fridge to start wrapping the ingredients.

Note: The most important thing to wrap koofteh tabrizi is to put a bowl of water next to your hand to wet your hand.

6. How to shape the dough

step 6 koofteh

The way to wrap koofteh tabrizi ingredients is to wet your hand and take the size of an orange from the dough you kneaded and first roll it into a ball and then press the middle to make a bowl-like shape. Add the inner ingredients.

7. Shaping koofteh tabrizi

step 7 koofte tabrizi

step 7 koofteh

Next put walnuts, onions and fried barberry and one bukhara plum (optional) to the dough you have formed. Next, gather the sides of the dough to form a ball and play with the dough to make it completely smooth and uniform.

Note: Wet your hand, close the gap of the dough, and flatten it.

8. Arranging the koofteh on the tray

step 8 koofte

Remember that to make an authentic koofteh with a delicious taste and a suitable appearance; it is better to be patient. In the same way, as it was said, fill all the meatballs with the middle ingredients and arrange them neatly in a tray.

9. Preparation of special sauce for koofteh

Now it’s time to cook the special sauce for koofteh tabrizi. Chop an onion into small pieces, put a suitable pot on low heat, and add oil to it until it gets hot. Then add the onion and fry it until it becomes light and glassy.

10. Adding tomato paste for the color of the sauce

step 10 koofte

Next, pour turmeric into the pot and stir well until the ingredients are uniform. Pour the tomato paste into the pan and fry it until the raw smell is removed and the color is released, and then mix it with the onion.

11. Adding spices to the sauce ingredients

For the sauce to be cooked it is time to pour some boiling water into the pot and then add saffron, cinnamon sticks and salt into the sauce if you wish, you can add some plums and raise the heat until the water boils. .

12. Putting koofteh in the sauce

At this stage, after the water boils, put all the koofteh into the sauce, reduce the heat and using a ladle, slowly pour the sauce over the meatballs and do this for 10 minutes until the meatballs take themselves.

Note: Don’t forget that the boiling water should not cover the meatballs, and almost 1/3 of the meatballs should be outside the water.

13.How to cook 

step 13 koofte

After 10 minutes, leave the lid of the pot half-open so that the volume of steam does not cause the texture of the koofteh to go away.

Now it’s time to wait for 1 hour until the food is slowly cooked, and then remove the lid of the pot and turn the koofteh over so that both sides are cooked well.

Note: Note that if you close the lid of the pot, it will cause the koofteh tabrizi to fall apart.

14. Preparation of food

Next, it is better to give half an hour to continue cooking koofteh with a very mild heat, and then the delicious koofteh tabrizi that you cooked are ready, and you can put them in a suitable container.

Pour the sauce into another container and enjoy eating it.

Koofteh tabrizi is served with sabzi khordan,torshi liteh,naz khatoon,sir torshi,zeytoon parvardeh and mast o musir. this food also is served with barbari bread and persian doogh.

sorced by:

What is Aloo Bukhara or Plum?

English name of the Aloo Bukhara fruit is “Plum.” It is a sweet, juicy summer fruit that helps to keep one’s health strong and powerful. It can be found in great quantities during the season, making it popular among locals and visitors. Aloo Bukhara fruit belongs botanically to the family of Rosaceae and genus Prunus domestica and comes in a panorama of colors.

Nutritional Value of Aloo Bukhara

Aloo Bukhara fruit is usually sweet and pulpy, although some varieties may be sour. It has low-fat content and high dietary fiber content. It is rich in vitamins A and C and has high potassium, magnesium, and iron content. Vitamin D, B6, B12, and calcium are also present.


Notes for koofteh tabrizi:

Notes for koofteh tabrizi

  • Remember to knead the ingredients well with patience so that the flavours are mixed and the meatballs are smooth.
  • Wet the crack on the meatballs with your hands.
  • Put koofteh in the sauce slowly and make sure that the lid of the pot is half open.
  • For this food, you can use both dry and fresh vegetables.
  • During the cooking time, pour the sauce over the ingredients so that the koofteh is fully flavored.


1. What kind of meat is used in the preparation of koofteh tabrizi?

To make koofteh tabrizi, a mixture of veal and sheep meat is used, but you can also make this delicious Iranian koofteh with turkey and chicken meat. Of course, vegetarians can also make it with soy.

2. What is the vegetable composition of koofteh tabrizi?

Koofteh vegetables include mint, leek, parsley, basil, tarragon and chives. Dill and savoury can also be used in this combination, but their ratio should be less than the others. Don’t use too much mint to make it bitter.

3. How many calories are in one koofteh tabrizi?

An average koofteh has 336 calories.

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