Kookoo Bademjan Recipe-Iranian Eggplant Frittata in 15 min

Kookoo bademajn is a great and simple dish made from raw grated eggplant. Eggplant, garlic, and onion are grated together and mixed with eggs and Iranian spices. Then they are fried in oil and served with bread, pickled cucumber, and tomato.

A quick, simple, and hearty dish that is very popular in Iran. If you are a fan of fried eggplant or dishes like kashke bademjan and Mirza ghasemi, you will enjoy kuku bademjan.

In the following, I have chosen a simple and excellent recipe for kookoo bademajn, to see and enjoy.

How to make kookoo bademjan? 

A complete and delicious meal that, although it is introduced as an appetizer in some recipes, can replace a full meal, especially dinner.

Kookoo bademjan is a nutritious, energy-rich food that is low-cost and economical for families. In addition, kookoo bademjan is simple and quick food.

With the number of ingredients in this recipe, you can prepare this kuku for 4 people. Multiply or divide the ingredients to prepare a smaller or larger kookoo bademjan.

Stay with meals cook with kookoo bademjan cooking tutorial.

Kookoo bademjan recipe

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


ingredient kookoo bademjan

Eggplants 5 pcs
Eggs 3 pcs
Onion 1 pcs
Garlic 1 pcs
Clove A tablespoon
Turmeric as needed
Salt, Black pepper
as needed

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1. To prepare kookoo bademjan, first grate the onion and extract its juice, then crush the garlic and add it to your onion. If you want to grill your eggplant, you can prepare it on gas or charcoal; if you don’t like grilled eggplant, you can use raw or boiled eggplant.

2. After the eggplants are ready, mash them together with garlic and onion with a grinder and mix them well. Then add your spices to it and mix the ingredients well.

step 1 & 2 kookoo bademjan

3. Break the eggs into a bowl and mix them well until they are smooth and white on top. Pay attention to the fact that when you want to add the eggs to the other ingredients, they must be completely cold because if the ingredients are hot, the eggs will stick to themselves.

After the eggplants are ready, mash them together with garlic and onion

4. After you add the eggs to the ingredients, you should mix the ingredients well so that the kookoo mixture is completely smooth and uniform.

5. In the next step, pour some oil into the pan and let it get hot, then spread the kookoo mixture on the bottom of the pan, and after one side is fried, turn it over until the other side is completely cooked.

final steps kookoo bademjan

6. You can also prepare this kookoo in the oven. This way, grease your oven tray a little, pour this mixture into it, smooth it, then put the tray in the oven and set it to 200 degrees Celsius.

It is better to turn on the oven in advance so that all its parts are heated and at the same temperature. After 15 minutes, your kuku bademjan is ready, and you can serve it.

Kuku bademjan is served with lavash bread, sabzi khordan, zeytoon parvardeh, sir torshi, and persian doogh.

Cooking kookoo bademjan in the oven

Cooking kookoo bademjan in the oven

If you want to make this delicious kookoo in the oven, turn it on at 200 degrees Celsius and let it heat up, then choose a suitable mold and grease the bottom and walls of the mold with a small amount of liquid oil.

After greasing the mold, pour the kookoo mixture into it, cover the lid with aluminum foil, and put it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes until the kookoo is ready. Of course, keep in mind that the temperature of the ovens is different.

Iranian dishes made with eggplant such as: khoresh bademjan, kashke bademjan, yatimcheh.

Roasted kookoo bademjan

Roasted kookoo bademjan

To prepare roasted Persian eggplant frittata, the kookoo mixture should be looser than usual and have a sticky state.

Mix the bread flour with some black pepper, salt, and garlic powder well and put it in front of yourself while frying this food.

Take some kookoo mixture and shape it with your hands, then roll it in bread flour until all its parts are covered with bread flour, then fry in a deep pan with a lot of oil (like felafel).

After frying, place this food in a metal net to remove excess oil.


notes for kuku bademjan

  • Kookoo bademjan with raw eggplant

This delicious kookoo is cooked in different ways, one of the most common of which we explained in the recipe above.

To prepare ingredient kookoo bademjan with raw eggplant, peel the eggplants and grate them with garlic and onion.

The important thing about cooking kuku bademjan with raw eggplant is that a lot of water comes out when you grate the raw eggplant.

Drain the excess water from the eggplant before adding the spices and eggs, then continue cooking the kookoo.

  • Loosening the kookoo bademjan mixture

If you encounter the problem that your kookoo mixture is too loose and watery, add some wheat flour to the kookoo mixture and mix well with other ingredients until the mixture has enough consistency.


1.What is the main ingredient kuku bademjan?

Eggplant, eggs, vegetables and Salt, Black pepper are main ingredient in kuku bademjan.

2.What is served with kookoo bademjan?

With kuku bademjan is served nan sangak and nan barbari.

3.Can i freeze kookoo bademjan?

No kuku bademjan served fresh, Due to the presence of eggs, it should not be frozen.


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