Kuku Sibzamini in Air fryer Recipe Easy in 15 Minutes

kuku sibzamini is a simple and hearty dish with eggs and potatoes. You can easily prepare delicious authentic Iranian kuku.
In any case, if you are an employee and you have to think about dinner when you get home from work, you need a great and quick meal.

So, stay with me until the end of this article so that I can teach you how to prepare kuku sibzamini in air fryer with full detail.

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Kuku sibzamini in air fryer recipe

air fryer for cook kuku sibzamini

I made this delicious kuku in the shortest possible time in my air fryer and it turned out very delicious. Of course, I did this once and it dried out I made it again with a small change and it turned out to be an excellent kookoo.

kuku sibzamini in air fryer

kuku sibzamini in air fryer recipe
kuku sibzamini in air fryer recipe


An excellent dish for dinner or lunch from a combination of potatoes, eggs and onions. You may not believe it, but this dish is really delicious and great, and that too in the shortest possible time. So join me to learn about this great dish.

  • air fryer
  • 3 pcs Large potato
  • 2 pcs Eggs
  • 1 cube Chicken extract
  • 1 pcs onion
  • as needed oil
  • as needed Salt, black pepper and turmeric          
  1. To make kuku sibzamini, it is better to use fresh and yellow potatoes to make your food taste better. First, I wash and peel the potatoes well. Then I grate them with a fine grater. Then I peel, wash, and grate the onion with a coarse grater because the fine grater makes the onion juice come out.
    kuku sibzamini ingredients
    kuku sibzamini ingredients



  2. After grating the potatoes and onion, I use a strainer and pour the grated potato and onion into the strainer to remove excess water. I press them with my hand a little to remove the water because the potato and onion juice make the kuku loosen.
    grating the potatoes and onion
    grating the potatoes and onion


  3. In a relatively large bowl, I break the eggs and add turmeric, black pepper, and salt (if you wish, you can also use garlic powder). Now, I mix them well. If you stir more, the kuku puff is better. When the eggs are foamy, it means it is enough.
    add spices to ingredient
    add spices to ingredient


  4. Now, I add the egg to the potato and onion. If you feel that your yeast is loose at this stage, you can add a little white flour or grate another potato and add it. After I mix the eggs with potatoes and onions well, it’s time to fry them.
    add eggs to mixture
    add eggs to mixture


  5. I go to mix the ingredients. First, I put on a plastic glove, I observe hygiene and the spices and ingredients do not stick to my hands.

    I start mixing all the ingredients together so that the liquid is provided by one hand.

    mix the ingredients
    mix the ingredients


  6. Then we pour the mixed ingredients into a suitable mold. I use ready-made molds so that the kuku becomes more beautiful. But you can shape it with your hands.
  7. Then I set the air fryer at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and 15 minutes. After 7 minutes, I turn the coco to the other side to fry.
    air fryer temp
    air fryer temp


  8. After both sides of the kuku are fried, I cut it, put it in the desired dish, and serve it with different pickles or pickled cucumbers and tomatoes.
    kuku is ready
    kuku is ready


Kookoo sibzamini is like that other persian kookoo: kookoo bademjan, kookoo sabzi and kuku loobia sabz.

What is served with kuku sibzamini?

Kuku sibzamini is usually eaten with lavash bread or sangak bread. I also eat this dish with rice. But its main taste is with bread.

In addition to this dish, fresh vegetables, Persian pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and zeytoon parvardeh are used.
Dairy products such as mast o khiar and Persian doogh are also used along with kookoo.

My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 7
The ease of cooking Easy
Served for Dinner, Launch
Suggest for Daily meal, party meal
What is served with? Khiar shoor, sabzi khordan, mast o musir



kookoo sibzamini recipe


  • To puff kookoo and to have a crispy and puffy kookoo sibzamini you must mix the eggs well in a separate bowl until they are completely uniform and smooth. After mixing the eggs well, add them to the kookoo mixture. 
  • Be sure to use a plate on the bottom of the air fryer because the kuku liquid is sticky and may stick to the paper and spoil the kuku.
  • The secret of kuku sibzamini is the use of saffron. You can add a small amount of brewed saffron to the ingredients to make the color of it beautiful. 
  • If the surface of the kuku cracks or loosens while frying, there are two reasons: either the potato and onion water was too much, or the egg was not enough.
  • The egg should be of the right size. If there is too much, it will smell like a wound, and if there is too little, it will cause the kuku to crack or loosen.
  • If you make kuku with raw potatoes, be sure to fry it on low heat and give it time to cook well.
  • If you use vegetables in the kuku, be sure to chop the vegetables finely so that they don’t get watery, and be sure to add the vegetables cold to the ingredients.

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Potatoes can be healthful if prepared in the right way.

1) Bone health

The iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, and zinc in potatoes all help the body to build and maintain bone structure and strength.

Iron and zinc play crucial roles in the production and maturation of collagen.



1. Why does my kuku sibzamini loosen when I want to fry it?

  • You didn’t add enough eggs to the ingredients.
  • Not cooling the ingredients in the refrigerator for an hour.
  • You have not taken the juice of the onion.

2. Why does kuku sibzamini stick to the bottom of the pan?

  • Use non-stick (Teflon) pan.
  • If the oil is not hot enough when pouring the mixture into it, of course will stick to the bottom of the pan.

3. How long should the potatoes be boiled to make kuku sibzamini?

This depends on your taste, but if you want to be more sure of the richness and consistency of your mixture when cooking, be sure to boil them to about 70% and let the rest of the cooking process be done in the pan.

5. What is served with kookoo sibzamini?

kookoo sibzamini is served with khiar shoor, sangak bread, and Persian doogh.

6. Can I freeze kookoo sibzamini?

You can store this kookoo in the refrigerator in a closed container for up to a week.

7. Is kookoo sibzamini healthy?

Yes, this dish is high in calories and full of protein due to the presence of potatoes and eggs.

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  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest this Persian kookoo .
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