Nokhod Polo Recipe | Persian rice with Green peas(in 30 min)

Nokhod polo and, as usual, childhood memories. Yes, it’s been a long since we see these foods less often on Iranian tables. In addition to the fact that it is very easy to make, I don’t know why, as time goes on, we forget the original dishes that we loved so much in the past.

In addition to being delicious and colorful, this dish also has a lot of protein and vitamins. The presence of green peas causes these excellent benefits.

How to make nokhod polo? (Nokhod polo recipe)

This food is one of the many delicious types of pilaf that has a very attractive variety and is very useful for having special and diverse food on the party table; it is very tasty and has an interesting aroma, smell, and shape to decorate it.

The way to prepare nokhod polo for those who like this dish is very simple and does not require any cooking skills, and anyone can prepare this delicious dish for lunch or dinner in two ways: vegan or with meat.

Stay with us in the cooking section of the meals cook site with how to prepare this food.

How to make nokhod polo


For: 4 people

Preparation time: 35 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Ingredients nokhod polo:

ingredient for nokhod polo

Green peas 1 cup
Rice 3 cups
Chicken 1.1 pound
Butter as needed
Liquid oil as needed
Salt, turmeric, and red pepper as needed

Instruction :

instruction for nokhod polo

1. Preparing rice and green peas

This step is actually the preparation of pilaf or drained rice.

First, clean and wash the rice. Then, pour it into a bowl, add warm water, and let it soak for half an hour (30 minutes).

After that, prepare a pot and put some butter in it, put it on the stove with low heat and wait until the butter melts and becomes hot.

Drain the rice and pour it in a strainer to remove excess water. After the butter melts, add the rice to the pot and stir well until the rice is completely coated with the butter.

After mixing butter with rice, it is time to add water to the pot. If you have chicken broth available, it is a much better option.

The chicken broth will make the green peas taste better. If you are using canned green peas, be sure to boil them and drain them completely before use.

Also, if you are using fresh peas, it is better to cook them with water and salt for 10 minutes and rinse them. After the green peas are cooked, add them to the pot of rice and let the green peas and rice cook on the low heat of the stove.

Pay attention to two points when adding green peas to rice. The first point is that if you use canned green peas, do not add water to the rice, and the second point is to add the green peas to the rice when the rice water is completely boiled.

It takes about 45 minutes to cook green peas, although this time is relative and depends on the rice and green peas type.

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2. Prepare the chicken

To add the chicken, boil it (in a suitable pot, put the chicken pieces together with a medium fried onion and half a bell pepper, and add some salt, turmeric, and pepper.

Add some water to the contents and cook for 30-40 minutes. Let the chicken cook well.) Then, remove the bones and make it into a beard.

For ease of work at this stage, you can use boneless chicken fillets or breasts, or at the beginning of the work, cut the chicken fillets into cubes of the same size with the help of a knife.

You can beard the chicken and pour it on your rice so that it cooks together with the rice and the aroma of butter; then, when you serve it, mix the beard chicken with your rice, or you can fry the chicken in a pan until golden.

Let it be crispy and roasted, and pour it separately after cooking the rice.

The second method gives a better appearance to your green peas. After the green peas are ready, pour them into a nice dish and serve them with salad, fried potatoes, and doogh.

(The preparation of fried potatoes in this recipe is completely tasteful)

Note that adding chicken stock or meat stock at this stage will slightly change the color of your nokhod polo, and you will no longer have white pilaf.

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nokhod polo is ready

Potential Uses of Green Peas for Overall Health:

Various lab studies have shown the potential of green peas for maintaining the heart, stomach and metabolic health in humans. However, larger studies are needed to understand the true depth of health benefits this humble vegetable can lend us as we innocently combine them in our peas pulao!


FAQ Persian rice with Green peas:

faq for nokhod polo

1. What are the properties of green peas?

Green peas have significant amounts of iron and vitamin C, which help the health of the body’s immune system. Due to the presence of vitamins K and D, it helps to absorb calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

2. What should I cook with green peas?

Nokhod polo, kuku nokhod farangi, homos nokhod farangi, and puree nokhod farangi are among the most widely used foods prepared with green peas. Green peas are used in all kinds of salads, soups, pastas, and foods served with bread.

3. What is served with this food?

Along with this polo is served: salad Shirazi, torshi liteh, mast o khiar, sir torshi, and persian doogh.

4. Is Nokhod Polo good for vegetarians?

Yes, in its basic form, Nokhod Polo is vegetarian. If it is served without minced meat and chicken, it is very suitable for vegans.


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