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Morgh torsh Gilan is one of the delicious and festive dishes in Iran, which is related to the northern cities of the country, especially Gilan and Mazandaran. We suggest you make this delicious dish like Nowruz and Yalda on special days. 

Ingredients used in this food include chicken, various aromatic vegetables, as an alternative to lemon or orange juice, pomegranate paste, garlic, etc. In general, the recipe for cooking morgh torsh in Gilan and Mazandaran is different from each other.

Morgh torsh is one of those traditional and authentic northern foods that does not have a complicated preparation method, and you can learn all the techniques of cooking this local stew by following this article on the meals cook site.

The pleasure of tasting delicious northern food should not be experienced only by traveling to this region. It is enough to start working and prepare this delicious and fragrant food at home. Stay with us on how to prepare the northern morgh torsh.

Vegetables for morgh torsh

Vegetables for morgh torsh

In the country’s northern provinces, they usually use vegetables such as Chuchag and Khalwash, among the local vegetables of the north, to make morgh torch.
Since this type of vegetable is not available in all provinces of the country, it is possible to use a combination of vegetables such as basil, coriander, parsley, mint, and fresh garlic leaves, and you can use a combination of all these vegetables or some of them in making this food.

Morghe torsh is like that other Gilan food: Kashke bademjan, Mirza ghasemi, Fesenjan, Kabab torsh, Ash anar gilani, Joojeh torsh and Torshi tareh.

How to make a morgh torsh?

(Morgh torsh recipe)

How to make a morgh torsh

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 30 to 45 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour


ingredient morgh torsh

Chicken thigh and breast 5 pieces
Walnuts 0.7 pound
Aromatic vegetables 0.4 pound
Pomegranate paste A glass of diluted
Onion One large
Garlic Two cloves
Salt, pepper, and turmeric Sufficient
Liquid oil Enough


1. First, wash the vegetables with a morgh torsh, including parsley, coriander, leek, mint, garlic leaves, and dill well, and after rinsing, chop them completely. Aromatic northern vegetables such as hogwash, slang, canaries, and oji are also used in preparing this dish.

2. Wash the chicken, dry it, and then rub it with spices and salt. Pour a little oil into a pan and let the oil heat up on a low heat. Then, put the spiced chicken in the pan and fry both sides of the chicken until golden. Remove the fried chicken from the pan and set aside.

step 2 morgh torsh

3. Pour a little frying oil into another pan and wait until the oil is hot. Add the vegetables to the hot oil and fry. Please pay attention that the vegetables are not fried too much because it eventually makes the food bitter, and the color of the food becomes very dark.

step 3 morgh torsh

4. Cut a large onion into small pieces. Add a little oil to a pot and let it heat up on low heat. Next, add onions to the pot and fry until they turn golden.

step 4 morgh torsh

5. In this step, add garlic to the onion in the pot. Garlic is one of the main factors of this northern food, but you can remove or increase it according to your taste. Pour the diluted pomegranate paste on the onions and garlic and fry all the ingredients again with the paste.

Pour the diluted pomegranate paste

6. In this step, it is time to add walnuts; note that the walnuts must be ground because the ground walnuts become a little oily. Add the walnuts to the ingredients in the pot, and finally, pour the fried vegetables on the ingredients. Mix all the ingredients to taste each other.

7. Add the pre-fried chicken to the ingredients in the pot. Next, taste some of the food. If you feel the pomegranate paste, salt, or pepper is lacking, add them again. Before putting the lid on the pot, add a glass of water to it so that the water evaporates

step 7 morgh torsh

8. This dish is served with rice. If this is the first time you plan to make authentic Northern and Mazandarani morgh torsh, follow this recipe because the final result is more hearty.

Remember that according to your taste, you can change this dish’s sourness by increasing or decreasing the pomegranate paste. Preparing morgh torsh with pomegranate paste and walnut without vegetables is also done by some people.

morgh torsh is ready

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notes for morgh torsh gilani

  • Preparing a morgh torsh with pomegranate and plum paste is also common. To prepare this dish, it is enough to wash plums and mix them with pomegranate paste.
  • Some people are interested in preparing morgh torsh without walnuts, so they remove walnuts from the ingredients. In this case, the oil in this food will be less.
  • Preparing a morgh torsh without vegetables is also possible; you can even change the combination of vegetables to your taste so that this dish suits your taste.
  • Preparing a morgh torsh with tomato paste is another option. In this case, you should add tomato paste to the ingredients.
  • First, soak the cobs in water to prepare a morgh torsh with cobs. Then, while preparing ingredients, add cob to other ingredients.


1. How to make a morgh torsh without vegetables and walnuts?

To make this food which is not the same as northern morgh torsh and is a type of chicken food with a sour taste, the chicken should be fried with onion and turmeric and then cooked with water. The sour taste of this chicken is due to adding limoo amani to it.

2. What is the local northern vegetable for making morgh torsh?

Local vegetables for morgh torsh are chochag and khalawash. These vegetables are only available in some cities. You can combine basil or leek, coriander, parsley, mint, and fresh garlic leaves.

3. Is the way to prepare a morgh torsh different from the way to prepare a juice torch?

The way to prepare a morgh torsh is similar to the way to prepare a jooje torsh, and only to decorate it; you have more options.

4. When preparing the morgh torsh, which ingredients should we season the chicken with?

Onion, salt, turmeric, and orange juice are used to season the chicken.


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