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Shami Kabab is an old and delicious Iranian appetizer made from minced meat and potatoes and this dish is loved by children and adults because of its unique taste and is cooked in different ways and flavors in all cities of Iran.

Shami kabab is very easy to prepare and you don’t need any cooking skills to make this delicious dish. But in order to improve the taste and consistency of this shami it is better to proceed according to the principles of cooking and observe the necessary points.

Cooking this homemade shami kabab makes a unique aroma and smell that it has covered the entire space of the house. 

Difference between kotlet and shami kabab:

Difference between kotlet and shami kabab

Shami or Shami Kabab is a delicious and popular dish that can be served as an appetizer or main dish for dinner or lunch.

There are many differences regarding how to prepare dinner. The main question that most people ask themselves after hearing the name Shami is “Is Shami Kabab the same as Kotlet?”

This doubt is mostly because these two foods have different origins but after entering Iran both of them have changed in a way and with time they have become similar to each other.

The ingredients and preparation method of shami kabab is similar to kotlet goosht but chickpeas or chickpea flour are used in shami kabab.

For this reason, it is also called Shami Nokhodchi. Kotlet consists only of potatoes and minced meat.

Now stay with the cooking section of Meals Cook to introduce you to how to cook a professional shami kabab with a special taste.

A detailed definition of Shami, this traditional Iranian food, is collected from the Wikipedia site, which is very important.

Shami kabab or shaami kabab is a local variety of kebab, originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is a popular dish in modern-day Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines.[1] It is composed of a small patty of minced meat, generally beef, but occasionally lamb or mutton (a chicken version exists as well), with ground chickpeas, egg to hold it together, and spices.

How to make shami kabab

Shami kabab recipe

For: 4 people

Preparation time:15 minutes

Coking time:25 minutes


Minced meat 0.7 pound
Egg 1 pc
Medium potatoes 2 pcs
Medium onion 1 pc
Chickpea flour 1 to 2 tablespoons
Salt  as needed
Black pepper 1/3 teaspoon
Turmeric powder half a teaspoon
Oil  as needed


1. Grating potatoes:

Start the recipe for delicious shami kabab by peeling potatoes. Next, choose a suitable bowl and grate the potatoes inside the bowl using a fine grater.

2. Grating the onion:

Next press the grated potatoes well with your hands to remove their excess water and then remove the water from the bowl.

Peel the onion and grate it with a fine grater then take the onion juice by hand and mix it with potatoes.

For the ingredients of the shami kabab to not be loose it is better to take the onion and potato juice well.

3. Adding minced meat with spices and salt:

adding spices to shami kabab

Continue the process of cooking this appetizer by adding the minced meat to the bowl containing the onion and potato and then pour the specified amount of black pepper turmeric powder and some salt into the bowl.

mix mince meat with spices

4. kneading the ingredients:

kneading the ingredients

At this stage, you have to knead the ingredients in the bowl well with your hands so that they are uniform and the ingredients of Shami are obtained. Next, add a spoon of chickpea flour to the ingredients and continue kneading the ingredients for 5 minutes.

5. Adding chickpea flour:

Adding chickpea flour will make the mixture of this dish well combined and then add an egg to the ingredients and knead well until the egg is incorporated into the ingredients.

Kneading shami kabab ingredients is very important and must reach full consistency for cooking.

6. Putting the mixture in the refrigerator:

For the Shami to be delicious it is better to cover the bowl with cellophane and put it in the refrigerator so that it tastes better the cold makes the texture of the ingredients fall apart during frying and it has a great effect on the taste of this appetizer.

7. Preparing the pan:

Now it’s time to take the ingredients of this delicious dish out of the fridge. Next put a suitable pan on low heat and add oil to it until it heats up well.

8. Frying shami kabab:

Preparing shami kabab

Now it’s time to take a size of a walnut and spread it with your hands and then put it in the pan. In the same way, fill the pan with shami ingredients as much as possible.

9. Amount of frying:

frying shami kabab

First, wait until the bottom of the Shami is fried well and catches itself, and then turn them over so that both sides of them are fried well and take them out of the pan.

10. Food preparation:

shami kabab is ready

Your shami kabab is ready and along with this dish you can chop some tomatoes into rings and fry them in a pan with salt and black pepper and enjoy this hearty and delicious appetizer.

Shami kabob is served with sabzi khordan, and Persian doogh.

How to make shami kabab special sauce:


Onion 1 pc
Tomatoes 4 to 5 pcs
Vinegar 4 tablespoons
Sugar  1 tablespoon
Garlic 2 cloves
Tomato paste
2 tablespoon


A recipe is not complete without sauce. To prepare sauce proceed as follows:

1. Fry the tomato paste and onions in some oil. Add some turmeric powder while frying.

fry the tomatoe paste

2. Peel the tomatoes and puree them with garlic and some pepper in a blender.

Peel the tomatoes and puree them with garlic

3. Add the tomato mixture to the onions in the pan.

4. Add vinegar and sugar to onions and tomatoes.

5. Let the ingredients boil and thicken.

add spice to sause

6. Your sauce is ready. Depending on your taste and preference, you can put shami kababs in the sauce to boil for a few minutes and get its taste. You can also serve separately.

Additional tips for shami kabab:

Additional tips for shami kabab

  • Pay attention to the amount of minced meat to make shami kabab. Because more meat than other ingredients makes the shami hard and dry.
  • You can easily use breadcrumbs or ground baguette powder for the consistency of Shami texture.
  • It is better to know that the amount of adding spices to this dish is a matter of taste and you can do it according to your taste.
  • The best meat for making shami is veal because it has less fat.
  • Before frying let the oil heat up well.
  • Remember that the ingredients of this dish rest longer in the refrigerator as a result, it tastes better and is fried better.

What Is Chickpea Flour?

What is chickpea flour made of? It’s made from ground garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas).

Garbanzo beans belong to the class of high-fiber foods called legumes or pulses, which also includes beans, lentils and green peas.

Chickpea flour — which is also called gram flour, garbanzo bean flour or traditionally besan — is popular in many countries, especially in Asia and the Middle East. For example, it’s considered a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Bangladeshi cuisines.

The health benefits of legume consumption have received rising interest from researchers, and their consumption and production extend worldwide.



faq for shami kabab

1. How can we have a crispy shami kabab?

After you have grated the potatoes wash them in cold water and squeeze them with your hands to remove the water. Adding flour also helps to make them crispier.

2. Why do we have to put the ingredients of shami kabab in the refrigerator for an hour?

This action allows minced meat to rest and the taste of all the ingredients can be mixed.

3. What is served with shami kabab?

Middle Eastern patties are served with zeytoon parvardeh, mast o khiar, torshi seer, torshi liteh, torshi albaloo, sabzi khordan, and Persian doogh.

4. Can I freeze Shami Kabab?

Yes, You can freeze this for 1 month.

5. Is this food healthy?

Yes, this food has a lot of protein due to the presence of mutton and potatoes.



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