Shirchoy Recipe_ Best Tajikistan Milk Tea in 15 min

The first breakfast I ate in Tajikistan was shirchoy. I did not believe it would be like this. Because we usually eat tea, hot milk and bread separately for breakfast. But during my trip to Tajikistan, everything was the opposite.

They had a dish called shirchoy, combining tea and hot milk with butter, salt, and special bread. I didn’t like eating it initially, but it was really delicious. They usually mix bread in this. But I liked the Shir Choy model without bread.

The recipe is very easy and short, so stay with mealscook to learn this recipe.

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shirchoy recipe

Shirchoy ingredients:

Black tea 0.2 pound
Water 0.9 pound
Full-fat milk 0.9 pound
Salt and Sugar as needed
Butter  0.2 pound


1. First, we boil water in a container. After that, we add black tea and let it last for 4 minutes until it brews. (If you don’t have black tea available, use tea bags).

tea boiling

2. In the next step, we pour the milk into a pot and wait for the milk to boil. During this time, we cut our bread into small pieces. The pieces should fit in the glass.

add milk to tea

3. in another small container, pour the butter into the bowl and put it on the heat until it melts completely. Add some sugar or salt to the melting butter.

4. Then, we add the heated milk to the container where the bread is poured. We slowly add the melted butter to the milk and bread mixture at this stage.

After that, add a little tea to the milk mixture, and our shirchoy(milk tea) is ready. I sweeten this hearty breakfast with sugar or honey.

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shir choy is ready

Notes for shirchoy:

notes for shirchay

  • This hearty and delicious dish is sometimes served with walnuts or other nuts.
  • This drink is special for the mountainous and cold regions and is excellent for the people of these regions.
  • If dry black tea is not available, you can use tea bags.
  • You can use animal oil instead of butter.
  • Usually, in Tajikistan, dry bread is used in this dish, but you can use any available bread.
  • I usually don’t use salt, and I add two tablespoons of sugar; it is very tasty, but this is entirely a matter of taste.
  • You can also use sweeteners like honey, and I usually use a little cinnamon for a warm flavor.
  • I usually use full-fat milk so that the final taste is excellent.
  • I usually use more milk for the proportion of milk and tea; of course, you can use equal proportions.

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Shirchoi is one of Tajikistan’s traditional and very simple drinks used in all regions of this country. This drink is very suitable for cold and mountainous regions and is a tonic for the human body. An excellent and energetic breakfast that you must try once.


1. What is the main ingredient in shirchoy?

The main ingredients in this drink are tea and bread.

2. How and when should we serve this food?

This food is usually used as an energetic breakfast and is served with bread and sugar.

3. Is this food other than quick breakfasts?

If you need a great local breakfast and lack time, this dish can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

4. Shirchoy is the local food of which country?

This is a hearty breakfast for Tajikistan.

You can also introduce local and country-specific drinks by leaving a comment and sharing them with us. I will review your recipes, publish them under your name as the author, and introduce you and your desired food to the world.


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