Milk halva with saffron- Best Ramadan Dessert in 20 min

Milk halva with saffron is a very delicious Iranian halva that is excellent. A delicious combination of fried flour with pistachio saffron and milk creates a delicious dessert.

This dessert is also used in the month of Ramadan and for the iftar table. It is a healthy, sweet, and colorful Persian dessert which is also a decoration for iftar tables. Follow me and I will teach you how to prepare Persian Milk halva.


Butter 80 grams
Liquid oil 5 tablespoons
Flour 1.5 cups
Pistachios half a cup
Sugar half a cup
Water a glass
Milk a glass


How to prepare milk halva with saffron :

1. First, mix half a cup of sugar with a glass of water. You can mix with a hand mixer or a full spoon to mix the sugar and water. We put this mixture on the heat until it boils completely.

mix sugar with water

2. Then peel the pistachios and chop them with a knife.

chop pistachio

3. Then take a pan and pour the butter and oil into the pan and mix. Increase the heat until the butter melts and mixes completely with the oil. 

mix oil and butter

Then we add the flour little by little to the butter and oil mixture.

mix flour and oil

4. Then add the pistachios to the pan and stir completely.

add pistachios to pan

5. When the mixture of water and sugar reaches the boiling point, take it off the gas add saffron and milk to it, and stir until they are completely mixed.

add saffron to water

add milk and saffron

6. Then we add the mixture of water and saffron to the mixture of butter and flour and start mixing. We keep stirring until it becomes a soft and smooth dough.

add milk and saffron to pan

7. Finally, when the milk halwa is soft and ready after stirring for 10 minutes, serve it in another dish garnish with pistachios, and enjoy.

Milk Halva with saffron can be eaten with Lavash bread or Barbari bread along with Iranian tea or coffee.

milk halva with saffron

Notes for Persian milk halva

  • Heat the flour in a thick pan to prevent the flour from burning.
  • Use low-fat milk to prepare halva so that you have a homogeneous mixture when mixing it with flour.
  • In order for your syrup to have sufficient consistency but not sugar, don’t let the syrup boil too much, just until, the ingredients become uniform and the sugar dissolves.
  • Use fresh saffron and fresh raw pistachios to prepare this halva to get a better taste

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