Persian Saffron Rock Candy(nabat) Recipe in Home + Benefits

Iranian rock candy : A delicious and useful Iranian sweet to put in tea or hot drinks

Persian Saffron rock candy, or Persian Nabat, is a type of sugar made from sugarcane; in fact, it comes from the saturation of sugar. Today, rock candies are prepared in different flavors in the form of branches and sticks and are used to sweeten Persain tea and herbal teas.

All of you must have had heartache, and when you had tea with candy, you felt very calm, and your heartache was removed.

Like in the olden days, when grandmothers used to prescribe rock candy and tea for any pain, why is candy a quick-healing effect?

At the same time, it is a laxative and is very effective in reducing lung disease and bloating.

If you are not suffering from diabetes, be sure to eat rock candy along with your drinks.

If you feel sleepy while driving, especially at night, it is enough to include rock candy and Persian tea in your agenda.

Alternatively, if you complain about the slow digestion of your food, eat Persian saffron rock candy.

In fact, Persian saffron rock candy is a miracle worker from the point of view of traditional Iranian medicine.

However, today, when there are all kinds of rock candy in the market, and you are not familiar with how to prepare them, it is better to make them yourself at home.

Prepare because saffron and colored candies may use unauthorized colors and be harmful to health.

Today in meals cook we will teach you Saffron rock sugar recipe at home, stay with us.

The History of Rock Candy (nabat)

The history of preparation and use of rock candy

There is no specific source about the history of rock candy, but what is clear is that it was prepared and consumed for the first time in history by the people of Iran and the Indian subcontinent.

The name of this product means plant, which originates from the way ancient Egyptians and Iranians used medicinal plants in this way.

It can be said that Saffron rock sugar is the first generation of today’s candies. One of the most widely used types is the wooden and branch shape.

Often, the branch model is used to decorate weddings and 7 sin tables in Nowruz, and the stick candy is used to sweeten tea and herbal drinks.

We all have the experience of relieving heartache after consuming this product, especially when dissolved in hot tea. For this reason, grandmothers prescribed its prescription for any pain.

Therapeutic saffron rock candy benefits from the perspective of traditional medicine

Therapeutic properties persian saffron rock candy

If we want to point out its most important therapeutic properties, we must say that it is a laxative, very effective in lung disease and reducing flatulence, and has an effect on accelerating and facilitating food digestion and reducing stomach reflux.

Because it has a warm nature, it is very effective in relieving cold.

In general, from the point of view of traditional medicine, rock candy plays an effective role in helping to control digestive and temperamental complications and discomforts.

If you don’t have diabetes, use it in a controlled manner along with tea or herbal teas.

Different flavors of Iranian rock candy(nabat)

Different flavor of rock candy

In the past, only saffron and white (simple) varieties were popular, but today, there is a wide variety of flavors.

What flavors are the sweets produced in?

What flavors are the sweets produced in

  • White (no flavor)
  • Saffron
  • Green cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Mint
  • Damask rose
  • Lemon
  • Gol gav zaban
  • Sour cherry

There are many other flavors. Of course, the saffron type is still the flagship and is unique in terms of taste and color.

In what form is the Iranian rock candy produced?

In what form is the rock candy produced

1. Wooden

It is a rock candy in which crystals form around a stick. One of the special properties of lollipops compared to other types of plastic straws is that the wood is completely healthy, and unlike plastic straws, it is not unhealthy or carcinogenic.

2. Candy

Rock candy crystals formed around a thread (made of cotton).

3. Mixed

Pieces of this product are formed in the bottom and wall of the bottles, which causes them to become flat due to the very high concentration of juice in the bottom of the bottles, and because of its irregular shape, it is mostly supplied in bulk form, slightly inappropriate in terms of shape, but in terms of quality is very good.

4. Powder

It is the product crumbs that are slightly larger than sugar and have a high solubility. This product is very suitable for hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops.

A good product has a sweet taste and is white or saffron, has large gems, and has a small diameter in terms of thickness. The best characteristic of the product is its high crystal clarity.

How to make Persian saffron rock candy? (Saffron rock candy recipe)

How to make Persian saffron rock candy

Preparation time:20 minutes

Cooking time:5 days

Ingredients Persian Saffron rock candy:

Water 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Persian Saffron in the required amount

Instruction Persian Saffron rock candy:

1. Melting the sugar

Melting the sugar

First, mix water and sugar together, pour it into a pot, and heat it until the sugar melts, stirring well in the meantime. When the sugar melts, remove it from the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes.

2. Flavoring the candy

Flavoring the candy

Choose a few jars with the right depth, pour water and sugar into the jars, and add saffron and any other flavor as desired; you can mix the other with allowed food coloring or cardamom and ginger powder and set aside.

3.  Preparation of saffron rock candy

Preparation of saffron rock candy

First, soak some wooden skewers in water, roll them in sugar, and then put them in the glass with a clip so that the fix remains.

The candy will form after 5 days, and during this time, you should not shake the container and jar of rock candy and let the candy crystals form.

4. The last stage

saffron rock candy is ready

After 5 days, take out the wet Persian saffron rock candy from inside the jar and hang it on a string with the help of a clip to dry the candy, that’s how easy our healthy and nutritious Persian saffron rock candy is ready. Enjoy your meal.

Notes :

Notes for Persian saffron rock candy

  • It is better to use purified water to prepare rock candy or to prepare it from boiled water.
  • You can use any essential oil that you like to prepare the rock candy, such as rose.
  • The clip should be larger than the opening of the glass so that the wooden skewer does not touch the bottom of the glass.
  • If necessary, use two clamps.
  • Persian Noghl and Haji Badam are very related to this delicious Iranian sweet.
  • Add an egg white and sugar to the boiling water to catch and separate the sugar impurities after they dissolve in the water. In this case, the impurities stick to the egg white, which binds to the boiling water. Then, take the egg white out of the water.
  • The more sugar you consider when preparing Persian Saffron rock sugar, the better rock candy you will have. In this case, the cantaloupe crystals will be larger after preparation.
  • It is better not to use plastic or disposable cups to make Persian saffron rock candy. In the initial state of the water and sugar solution, it has a high temperature, causes the glass to melt, and is also harmful to the health of the body.
  • Do not shake the container containing the solution in any way until the rock candy crystals are ready.

Health benefits of saffron

Many studies — most of them small — suggest that saffron could boost your health or help with specific health issues. That research shows saffron could hold promise as a:

1. Antioxidant boost

Saffron, like many other herbs and plants, is rich in antioxidants. These substances help fight cell damage and may prevent cancer or other diseases. Research has also shown that the antioxidants in saffron may be healthy for your brain and nervous system.

Crocetin, crocin and safranal, three antioxidants found in saffron, may help improve memory and learning ability. These substances may also help prevent neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

sourced by:health.clevelandclinic.org


faq persian saffron rock candy

1. What should we do to make the Persian saffron rock candy crystals grow?

In order for the appearance of the Persian saffron rock candy to be more beautiful and the crystals to be larger, the water and sugar solution must be thick.

That is, the amount of sugar should be considered high.

2. What should we do to prepare heart rock candy?

To make rock candy in the shape of a heart or other shape, use the desired mold and make the candy in the shape of a board. After the rock candy is formed, take it out of the mold.

3. What is Persian saffron rock candy served with?

Persian saffron rock candy is served with Persian tea, sour cherry tea, gol gav zaban.


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  1. Hi dear friend
    My wife and I on a trip to Iran and the city of Isfahan
    We ate a drink called Iranian tea that was delicious on the tea and we had to dissolve it in tea, it had a scent of saffron and it was sweet and really tasty with it.
    Thank you for remembering the past memories

    1. Hello, my dear friend, yes, wherever you go in Iran, they usually bring you sugar or Persian saffron nabat along with tea
      An excellent sweetener that is also used in other cases such as preventing heartburn
      Candy with tea is a magical and very simple combination

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