We are Mohsen and Mahsa.We are 33 and 30 years old. We have been married for 6 years. From the first day, we visited restaurants and tried different foods, both Iranian and foreign. We are both interested in cooking and the online world.

The first time I told Mahsa I would cook dinner tonight, she couldn’t believe it but when I cooked the first food which was ghormeh sabzi she liked it very much and said that from now on I should help her in cooking and cooking sometimes.

about me

In short, we both love the world of cooking and food, both Iranian and international and we try to share our many years of experience, along with complete information on comprehensive and easy cooking recipes from Iran and other countries.

After that, I established a restaurant and started cooking dishes that I only knew the recipes for. With Mahsa’s help, we were able to raise the restaurant to a high level and relatively good sales in one year.

Advice for setting up fast food and restaurants

Fast food launch

I have the experience of successfully launching more than 20 restaurants and fast food in USA and Turkey. I have opened all kinds of traditional restaurants and fast food in Iranian and Turkish style.
You can contact me for advice on equipping restaurants and fast food
In the shortest possible time and for free, I will provide you with advice on buying fast food equipment and setting up a fast food restaurant.

Address: 18100 VON KARMAN AVE Irvine Business Complex, Irvine, CA 92612

Phone: +1(626) 596-0464

Why should you follow meals cook?

On the meals cook, you can have 100s of recipes, sweets, cakes, desserts, drinks, and appetizers for free and professionally from different countries of the world, including Iran. Whenever you are tired of cooking or looking for new food for your family, or if you have a party, I suggest you visit our website.

My lovely team

My lovely team

The most important members of the group are me and my wife. I was a fast food cook for 5 years, and I worked part-time in Iranian and foreign restaurants for 4 years. I became a professional chef last year.
After marriage, my wife and I formed my professional team for this site, and we tried to provide the readers of this site with all the golden and important tips and tricks that I learned during these 9 years.
I hope that all the people who see this site can easily cook for themselves at least at home with the help of my recipes. The next goal is that people who pursue cooking professionally can learn from my training in business and equipe your fast food and restaurant in the best way.

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