Sir Torshi Recipe + 20 Persian Pickled Garlic Benefits

The sour and special taste of an authentic Iranian pickle : Iranian Pickled Garlic

The name sir torshi(pickled garlic) reminds me of cold winter days and delicious food. We always ate my mother’s well-established and excellent pickled garlic on Friday afternoons with delicious broth.

A great and magical combination that you will not find anywhere in the world.
Usually, we kept pickled garlic in big pots in very cool areas of the house or yard, away from the sun.

We always fought with our brothers and sisters about who would go out in that cold and bring pickled garlic from the pot.

Sir torshi (Seer Torshi), or pickled garlic is one of the most delicious pickles for Iranian food. It is a simple combination of garlic, vinegar, salt and water.

Today in Meals Cook we will teach you how to prepare torshi sir with apple vinegar and fresh garlic in a simple way. Stay with us.

sir torshi recipe

Ingredients for Sir Torshi(garlic torshi):

ingredient for sir torshi

Garlic  2.2 pound
Apple or grape vinegar as needed
Salt    1 tsp

Sir torshi recipe:

sir torshi info


Instruction for torshi seer:

1. In the first step of torshi seer recipe :

Cut the roots of the garlic with a knife.  Then peel it except for the last layer. Wash the garlic and leave it to dry in the sun.

peel the garlic

2. Pour the garlic into the container of your pickle.

pour the garlic in the container

3. Add salt & water to the garlic.

adding salt and water

4. Slowly pour the vinegar over the garlic and fill the container to the top.

adding vinegar

5. Close the lid of the jar tightly so that there is no air in it. Brown garlic is very soft and delicious.

Sir torshi is served with Persian foods such as baghali polo ba mahiche, abgoosht, and kalam polo Shirazi.

Close the lid of the jar

History of Torshi Seer:

torshi seer

There is a difference of opinion as to which country exactly pickled garlic originated in. Some people believe that the origin of Sir Torshi was in India 4000 years ago, and some consider the life of Sir Torshi to be about 2000 years ago and its origin in Mesopotamia.

20 torshi seer(pickled garlic)health benefits :

benefit of sir torshi

Sir torshi (Seer Torshi), or pickled garlic, has valuable properties, but to get the unique properties of this edible substance, you must follow the principle of moderation in its use. Among the most pickled garlic benefits, the following can be mentioned:

1. A natural cleanser of the bile ducts and a gallstone remover

2. Removal of toxins from fatty liver

3. Pickled garlic is a blood builder and blood purifier

4. Pickled garlic is appetizing

5. Helping to digest heavy foods and increasing the speed of digestion

6. Disinfection properties of stomach and oral environment

7. Eliminate mouth sores

8.Cardiovascular dilator

9. Garlic is a very strong antioxidant, and those who have intestinal and stomach parasites are advised not to forget to consume garlic.

10. It is useful for the skin and has a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

11. The most important vitamin in garlic is vitamin C.

12.There are vitamin groups including vitamin B1 and B2 as well as B3 in garlic compounds.

13. By neutralizing free radicals, it leads to the prevention of various types of cancer, such as leukemia and colon cancer

14. Prevents colds and viral diseases such as influenza

15. Blood anticoagulant and blood concentration-reducing properties

16. Reducing bad fat and bad cholesterol in the blood

17. Useful for lowering high blood pressure

18. Hematogenous and useful for improving the symptoms of anemia

19. Blood purifier, liver, and blood cleansing

20. Useful for cardiovascular patients

Raw garlic has the potential to ward off cough and cold infections. Eating two crushed garlic cloves on an empty stomach has the maximum benefit. For kids and babies, hanging garlic cloves in a thread around their necks is supposed to relieve congestion symptoms.

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9 Tips for preparing pickled garlic:

9 Tips for preparing pickled garlic

  • In sir torshi or pickled garlic, you can use natural apple vinegar or any other vinegar, except white vinegar and balsamic vinegar, because balsamic is both economically expensive and gives a sweet taste to seer torshi, which is not interesting.
  • Adding some sprigs of tarragon can give your torshi a better flavor.
  • The longer the pickled garlic is left, the better.
  • You can also use aromatic vegetables in seer torshi.
  • You can put a bay leaf or a thyme branch inside the pickled garlic.
  • If you put this in front of the sun, they will be ready sooner, and your garlic will be soft and sweet.
  • If you store sir torshi in a dark and cool place, it will become hard and spicy.
  • Some people also add date juice or pomegranate concentrate to this.
  • You can also use date vinegar.

Do not eat pickles with flatulent foods:

Do not eat pickles with flatulent foods

 Do not eat flatulent foods, including beans and abgoosht, cabbage, and cauliflower pickled, which cause stomach and intestinal bloating.

Do not eat pickles with slow-digesting foods:

Do not consume eggplant pickled with slow-digesting such as black liver kebabs, fish, half-boiled eggs, etc.

Do not eat pickled with fish:

Eating pickles with fish causes liver weakness and upset stomach and increases immune system diseases such as MS, vitiligo (leprosy), Guillain Barre, etc.

Do not eat pickles with yogurt:

Do not eat pickles with yogurt because the lactic acid in yogurt, along with the acetic acid in the pickle, is irritating for those who have a sensitive stomach.

The season and the right time to consume pickles:

The best time to consume pickles is the third month of winter and the first month of spring. It is better to avoid consuming pickles in summer and autumn.

In winter, based on the recommendation of traditional medicine, you should eat hot foods, so if you are inclined to eat pickles, eat pickles along with these foods in this season to observe moderation.

It is better to avoid eating pickles at night because eating vinegar and pickles at night causes more calcium to be removed from the body and causes osteoporosis, nerve weakness, and even brain and heart attacks.

Consider these points when consuming pickles:

Consider these points when consuming pickles

If the pickle is left or old, fungi will grow inside it, which can cause cancer, so it is better to avoid consuming leftover pickle.

It is possible to use preservatives and food colors in ready-made pickles, both factory-made and open-in shops, and there is no supervision on these open pickles, so they may be contaminated with fungi; so if you want to eat pickles, make and eat pickles yourself at home.

The belief that eating pickles can reduce blood fat or eating it with food can remove fat from foods is wrong and has no scientific basis. Consumption of pickles causes increased appetite, overeating, and eventually obesity.

FAQ  :

1. What is sir torshi?

The meaning of pickled garlic is garlic preserved in vinegar.

2. What is torshi in English?

Torshi in English means “Pickles”.

3. Benefits of eating pickled garlic?

Pickled garlic is used to treat high blood pressure, cold blood concentration, and other cases.

4. What is served with seer torshi?

Along with this, pickles are served: sabzi polo ba mahi, abgoosht, and baghali polo ba goosht.

5. Is pickled garlic good for the body?

Yes, garlic alone has great properties for the body, and pickled garlic has all these great properties.

Did you like Sir Torshi recipe?

Did you like sir torshi recipe

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  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest this sir torshi.
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  1. Hello
    I wanted to know if these benefits are only found in pickled garlic or if fresh garlic also has these benefits

    1. Hi dear Ananhita,these properties are present in both fresh garlic and pickled garlic, but the benefits of fresh garlic are more

    1. Hi dear aylin,Garlic and Apple or grape vinegar
      and Salt are ingredients in sir torshi

    1. Hi dear Farah, in my opinion important benefit of seer torshi is
      Helping to digest heavy foods and increasing the speed of digestion

    1. Hi dear Parisa , I love pickled garlic just like you. I don’t think about bad breath at all. I eat with any food I can, especially now that we are in the middle of winter.

    1. Yes, pickled garlic that is made at home and is not industrial has many properties for the human body and retains many of the properties of fresh garlic.

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