Traditional Persian Vavishka Recipe with Minced Meat and Potatoes

An attractive street food along minced meat seasoned with tomato paste and fried potatoes

Vavishka is a dish of Russian origin, which is prepared from the combination of marinated minced meat with fried potatoes.

This food came from Russia to the north of Iran and the city of Gilan, and with small changes, it has become its present form.

A quick and simple dish with the least facilities, which is made of minced meat, which is fried with spices, tomato paste, and onions. In the end, fried potatoes are added to it, and it is usually served with rice or bread.

If you don’t have enough time to cook, try this great, quick dish. Join me as I explain how to prepare this Persian dish and the important points you should know.

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What is served with? Sabzi khordan, Mast o musir

Ingredients :

ingredient vavishka

Minced meat  8.8 ounce
Onions   2 medium
Potatoes 1 large
Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
Rice 3 cups
Salt and black pepper optional
Turmeric powder optional
Liquid oil        optional   

Instruction :

1. To make this dish, I start with rice. I wash the rice, soak it, and set it aside. Each rice must be soaked for 1 to 3 hours depending on the rice type.

Then I peel, wash, and chop the onion. I take a suitable frying pan, pour oil into it, and put it on the heat. I pour the onions into the frying pan and let them fry until golden.

fry onions for vavishka

2. Now, it’s time to add the spices. I added turmeric, black pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon, thyme, salt, and the minced meat I prepared before putting it in the pan.

I fry it a little with onions and spices and then add tomato paste to them. The tomato paste must be entirely fried in the oil.

add minced meat to onions

3. After the tomato paste turned color, I added very little water to the pan. I reduced the heat and allowed the meat to cook well on low heat. It took 20 to 25 minutes for the meat to be cooked.

Be careful that The heat of the gas should not be too high so that the meat burns or the water runs out and burns.

add tomato paste

4. After cooking, the meat should be a little watery because this food is a little dry. You can make a separate sauce for this food and serve it with the meal.


5. At this time, I wash the potatoes well and peel them. Then I chop them on the kitchen board (the size of the potatoes depends on you).

I take a suitable frying pan, pour oil into it, and then add the chopped potatoes. I put the pan on high heat and fried the potatoes.

fry potato

6. Now it’s time to make the rice. I take the rice I had already soaked and pour it into a suitable pot with the water.

I add the right amount of salt and liquid oil and heat it on high heat until it boils. Then, I lower the heat and let the water boil.

The water should be completely steamed. It should be noted that the rice does not loosen before the water runs out.

This is different according to the type of rice, and it should be tested continuously while the water is steamed.

7. After the water is wholly steamed, I gather around the pot with a spoon, then reduce the heat to let the rice steam.

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After the rice is ready, I serve it with the Persian minced meat dish, and we enjoy eating it with the family.

iranian vavishka

What is served with this Gilani food?

This Ground beef stew is served in two ways in Iran. One with bread and the other with rice. If you eat this dish with bread, try to use Sangak bread or lavash bread, which is very tasty and useful.
Vegetables: You can eat fresh sabzi khordan or Shirazi salad with this dish.
Dairy products: You can use dairy products such as mast o khiar, mast o musir, and Iranian doogh as a drink.
Pickles: Iranian pickles are served with all food, but I think only khiar shoor is suitable for this dish.

Notes :

Notes for persian vavishka

  • You can serve the potatoes separately or add them to the meat sauce in the last 5 minutes.
  • It is recommended to use spices such as thyme, paprika, and cinnamon when preparing this dish.
  • Add bell peppers and corn to make this dish more exciting with minced meat.
  • I always use a little chopped tomato in this dish, added after roasting the meat.
  • You can also add mushrooms to this Iranian dish. Slice the mushroom and fry it in the mixture before adding water.
  • The secret of making this dish delicious is using the right onion and frying the ingredients together.

What is Vavishka?

what is vavishka

This dish is a food with Russian roots that entered the Gilan kitchen after World War II. Maybe those who heard the Russian word babushka, meaning grandmother, in Gilan.

Pronounced this word in the local dialect and put it on their food, which was their own invention, but they changed it to vavishka just to serve the red imperialism.

Excellent and delicious taste, as well as quick cooking, has made this dish very popular in Iran. This food and Jaghoor Baghoor are very similar and close to each other.

History :

history of vavishka

The history of this dish dates back to World War II and the Russians. In the past, the Russians brought this dish with them to Gilan, and today, it is cooked with almost the same recipes all over the country.

Stories about the history of this food go back to Naser al-Din Shah and Naser al-Din Shah’s wife, and since I don’t have the correct sources, I won’t tell them.

The dominant foods of Rasht people are various types of fish. Mirza Ghassemi, vavishka (a type of haggis), nargesi, baghala ghatogh, and ashpal (roe) are some other popular local dishes.

Reshteh khoshkar is a well-known sweet. Zeitoun Parvardeh is a kind of delicacy prepared from olives and pomegranates; it is a popular seasoning in the city.[37]

Did you like this recipe?

vavishka recipe

  • Please share your experience with this Persian minced meat dish.
  • If you want vegetarian food, I don’t suggest Persian food.
  • In the comments, you can ask me questions about Persian and Gilan food. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.
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    1. Hello my dear friend
      Basically, this vavishka should be prepared with minced meat
      And the main taste of food is meat
      But you can make it with chicken
      Then you have to change the name of the food

    1. You can use both types of meat to make vishka, but I suggest using both in a mix and half by half.
      Because mutton has a lot of fat and shrinks quickly, it must be next to a lean meat like veal

  1. Thank you for explaining the Vavishka recipe very clearly and step by step
    For this reason, I share with my family on social networks so that they can know better and more Iranian dishes that are so delicious and simple.

    1. I am very happy that the way to prepare Vavishka was interesting for you, definitely do it and let me know the result.

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