Jaghoor Baghoor Recipe(Lamb Hear and Sheep Liver in 15 min)

Jaghoor Baghoor was the only food that my mother made for the love of my father. My sister and I never liked this dish, but we were wrong. The older I got and realized the benefits of this great food, the more I realized the mistakes of the past.

An excellent dish that is flavored with kale pache and liver along with potatoes, tomato paste and spices. This food is one of the traditional dishes of Iran, next to Kale Pache.

I recommend that you try this dish once if you travel to Iran and go to Zanjan city.

For: 2 people

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 30 to 45 minutes


ingredient jaghoor baghoor

Lamb heart 0.5 piece
Sheep liver 0.5 piece
White liver 0.5 piece
Lamb kidney 0.5 piece
Onion 3 medium pieces
Liquid oil 2 tablespoons
Salt, turmeric, and black pepper as needed


1. Cleaning the heart and liver

Cleaning the heart

First, you should clean the heart, liver, white liver, and lamb’s kidney. To clean the heart, cut it in half with a sharp knife remove the blood clots and wash with water.

For cleaning the liver, remove the veins inside it and wash it; for cleaning the kidney, cut it in half with a sharp knife and remove the veins inside and wash it. Then, cut all of them into small pieces.

clean the liver

2. Cook white liver:

cook white liver

In the first step, put the white liver you had cleaned and washed in a pot with a glass of water, some salt, and turmeric and put it on the gas stove with low heat until it cooks slowly. The reason for cooking white liver first is that white liver is cooked later than black liver and the heart.

3. Fry the onion:

fry the onions

Now peel and wash the onions and chop them finely. Then pick up a pot, add oil to it, and let it become hot, then pour the onions and fry until the color of the onions becomes golden.

4. Add the white liver to the fried onion:

Add the white liver to the fried onion:

After the white liver is cooked, add it to the fried onions and saute them until their color changes.

5. Adding heart and kidney:

Adding heart and kidney:

Now, add the heart and kidney that you have washed and chopped before to the fried onion and white liver, then add tomato paste, salt, black pepper, and any spices you like. Then, add a cup of boiling water to the mixture.

6. Let it cook slowly:

Put the pot on the gas flame, reduce the heat, and let it cook slowly; the water will run out. Now the food is ready.

You can pour it into the desired dish and serve it. You can also serve jaghor baghoor with bread or rice, depending on your taste. This food also is served with torshi hafte bijar.

jaghoor baghoor is ready

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What is jaghoor baghoor?

Jaghoor baghoor is one of the foods whose origin goes back to Russia because of the use of heart, liver and pig’s giblets.

It is a not-too-expensive food prepared in fast food restaurants for the middle and poor sections of society.

In Scotland, there is a similar food called haggis, known as Scotland’s national food.

But this food is very popular in Iran, and its origin goes back to the city of Zanjan, It is made from the heart, liver, white liver, and sheep kidney.

Because of its high protein and blood-forming properties of the liver, this food is very tasty and nourishing.

Notes for jaghoor baghoor:

  • This amount of food is suitable for two people. If there are more or fewer people, change the proportions of the ingredients.
  • Sheep’s heart and liver are suitable for preparing this food, but you can also use a calf’s heart and liver.
  • To experience a different taste, you can use mushrooms and bell peppers in this food.
  • If desired, you can add some meat fat to fatten the food.
  • The main recipe of jaghoor baghoor is with sheep heart and liver, but you can also use chicken heart and liver as you wish.
  • In some cities, some people serve this food: fried potatoes. You can also serve it with fried potatoes if desired.
  • Some people add pomegranate paste to this food. You can also do it if you are desired.
  • You can also add brewed saffron to jaghoor baghoor for better aroma and taste if you are desired. It is completely optional and depends on your taste.

notes for jaghoor baghoor


Jaghoor Baghoor is a special dish that is prepared from sheep’s heart and liver along with potatoes, tomatoes and delicious spices.

Jaghoor baghoor is often served with sangak bread or lavash bread. It is suitable for those who suffer from anemia. Finally, I recommend everyone to try this dish once, you will not regret it.

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1. What is jaghoor baghoor?

It is a traditional Iranian food that is prepared from a combination of sheep’s heart and liver with potatoes, tomatoes and onions.

2. What properties are in this food?

Due to the presence of sheep liver, this food is rich in iron and is very useful for anemia.

3. What is served with jaghoor baghoor?

This dish is served with lavash bread or sangak bread along with tomatoes and khiar shoor.

4. Can I freeze this food?

Yes, you can put it in a closed container and freeze it for two weeks, but it is better to eat this food fresh.

5. Is this food suitable for children?

Yes, it is very useful for children due to high protein and hematopoiesis of the liver and having a lot of iron.

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