Easy Persian Doogh Recipe & 6 Benefits of Iranian Yogurt Drink

Persian Doogh is the name of a type of dairy drink. This delicious drink is made from fresh sheep yogurt. 

Persian doogh is an authentic, delicious, and memorable drink for us Iranians. This drink can be found on the table of Iranians from childhood to adulthood and even during pregnancy.

Along with water, milk, and natural juices,doogh is one of those drinks that are recommended for all age groups.

A glass of doogh contains about 282 mg of calcium, which provides approximately 28% of the recommended amount of calcium for the body per day.

In other words, consuming a glass of doogh provides a quarter of your body’s daily need for calcium.

Ingredients for Persian doogh:

Sour yogurt    2 cups
Water    4 cups
Salt   1 teaspoon
Dry mint   1 tablespoon

How to make Persian doogh

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Iranian Yogurt Drink

Iranian Yogurt Drink


1. To prepare Persian doogh, be sure to use completely sour yogurt. First, pour the sour yogurt into a suitable bowl and mix well with a spoon until it becomes uniform, then add 4 cups of water to the bowl containing the yogurt.

stir yogurt

2. Next, we add salt and mix the ingredients well with a spoon until they are uniform; after the Persian doogh is uniform, we add dry mint and mix it with our drink, then we pour it into a suitable bottle and then close the bottle cap.

mix yogurt with water

3. Of course, our drink is not prepared at this stage and is a normal one. If we want our drink to be carbonated, we should put it behind the window or on the terrace for a week. During this week, we should stir it for a few minutes every day.

iranian doogh

4. After a week, Persian doogh will be carbonated; of course, because the process of preparing this drink is a bit long, it is better to make more and store it in the refrigerator after it is ready. To reduce the sourness of it, we can dilute it with ice water.

Doogh is an Iranian drink that serves some traditional Iranian foods such as kabab koobideh, chicken koobideh, dizi (abgoosht), and ghormeh sabzi.

design doogh

6 Benefits of Persian doogh:

One liter of this drink contains the following nutritional value:

nutritional value doogh

Energy: 270 kcal
Protein: 1.5 to 2 percent
Calcium: 0.6 grams
Fat: 0.5%

One glass of it contains about 282 mg of calcium, which provides approximately 28% of the recommended daily calcium intake. In other words, consuming a glass of buttermilk provides a quarter of your body’s daily need for calcium.

  • Soporific and relaxing

The reason for the sleepiness of this drink is the peptides in milk proteins. This property of this drink is an advantage as long as you don’t need to be alert to do something. Otherwise, you can use and enjoy this property to the fullest.

  • Improve heatstroke

It is highly recommended to use it in summer and hot weather. Heatstroke and its symptoms, including headache, thirst, weakness, and fatigue, are some of the problems of hot weather that can be cured by drinking it.

So, along with plenty of water to fight dehydration, don’t forget doogh as a good alternative to caffeinated drinks.

  •  Lighten the skin

The lactic acid in this drink helps to fade spots and brighten the skin so that you can get clearer and better skin by drinking it and even using it topically in the form of a mask.

  •  Strength of bone tissue

Protein, calcium, and vitamin B12 can help strengthen bone tissue. Due to its nutritional value, this drink plays a significant role in ensuring the health of the body’s bones.

  • strengthening the body’s digestive system

Preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive system is one of the benefits of consuming doogh. If the beneficial bacteria in the body are at an optimal level, the digestive system works better.

persian doogh with gol gav zaban is two relaxing drinks before sleep.

The beneficial bacteria in buttermilk prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the body and prevent intestinal and infectious diseases. Probiotic microbes in buttermilk also help in digestion.

It also prevents indigestion and excessive gas production in the body. This drink is the enemy of flatulence and stomach acidity.

History of doogh:

persian doogh

The history of drinking in the world goes back to ancient times. In our country, the discovered works show that there were structures for the production of drinks from the Sassanid era and even before that.

Examining the shape and structure of these structures, as well as the discovery of some plant seeds, showed that these structures belong to the production of beverages.

At first, archaeologists thought that these structures were probably dedicated to the production of drinks for the court of Sassanid kings, but most of the discovered structures show the mass production of drinks at that time.

These historical records show that humans have long been looking for a variety of drinks with different flavors other than water.

Whenever we come from the past to the present, we see a great variety of drinks, as with the progress of the industry, these drinks come in different hygienic packages.

It has come to the market with a long shelf life and has been made available to people, and with this variety, it increases the right of choice for people.

We advise you to use healthy dairy products such as this drink that we introduce to you today instead of carbonated and sugary drinks such as soft drinks, which can be very effective in the health of the body.

Notes for Persian doogh:

Notes for Persian doogh

Carbonated with milk:

  • To make a carbonated one, first, we mix a glass of milk and a glass of lukewarm water; then, we mix a glass of yogurt with some salt separately. Now, we mix all the ingredients together and put them in a bottle.
  • In order to make carbonated drinks, we must put the bottle in a warm place for a week. After a week, our amazing drink becomes gassy and sour. Now, we can add flavorings such as mint, shallot, or any other flavoring to it.

#1 Milk Maintains Bone Density

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus which are necessary for the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones and teeth. These reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures later in life. Milk promotes bone health.

#2 Milk Promotes Muscle Growth

The major proteins in milk are casein and whey. Both help in building lean muscle mass and reducing body fat.

#3 Milk Contains B Vitamins

Milk is rich in vitamin B12, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3) which aid the conversion of food into energy. Vitamin B12 is also needed for the formation of red blood cells and the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

this sourced:.healthhub.sg


FAQ Persian doogh:

1. What does doogh taste like?

It has a saltiness and sourness, and it’s also fizzy.

2. Is doogh drink good for you?

This useful drink can be mentioned to meet the daily requirement of calcium as well as B group vitamins.

3. Does doogh make you sleepy?

Consumption of this drink causes the release of the serotonin hormone, and this hormone causes comfortable sleep and relaxation in humans.

4. What food is served with Persian doogh?

Usually, all foods, but let me give a few examples: abgoosht, kaba kobideh, joojeh kabab.

5. Is dough drink healthy?

Yes, dough(doogh) is an excellent drink from the family of dairy products and milk. Dough to the presence of yogurt, buttermilk has a lot of protein and calcium.

In addition, because it contains a lot of water, it is suitable for easy hydration of the body.

A good source of probiotics is healthy bacteria that may help the gut and improve the immune system.

Did you like a recipe for Persian doogh?

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  1. In my opinion, the best drink after water is doogh or buttermilk, of course, it should be made with less salt and with fresh yogurt and dry mint inside, which is great.
    Instead of nooshabeh, my mother always made Persian doogh for us, and this made our ossification strong since childhood.
    I am doing this for my children

    1. Hello, my dear, I want to create the same method for my son, that he only drinks water or buttermilk and does not drink soft drinks at all, because buttermilk has many great benefits and is very useful for the development of children, and thank you for your beautiful comment.

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