Top 10 Persian Drink Recipes Non Alcoholic 2024

Iran is a country with a rich food culture and in addition to food the local Persian drinks of Iran are also very delicious and diverse. Every part of the country, north, south, east, and west has its drinks. If we want to mention all of them we will have a long list

In Iran, despite the variety of food, many people travel to the country to taste different flavors. In addition, the presence of authentic Iranian drinks that are used in different seasons of the year has attracted the attention of Iranian people as well as foreign tourists.

This issue is so important that in the past pantries were created to serve all kinds of hot and cold drinks. Since many of Iran’s traditional drinks are prepared from herbal extracts they have received attention. Some of these drinks having medicinal properties have a positive effect on people’s health

We Iranians especially the older generation are a people who adhere to ancient traditions from very distant times until today according to the requirements of each season and according to our temperament we prepare healthy drinks using vegetable seeds and some fruits and we benefit from its benefits.

Iranian traditional drinks such as khakshir, bidmeshk syrup,sekanjebin syrup, and our dairy drink are doogh.

The healthiest Persian drink to supply body fluids in the hot seasons of the year is drinking water followed by dairy products natural juices and traditional syrups.

Of course, dairy drinks should be low in salt and without gas and home-made and traditional syrups should be low-sweet and drinks such as barberry juice without added sour acids.

Be with us in this article to introduce to you these 10 top Persian drinks and their benefits in meals cook site.

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1. Khakshir

khakshir persian drink

One of the most famous Persian drinks is khakshir. Khakshir has many fans with anti-heat properties all year round, especially in summer.

Khakshir is obtained from a plant of the same name with small yellow flowers. This plant is usually grown in deserts and mountain slopes.

Khakshir has many properties including helping to digest food and solving digestive problems, solving constipation, increasing the speed of wound healing, and solving heatstroke.

If you are reading this article in a hot summer you can make a delicious khakshir syrup for yourself in less than 2 minutes and enjoy its unique taste and properties.

To prepare this syrup it is enough to wash a little khakshir and mix it with sugar, rose water, and water.

Of course, in some regions, khakshir syrup is mixed with lemon juice, saffron, or chia seeds and eaten. To know the types of this traditional Iranian syrup read the article on how to prepare khakshir syrup.

You can also combine khakshir syrup with saffron or rose water and double its taste and properties. This Persian drink is highly emphasized in traditional medicine.

Khakshir ingredients:

Cold water  6 glasses
Rose water  2 tablespoons
Sugar  a glass
Khakeshir     half a glass
Fresh lime juice (optional)   as needed

2. Saffron syrup

persian saffron syrup

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and the best of it is grown in Iran and the Khorasan region.

The price of saffron in the world is very expensive and it is considered a luxury product. However, this delicious spice is an integral part of Iranian households. One of the ways to use saffron is to prepare a delicious saffron syrup with this spice.

One of the most important properties of saffron is its calming effect. In addition, saffron has many benefits such as helping to strengthen the body’s immune system, helping to maintain digestive health, and invigorating.

To prepare this delicious syrup you need to grind and brew some saffron and then mix it with some water, sugar, and rose water and drink it.

This Persian drink which is one of the original Iranian drinks has a unique aroma and taste. Saffron syrup is used to reduce stress with its uplifting properties.

Saffron syrup ingredients:

Ground saffron half a tablespoon
Sugar a glass
Water 3 glasses
Rose water 4 tablespoons

Properties of saffron syrup:

saffron has many therapeutic properties due to its essential vitamins such as vitamins A, C, E, and group B vitamins and minerals. Drinking this potion works wonders for stressed people.

In addition, having anti-depressant properties, preventing anemia, strengthening bones reducing abdominal bloating, and treating constipation are some of the features of this syrup.
There are various ways to prepare saffron syrup which are fully explained in the article on how to prepare saffron syrup.

3. Sekanjebin syrup

sharbate sekanjabin

Sekanjabin syrup is another traditional Persian drink. Sekanjebin is prepared from a combination of vinegar and Angbin and is one of the most popular drinks in Iran. The combination of this syrup with cucumber is so popular that it can be seen on the menu of many cafes in the country.

Sekanjebin has various uses and has many healing properties. This Iranian drink is very useful for people who suffer from liver failure (if it is consumed with the advice of a doctor) and it eliminates heatstroke.

Many traditional healers consider drinking sekanjebin useful in the hot seasons of the year.
This syrup which has a wonderful composition has been used since ancient times.

The necessary ingredients for its preparation are water, vinegar, sugar or honey, and mint extract. Sometimes this syrup is served with lettuce which is a wonderful combination.

sekanjebin syrup ingredients

Grape vinegar  3.5 ounce
Sugar      2.2 pound
Water   2 glasses
Mint  5.3 ounce

Properties of sekanjebin syrup:

Sekanjebin syrup has a warm character and is used to quench thirst, regulate body temperature, and cleanse the liver and bile.

4. Bidmeshk syrup

At the end of winter and early spring, the bidmeshk tree begins to flower and this time lasts for 15 days. From the flowers of these trees and shrubs, a fragrant sweat is prepared which has many properties in addition to its good aroma.

A rich and tasty syrup is made from the juice obtained from the flowers of this tree.
The oil which is made from a plant with the same name has a unique and at the same time characteristic aroma.

The Persian drink made from this plant is one of the authentic Iranian drinks that has a very good taste. This drink is considered one of the traditional and popular drinks of Shiraz city.

ingredients Bidmeshk syrup

Aragh bidmeshk  2.2 pound
White sugar  6.6 pound
Water   4 glasses
Lemon juice  as needed

Properties of bidmeshk syrup:

This syrup is used to strengthen the digestive system and increase appetite. According to the recommendations of traditional medicine, bidmeshk syrup can be effective in treating diarrhea.
If this syrup is prepared without the use of artificial sweeteners such as sugar it is used to treat high blood sugar.

Among the other properties of bidmeshk we can mention the properties of strengthening the heart, calming the nerves, relieving headaches, and cleaning the gallbladder.

5. Sharbate nana

Sharbate nana

Another authentic Persian drink is mint syrup which has many healing properties. If you have digestive problems this drink helps a lot to strengthen the digestive system and solve its problems.
Mint syrup keeps your body hydrated and is the best choice to quench your thirst in summer. Mint is anti-flatulent and eliminates bad breath. We suggest drinking sharbate nana with food so that your food is digested better.
This sherbet is one of the sherbets that is served cold in the summer season. In the preparation of this syrup water, lemon, and mint extract are used.

The properties of mint include improving the functioning of the digestive system, reducing skin inflammation, and treating anemia.

Note that drinking mint syrup is not recommended for those who have high stomach acid and are usually sour.

ingredients sharbate nana

Water 1 glass
White sugar 1 cup
Fresh mint 1 cup
Sour lemon as needed

6. Lemonade

persian lemonade

The main ingredients of this Persian drink are very easy to prepare and only a little water, fresh lime, and the desired sweetener are needed.

So easily and whenever you feel thirsty this delicious and simple drink can be a good option.

The main nature of this drink is clear but each region and country add different flavorings and spices to this drink according to their tastes.

Some add mint leaves or fresh basil leaves to lemonade, some add a little salt and pepper to it, and some make this drink tasty with honey, sugar, or even maple tree sap.

The lemon used in this drink contains vitamin C, vitamin A, several group B vitamins, and many minerals. So this drink is not only for quenching your thirst but you will also get many nutrients by drinking it.

Fresh lemons are used to prepare the lemonade drink which is rich in vitamin C and useful minerals that help strengthen the body’s immune system.

Due to the many fans of this drink many factories producing all kinds of drinks have dedicated production lines to making lemonade but you can easily make this Persian drink at home.

ingredients lemonade

large lemons   8 to 10 pcs
White sugar   1 cup
Water    6 cups
Ice as needed
Lemon slices for decoration optional

7. Persian doogh

persian doogh

Persian Doogh is one of the oldest and most authentic Persian drinks. Doogh is usually drunk with food or alone and has a very pleasant taste.

The name of Doogh is connected with the name of Iran in the world and this drink has many fans all over the world.

The combination of doogh with aromatic and medicinal herbs is very useful and can multiply the properties of this drink.

If you intend to drink doogh you can add a little mint, oregano, or rosemary to it before consumption and enjoy its unique taste.

ingredients for Persian doogh

Sour yogurt    2 cups
Water    4 cups
Salt   1 teaspoon
Dry mint   1 tablespoon

8. Gol gav zaban

persian gol gav zaban

The most famous relaxing Persian drink among Iranians is gol gav zaban herbal tea. This Iranian herbal tea which has received special attention in traditional medicine has a significant effect on reducing depression and anger.

To prepare this herbal tea a little of this flower should be brewed alone or with lemon or bay leaf and eaten with sweets.

Among the properties of borage, we should mention cancer prevention, skin health, and cold treatment. Note that it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Properties of Gol gav zaban:

this herbal tea can guarantee people’s health by having antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin C, B group vitamins, choline, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron.

By strengthening the body’s immune system it is very useful to prevent colds, flu, and similar diseases. This plant is known as an anti-cancer,anti-rheumatism, blood pressure control, and anti-osteoporosis plant.

9. Iranian tea

iranian tea

Iranian Tea is one of the main drinks in Iran and the world. Every Iranian eats at least one serving of tea almost every day of the year. The seed of this plant was imported from India for the first time and is cultivated in the northern regions of Iran.

Today there are various types of Iranian, foreign, and flavored teas available in Iranian markets which consumers can buy according to their needs.

In the following, you can see how to prepare Iranian tea.

10. Sour cherry tea

Sour cherry tea persian drink

Sour cherry tea is one of the delicious and useful natural herbal teas that is easily prepared with minimal ingredients. To make this tea just pour some fresh or frozen sour cherries in a teapot with some boiling water and let it brew for 20 minutes.

Sour cherry tea contains both the properties of tea and the properties found in sour cherry fruit which is one of the fruits with high properties.

This tea has the same nutrients and vitamins as sour cherries, so it can be used for serving at parties or gatherings.

Among the very important and practical properties of sour cherry tea, we can mention lowering blood pressure, helping digestion, relieving constipation, and purifying the kidneys and liver.

Sour cherry tea reduces the risk of tumors and cancer due to the antioxidant content in both tea leaves and cherry fruit.

ingredients for Persian sour cherry

Fresh sour cherry 1 cup
Honey as needed
Cold water 2 glasses
Boiling water 2 glasses
Sweets as needed


1. What are the properties of khakshir?

Khakshir has many properties, including helping to treat heatstroke, relieve constipation, and relieve kidney inflammation.

2. Is there a special ban on using gol gav zaban?

Yes, pregnant women should not consume this drink.

3. Are there any alcoholic Persian drinks?

There is no alcohol in Iranian drinks.

4. Where can I find Persian drinks outside of Iran?

Persian drinks can be found in Iranian restaurants and specialty stores in various countries. Additionally, some online retailers may offer Persian drink ingredients or pre-made versions that can be shipped internationally.

5. What is sharbat?

Sharbat is a sweet and fruity syrup that is mixed with water to create a refreshing drink. Various flavors of sharbat are available, including rose, sour cherry, pomegranate, and mint. It is a popular choice during Ramadan and other festive occasions.

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