Torshi Albaloo (Sour Cherry Pickle)+4Golden Tips

Cherry pickles or torshi albaloo is one of the most attractive pickles you can prepare in summer and spring and eat in winter. Cherry pickle tastes very pleasant, especially for people who love this fruit.

It doesn’t matter if you use red or white vinegar to make torshi albaloo. Keep in mind that white vinegar is sharper, and red vinegar is a little milder. Choose the type of vinegar according to your taste. But one should not neglect the properties of this pickle.

How to make torshi albaloo

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients torshi albaloo:

ingredient torshi albaloo

Cherries 2.2 pound
White vinegar 4 cups
Salt Half a teaspoon

Instruction torshi albaloo:

instruction torshi albaloo

1. First, take the tails of the cherries and then wash them. You can also core them if you want.

2. After washing, pour the cherries in a colander and let them drain. If the cherry juice is not removed, it may cause the pickle to mold.

3. After this step, pour the cherries into a pan and sprinkle salt. Add white vinegar to these ingredients to cover the entire surface of the cherries.

Mix these ingredients a little, put them in special pickle containers, and close their lids.

4. Leave them in a cool place for 2 weeks to settle the pickle.

torshi albaloo is ready

How to serve Torshi Albaloo:

How to serve torshi albaloo

Cherries pickles are prepared in many countries of the world and served with different dishes. This pickle is very popular in France, especially in the cities of Lorraine, Alsace, and the northeastern regions of France.

In France, this pickle is served with chicken, meat, and cinnamon in grilled duck and wild chicken. In Japan, special spices are used to make pickled cherries to make the taste of this pickle more enjoyable.

Cherry pickle can be eaten alone but it is also a great ingredient for many dishes and gives a pleasant taste to the food.

Add this pickle to a tomato and lettuce salad or a broccoli salad with white sauce. Also, this pickle is perfect for most rice dishes served with stew or chicken and meat dishes.

When serving torshi albaloo, putting some of it in a separate container is better. It is important that each member of the family or guests use the required amount of pickles.

Also, keep in mind that you should not eat pickles every day! Plan to eat pickles two or at most three days a week. Consuming a lot of pickles causes all kinds of diseases.

How to make torshi albaloo? (Torshi albaloo recipe)

This delicious fruit reduces blood pressure and sugar and is very useful for people with heart disease. It is one of the best fruits for calming the nerves. Also, cherries contain many vitamins, including iron. It has calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

Persian pickles include sir torshi, torshi anbeh, torshi bamieh, torshi liteh, naz khatoon.

You can make this pickle with fresh or dried cherries but its taste is better with fresh cherries. Today in meals cook we will teach you how to prepare torshi albaloo with white vinegar and fresh cherries. Stay with us.

Tips for torshi albaloo(sour cherry pickles):

Tips for torshi albaloo(sour cherry pickles)

Cherry pickle dish:

Using glass to make torshi albaloo is more suitable than containers made of plastic. Be careful that your pickle container must have a healthy and strong lid to close well.

Sterilizing the pickle container:

The container you choose to make cherry pickles must be sterilized beforehand. You can fill a pot with water and put the desired glass in it.

The water should be enough to cover the glass and fill it with water completely.

If you use several different glasses you should fill between the glasses with a napkin or towel so that they do not hit each other and break when the water boils.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the water to boil and the glasses to be completely disinfected. After this, you can remove the jars and place them upside down on a clean cloth to cool.

The dryness of the pickle dish:

Your pickle container must be completely dry. Water in the container may cause the cherry pickle to mold. Dry it well, and then follow the steps to make pickled cherries.

Boiling cherries pickle:

One of the steps that is important in making cherry pickles and makes your pickles taste better is boiling the pickle jars after they are filled.

After you have sterilized the container and filled it with pickles, you should close the lid well and place them in a pot filled with cold water.

It takes 30 minutes for the pickles to stay in the water and boil. Then, you can remove them from the water and let them cool. Finally, put them in the refrigerator.

Torshi albaloo is served with Persian food like: albaloo polo, kale pache, loobia polo,  and kalam polo shirazi.

Notes torshi albaloo:

Notes torshi albaloo

  • The most important factor in the preparation of pickles is the quality of the vinegar. If you are unsure of the high quality and purity of the vinegar, boil it a little before using it. If the vinegar is of poor quality, the pickle may mold and taste bad.
  • Choose uniform, red, and slightly soft cherries to prepare pickles. Avoid dark and stained cherries.
  • Making cherry pickles with frozen cherries is also common, but it is better to use this fresh fruit and cook pickles and cherry jam for the whole year during the cherry season.
  • You can use different types of vinegar for cherry pickling. Red vinegar makes the taste of pickled cherries sharper. White vinegar is less pungent. It is also customary to use grape vinegar and apple vinegar to make pickles.
  • Adding a few cloves of garlic, a little pepper, and some angelica or coriander seeds to cherry pickles is common for more flavor.
  • The door of cherries pickle should not be opened for three days.

One cup of frozen tart cherries contains 60 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber. Tart cherries also contain nine times more vitamin A than blueberries, with one serving of tart cherries providing 25 percent of the recommended daily value. These babies also contain a boatload of phytonutrients, including anthocyanins.


You can also read gheymeh nesar recipe.

FAQ torshi albaloo:

faq torshi albaloo

1. What kind of vinegar should we use for cherry pickles?

You can use white or red vinegar to make this pickled.

2. What are the characteristics of cherry pickles?

Solving stomach and intestinal inflammation problems, helping to reduce pain caused by exercise, and lowering blood pressure.


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    1. Hi dear Camberlin, Usually we have to use salt in torshi albaloo(pickled cherries), but if you have blood pressure problems or any other reason, you can remove the salt from this pickle.

    1. It is much better to make pickled cherries with fresh cherries
      But if fresh cherries were not available
      Leave the ice pack outside for a few hours to return to normal and then use it

    2. Hello, dear friend, it is better to prepare with fresh cherries
      But if it is not available, you can also use frozen cherries

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