Albaloo Polo with Chicken(meatballs)Recipe+20 Benefits

Iranian albaloo polo is one of the most popular traditional foods, which is often a staple of formal gatherings and parties. Although many people attribute its origin to Azerbaijan. But many consider its origin to be Shirazi.

The background of albaloo polo is not known for sure but what is clear is that this traditional Iranian food is cooked in different ways in the central and northern parts of our country.

In the cities of Azerbaijan, sour cherry rice is prepared with meatballs, and in the northern cities of the country, minced meat is replaced by chicken.

Iranian albaloo polo regains its prosperity every year with the beginning of the summer season and the ripening of sour cherries.

Of course, many people freeze sour cherries for the winter in the summer to enjoy their unique flavor in other seasons. But without a doubt, Iranian albalu polo made with fresh sour cherries is something else.

Albaloo polo is served in different ways: albaloo polo with meatball and this polo with chicken, each of them is delicious and hearty and the choice of its type depends on your own taste. In addition, it depends on your taste whether cherry polo is cooked sweet or sour.

albaloo polo is served along with torshi albaloo, mast o musir, mastokhiar, salad shirazi

Now that we want to learn how to prepare sour cherries together, it is better to get acquainted with the properties of sour cherries first.

Now that we are familiar with the properties of cherry, it is better to learn the recipe for preparing polo albaloo. So be with us in the following of this article.

How to make albaloo polo ba morgh

Albalo polo For: 4 people

preparation time:45 minute

cooking time:1 hour

How to make albaloo polo with chicken? (Albaloo polo ba morgh recipe)

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Ingredients for albaloo polo with chicken:

ingredient albaloo polo ba morgh

ingredient albaloo polo with chicken

Seedless sour cherries (you can use more or less) 3.5 ounce
Cubed chicken fillet (you can add more or less or use meat) 5.2 ounce
Medium onion 1 pc
Garlic 3 cloves
Brewed Persian saffron 2 tablespoons
Red pepper, cinnamon, salt, paprika, lemon juice, vinegar, turmeric powder as needed
Oil, as needed
Pistachio or almond slices as needed
Sugar 2 tablespoons

Instruction albaloo polo ba morgh:


If you have restrictions on eating red meat or want a more delicious albaloo polo, you can use the recipe for albaloo polo with chicken.

1. First, soak the rice for 2 to 3 hours. Now you can cut the chickens into any size you like. I cut the chickens into cubes.

2. Grease the bottom of the pan with oil, put the chickens in it, and close the pan for a few minutes until the chickens change color a little. Then we add turmeric powder, cinnamon, paprika, red pepper, and spices to the fillets and saute until all the fillets are flavorful.

frying chicken with spices

3. We close the pan lid with the same low heat. We give time for the chickens to drain.

4. Now, we pour the chopped garlic cloves on the fillets and put the lid on the pan again until the smell of garlic comes out a little.

We add a cup of boiling water plus three medium bay leaves to our chicken and let it cook for twenty to half an hour until the water evaporates completely.

When the water of the chicken fillets evaporates, we remove the bay leaves and start flavoring them.

5. In this step, I added some saffron, but you can not do this because according to the ingredients we used to cook the chicken, our fillets have a very good taste and smell.

add some saffron

6. you can go to the sour cherries until the chickens are cooked. Pour them into a pan, add a spoonful of oil, and then reduce the heat.

7. Add two spoons of sugar and mix little by little. At this stage, you must be patient and wait until the sour cherries open their color and drain some water. The sour cherries will take 10 to 15 minutes to be cooked in the cherry juice.

After that, place a filter in a suitable bowl and pass the cooked sour cherry through the filter to remove the juice. I pour some rice in cherry juice to have pink rice for decoration.

frying sour cherries

8. Then pour the rice with one tablespoon of salt, two tablespoons of oil, and three cups of water into a pot and set the heat to medium. After 7 to 10 minutes, rinse the rice. (the cooking time is approximate and depends on the type of rice you have)

9. Now, it’s time to mix ingredients with rice. Please pick up a suitable pan and pour a little oil into it. Could you put it on the flame to become hot. Now Pick it up from the flame and start pouring it layer by layer with rice and ingredients together.


10. The first layer is rice, then pour a layer of cooked sour cherries and, if you desire, almond and pistachio slices. Continue this until the rice and ingredients are finished.

In the last layer of ingredients, we add sour cherry juice to the rice so that the natural flavor of the sour cherry goes to the rice, and we put the lid on the pot until our food is cooked.

11. Put the lid on the pan and increase the flame. When the rice steam rises, decrease the flame and let it cook for 45 to 1 hour.

Mix rice and cherries

12. When it’s ready, you can pour it into the desired dish and start decorating the food with cooked chicken. (Note: If you have time or enjoy the taste of fried onions with this dish, you can slice the onion, fry it until it turns golden, and use it for decoration.)

albaloo polo ba morgh is ready

  • This is our albaloo polo. Because few people make this dish and its taste is unknown, you can introduce one of the most special and delicious dishes to your guests.

instruction albaloo polo ba morgh

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albaloo polo ba morgh is ready

How to make albaloo polo with meat? (albaloo polo with meatballs recipe)

How to prepare albaloo polo with meat is very simple and the same as albaloo polo with chicken. The only difference is that we use meatballs instead of chicken.

How to make albaloo polo with meat


Ingredient albaloo polo:

Sour Cherry
1.1 pound
Onion 1 pc
Rice 4 Cups
7.1 ounce
Minced meat 10 ounce
Salt and black pepper as needed
Turmeric powder and oil as needed

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Instruction for albaloo polo:

1. To prepare albaloo polo first we take the leaves and tails of the cherries, wash them, and pour them in a colander to remove the excess water then we take out the cores of the cherries and (in the pot that we plan to cook the sour cherries in) we put them in a pot.

step 1 albaloo polo with meat

2. After removing all the kernels, we put the pot on the heat and pour the sugar on the cherries and stir until it boils the cherries boil for about 10 minutes, then remove the pot from the heat and place the strainer in a large bowl.

step 2 albaloo polo with meatball

3. Then we pass the cherries through a strainer and pour the cherry juice back into the pot and put it on the heat until it thickens.

When the cherry juice has reached the desired concentration, we take the pot off the heat and keep it aside until it cools down and pour it into the desired glass.

step 3 albaloo polo

4. We peel the onion, wash it, grate it, squeeze out its juice completely, add it to the minced meat, sprinkle a little black pepper and salt on the meat and onion mixture, and start kneading it until it is completely smooth. Add the spices to the meat.

step 4 albaloo polo

5. At that time, we take the size of a small walnut from the minced meat shape it like a meatball with the palms of our hands, and put it on a plate. We all make minced meat in the same way.

6. You can use chicken breast instead of minced meat and put it next to rice. Then we put a pan on low heat pour a little oil in it and let it get a little hot.

step 6 allbaloo polo

7. Then we pour the minced meat into the pan, reduce the heat and fry them in the pan until the color of the meatballs changes completely.

Then we wait until they are fried and then we take the pan off the heat and keep it aside.

step 7 albaloo polo

8. Pour half of the water into a pot, add a little salt put the lid on the pot, and increase the heat until the water boils faster. When the water is boiling, wash the rice and drain the water.


9. Next, we pour the rice into the boiling water and let the rice boil in the water for 7 to 10 minutes until the initial cooking of the rice is done.

Then we test a piece of rice on the teeth, if the surrounding area is soft and the rice core is hard, we should drain the rice.

10. We drain the rice and put the pot we have prepared for cooking albalu polo on low heat and pour oil on the bottom of it and we can put bread or potatoes on the bottom of the pot and then put 1-2 ladles of rice on the bottom of the pot.

step 10 albaloo polo

11. Pour some of the meatballs and sour cherries on the rice and again add the next layer of rice, meatballs, and sour cherries until the rice and meatballs are finished pour half a glass of cherry syrup and 1 tablespoon of liquid oil on the rice and close the lid of the pot.

12. First, we increase the heat until the steam inside the pot wraps and then we reduce the heat to a very low temperature until this polo is completely cooked.

Cover the albaloo polo completely in the pot with a spatula, pour it into a dish, decorate it with a little cherry and meatballs, and enjoy.

albaloo polo with meat is ready

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sour cherry(albaloo) properties and benefits:

cherry benefits

Sour Cherry is one of the fruits that has many properties. This fruit can play an important role in maintaining the health of the body. In addition, it is effective in the treatment of some diseases. Below are some of the properties of this delicious fruit.

The nature of sour cherry is cold and dry. Consuming sour cherries is useful for hot-tempered people and removes the concentration of blood and bile. Sour Cherries can be used as fresh sour cherries, pickled sour cherries, sour cherry syrup, sour cherry juice, sour cherry jam,albaloo polo.

1. Benefits of sour cherries and cleansing the body:

One of the most important properties of cherry is its cleansing. This fruit can clean the digestive system and liver well. Digestion of sour cherries is also done in the face and it will not be difficult for people who have digestive problems.

If cherry is used regularly, the blood will be completely cleansed and the person will feel better. The presence of anthocyanin doubles the properties of sour cherries and improves blood circulation and increases blood supply to the organs.

2. Strengthening the body’s immune system with sour cherry properties:

Sour Cherries are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Flavonoids can strengthen the body’s immune system against infections, microbes, and viruses.

3.Properties of sour cherries and prevention of cancer:

One of the most obvious properties of cherry is its great effect in preventing cancer. Sour Cherries with ellagic acid, limonene, and prolyl alcohol can prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumor formation.

The presence of such substances in sour cherries is very effective in preventing breast, lung, colon, liver, and skin cancers. Therefore, if you are looking for the health of your cells, do not neglect the properties of sour cherries and consume them abundantly.

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4. The role of cherry properties in skin collagenization:

Cherry is effective in skin rejuvenation and collagen production. The presence of high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A helps the skin to be fresh and youthful and with its continuous use, the brightness and transparency of the skin increases.

If you are looking for freshness in your skin, you can consume this fruit raw or in the form of tea. In addition, you can mask it on your face so that the vitamin C in it is absorbed through the skin

5. The properties of sour cherries and preventing high blood pressure:

The presence of potassium in sour cherries prevents high blood pressure. Vitamin C in sour cherries can also support the health of blood vessels.

Another useful ingredient in some cherries is quercetin. This substance acts as an anticoagulant and is effective in cleaning blood vessels.

6. Cleansing the kidneys with the benefits of sour cherries:

Another property of sour cherries is to cleanse the kidneys. Consuming sour cherries has no harm to the kidneys despite the small amount of potassium.

Due to its antioxidant properties, this fruit can provide good kidney health. Also, if there is an infection in the kidneys, it removes the infection.

People who have kidney stones can also use the properties of sour cherries.

According to doctors, the consumption of cherry decoction is effective in removing kidney stones. To prepare cherry decoction, pour 30 grams of cherry into one liter of water and wait for about 10 minutes until it boils.

Then consume it. You can also use some honey or candy to sweeten it. This decoction is very modern and can remove kidney stones easily.

7.Properties of sour cherries to reduce tooth decay:

Dental plaques are the cause of tooth yellowness and decay. The compounds in sour cherries prevent the formation of dental plaques.

People who suffer from tooth decay more than others should include sour cherries in their diet to prevent tooth decay.

8. Treatment of gout with cherry properties:

One of the benefits of sour cherries is the treatment of gout. Gout is one of the diseases that occur when the amount of uric acid increases. Consuming sour cherries helps a lot in the treatment of gout.

With the presence of anthocyanin, this fruit can reduce the amount of uric acid to a great extent and improve the inflammation caused by gout.

9. Improving the treatment of asthma with cherry properties:

Asthma shows its complications despite the narrowing of the bronchi and lung problems. The properties of sour cherries can significantly reduce the attacks of asthmatic patients.

Anthocyanin and quercetin in sour cherries help to cure respiratory tract infections. These materials can expand the lungs and improve the patient’s breathing during asthma attacks.

Nutritional Content of Sour Cherry

  • Sour cherries are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Here are some of the key nutrients found in 1 cup (140g) of raw, unsweetened sour cherries:
      • Carbohydrates: 19g
      • Calories: 77
      • Fiber: 3g
      • Protein: 2g
      • Fat: 0.5g
      • Vitamin C: 16% of the Daily Value (DV)
      • Vitamin A: 8% of the DV
      • Potassium: 10% of the DV
      • Copper: 12% of the DV
      • Manganese: 12% of the DV

Important warning about cherry consumption:

Cherry kernels have a bitter taste and contain poisonous substances, so do not consume cherry kernels and be careful not to let the kernels enter the fruit juice while juicing.

Consumption of laxative fruits such as sour cherries and sour cherries by children under 3 years of age causes diarrhea and digestive problems.

If children eat ripe and unripe sour cherries that still have the effects of poisons on them, it will cause problems for the child’s digestive system to digest and cause poisoning.

As the fruit ripens and the poison is gradually washed away with rain water and irrigation, the fruit poison becomes less and its digestion is better.

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Important points in choosing sour cherries:

  • Choose sour cherries that are ripe, fresh, and bright red in color.
  • Do not buy sour cherries that are dark in color and have brown spots.
  • Do not consume sour cherries that are not completely red in color and have firm flesh because consuming them will cause indigestion and disrupt the work of the intestines.

Notes for albaloo polo:

Notes for albaloo polo

Albaloo polo with chicken:

Albaloo polo with chicken

We can use various methods to prepare this delicious food with chicken. The first method is to use a piece of chicken, which we can add whole chicken thigh or breast to this polo or place in the bottom of the pot.

  • Albaloo polo with freezed sour cherries:

Albaloo polo with freezed cherries

Considering that many Iranian families are interested in albaloo polo if the cherry season is over, they will no longer be able to use this delicious and tasty food.

This issue has caused them to freeze fresh sour cherries in the summer season so that they can cook authentic and traditional Iranian food in seasons and occasions.

But the question arises whether the frozen cherry for use in this dish will give the food its usual taste or not. In this case, it can be said that yes, the taste and aroma of cherry are preserved well in the freezer and gives the same taste.

So, our advice to the people who are interested in this polo is that they must buy large quantities of sour cherries in the summer season and put them in the freezer so that they can use this food in other seasons and at parties and gatherings.

  • Albaloo polo with cherry jam:

Albaloo polo with cherry jam

If you decide to prepare albaloo polo for your party and ceremony and sour cherries are not available, you can use cherry jam in such a way that when you rinse the rice, pour a layer of rice and a layer of cherry jam and at the end, first pour the rice in a dish and decorate it with fried meatballs.

  • Try to pit the sour cherries in such a way that they retain their appearance.
  • Never add water to cook sour cherries. Because it gives back a lot of water when cooking.
  • Set aside a small bowl of sour cherries to garnish the rice with when serving.
  • For saffron rice, mix some white rice with a little brewed saffron and some butter.
  • The rice should brew for 40 minutes to an hour.
  • You can also use cherry jam to prepare albaloo polo in other seasons of the year. Pour some jam into a strainer and separate the syrup. Pour the jam on the drained rice and let it brew in the same way.
  • It is suitable to cook sour cherries for 10-15 minutes because the longer the time, the darker the color of the sour cherries.
  • In making albaloo polo, the best time to drain the rice is when the rice kernel is not cooked.
  • If you wish, you can use potato slices or bread for the bottom of the pot as tahdig.
  • Chicken meat can be used instead of minced meat. Cook the chicken with onions, half of the brewed saffron, salt, and 1 glass of water. When the chicken is cooked remove the bones from the meat cut the meat into small pieces and use it for decoration when serving rice. You can use chicken broth and oil on steaming rice.
  • Rice must be cooked on low heat and on a spreader flame because albaloo polo has cherry syrup, it burns quickly.
  • The amount of sugar used in cherry rice pilaf depends on your personal taste.
  • It is necessary to know that if you wish, you can not mix the fried meatballs with the ingredients of albaloo polo and you can eat it separately when serving.
  • Note that the rice should not be too soft when draining, because the presence of sour cherries during brewing will make the rice soft and sticky.
  • It is better not to boil the sour cherries too much so that they are not crushed.

Faq for albaloo polo:

1. What should we do if the bottom of albaloo polo pot does not turn black?

In the way of making albalu polo,because the cherry gives back its water at the bottom of the pot, it is better to have tahdig at the bottom of the pot. It doesn’t matter if you use bread or potatoes for tahdig. This will prevent the pot from getting burnt.

2. What should we do to preserve the appearance of sour cherries in albaloo polo?

It is better to preserve the appearance of sour cherries in albaloo polo, do not boil the sour cherries too much so that they are not crushed.

3. If we didn’t have fresh sour cherries, can we use cherry jam in albaloo polo?

Yes, we can use cherry jam instead of fresh sour cherries in polo albaloo.

4. how many calories are in albaloo polo?

There are about 50 kilo calories of energy in each tablespoon of albaloo polo.

Did you like albaloo polo recipe?

  • Please share your experience about making polo albaloo.
  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest this dish without meatballs and chicken.
  • You can ask me questions about albaloo polo recipe in the comments. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.
  • if you make this recipe and love the taste of it, please share your pic and video with us on Facebook and YouTube.







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  1. Hi dear
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      not to use the juice of it or just use a little on top of the rice.
      so your rice is crash because of using too much juice of jam.

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