Persian Tahdig Recipe+15 Persian Crispy Rice Pictures+Notes

Tahdig literally means “bottom of the pot” in Persian (“tah” meaning bottom and “dig” meaning pot and pronounced tah-deeg.This Persian crispy rice it is combination of persian rice, yogurt, egg and saffron but everything ecpecially the taste of that it depends on cooking method.

Don’t worry! We will teach you the recipes and their methods and notes in this article. So be with us.

Seeing the pictures of different types of tahdig is very tempting and completely plays with one’s nerves.They all look so delicious that you want to eat them all right now and enjoy their crunchy sound under your teeth!

To prepare crispy persian rice,the most important thing is that the pot you use is non-stick so that you have a good and uniform crispy persian rice.

After the pilaf is ready,you have to wait a little until the end of the pot cools down and tahdig is easily removed.

Tahdig sibzamini & tahchin morgh is popular tahdigs.also for more recipes visit meals cook.

Diffrent types of tahdig(crispy persian rice):

1. Tahdig noon (bread):

Tahdig noon (bread)

Pour oil on the bottom of the pot and arrange lavash bread in the desired shape on the bottom of the pot,then pour rice on the bread and cook.

2. Tah-deeg of baguette dough:

Tahdig of baguette dough

Pour oil on the bottom of the pot,then moisten the baguette dough a little and arrange it in different shapes on the bottom of the pot.Pour the rice slowly on it and let it brew.

3. Tah-deeg of the toast:

Mold the toast and cut it in the desired shape and place it on the bottom of the pot.Then pour oil,then pour rice on them and cook.

4. Tahdig sibzamini (potato tahdig):

Tahdig sibzamini (potato tahdig)

Pour the oil in the pot,when it gets hot add turmeric and peel the potato and chopped it into rings models on the kitchen board and place it in the oil.Then pour the rice or pasta and let it brew.

5. Tah-deeg of the sesame potato:

Tahdig of the sesame potato

Sprinkle a little sesame on the bottom of the pot.Slice or mold the potatoes and place them on the sesame seeds. Sprinkle a little salt.Then pour rice on them and cook.

6. Grated potatoes tahdig:

Grated potatoes tahdig

Coarsely grate the potato.Then pour oil on the bottom of the pot and after it’s become hot,pour the potatoes and sprinkle salt and melted saffron and a little garlic or shallot powder on them.  Press the potatoes on the bottom of the pot with spoon and then pour the rice over them and cook.

7. Tah-deeg of the chicken wing:

Tahdig of the chicken wing

Put the chicken wings in a bowl,add salt and saffron and shake well until they are completely covered with spices.

Heat the oil in the bottom of the pot,then put the wings in it.

Pour the drained rice into the pot and press a little so that the wings stick to it.Boil the rice and reduce the heat.

Wait for 45-60 minutes until the rice is cooked and the wings are cooked,then put the rice in a mold in a serving dish.

Be sure to use a non-stick pot to prepare this because otherwise the will stick and will not come out of the pot as a mold.

8. Tahdig of the spinach:

Tahdig of the spinach

Heat the oil in a non-stick pot,then add the brewed saffron to it.Arrange the fresh spinach leaves in the desired shape at the bottom of the pot and then pour the drained rice on it.

Let the rice brewed on low heat and turn off the heat after 30-35 minutes.

Relared: tahchin esfenaj.

9.tah-deeg of the lettuce:

Tahdig of the lettuce

Pour oil on the bottom of the pot and put one or two layers of lettuce and then pour rice on it and cook.The tahdig of the lettuce is perfect for green pilafs.Such as baghali polo,shivid polo (persian dill rice) and…

10. Tahdig of the pumpkin:

Tahdig of the pumpkin

Peel the pumpkin and cut it into slices half a centimeter thick.Then make it into the desired shape using the template.

Place the pumpkin slices in a mixture of cold water and salt for 15 minutes and if the sweet taste of the pumpkin is unbearable for you,adjust the taste by adding some lemon juice.

After 15 minutes,drain the pumpkin and let it dry.For this purpose,you can use a clean cotton napkin.

Heat the oil in the bottom of the pot,pour some salt in the oil,then arrange the pumpkin slices in the oil.

Pour the drained rice into the pot and let it brewed on low heat for 40-45 minutes.

11. Tahchin tah-deeg:

tahchin tahdig

Tahchin tahdig is one of the delicious and popular dishes that is usually served in restaurants along with different dishes,to see the full and step-by-step recipe you can see this link.

12. Tahdig of the saffron:

Tahdig of the saffron

Pour oil in the bottom of the pot and place it on the heat,then pour the brewed saffron into it and add a glass of water.When the oil becomes hot,pour the drained rice and press it with the bottom of a spoon.Pour the rest of the rice and let it brew.

13. Tah-deeg of the eggplant:

Tahdig of the eggplant

Wash the eggplants clean and peel them,chopped them in circle model on the kitchen board,sprinkle salt on them and leave them aside for half an hour.When the bitterness of eggplants excess,pour oil into the pot and when it is hot,fry it on one side,then turn the eggplants and add the rice.Pour and let it brew.

14. Tahdig of the zucchini:

There is a kind of crispy persian rice which is made with zucchini and it is sweet.This is one of the popular one in Damghan city and it is used for mixed pilaf such as adas polo and sabzi polo.

Wash them,peel it and cut it into rings or lengthwise.Make sure that the thickness of the slices is the same and not too thin,because burns quickly;Therefore,do not consider the thickness of the slices to be less than 4-5 mm.

Pour a few spoons of oil on the bottom of the pot,which is better made of non-stick Teflon,and let it heat up on a low heat,then arrange zucchini in the oil.

Sprinkle some sugar,cinnamon powder on them and then pour the drained rice on it.After steaming the rice,carefully put it in the dish to serve.

Two important points:

  • Tahdig of zucchini will burn very quickly,so turn the heat down very low to cook it.
  • If a non-stick pot is not used to prepare this ,there is a high possibility that tahdig will stick.

15. Tah-deeg with saffron yogurt:

Tahdig with saffron yogurt

Heat the oil in a non-stick pot on a low heat and then sprinkle the sesame seeds in it.Pour yogurt,salt and saffron in a bowl and mix well,then pour it slowly into the pot with a spoon until it completely covers the bottom of the pot.

Pour the drained rice in the pot and press a little with the back of a spoon.Brew the rice and reduce the heat.After 40-45 minutes,turn off the heat and put the rice in a mold in a serving dish.


  • The oil should be completely hot,then put it in the bottom of the pot until the result is good,after putting the lid on the pot,let the flame be medium for ten minutes until persian crispy rice fits,then reduce the flame.
  • You can use potatoes in different ways for crispy rice.The most common method is to cut the potatoes in a round shape but you can grate them or cut them into any shapes then arrange them in the bottom of the pot.Pouring a little oil along with sesame and turmeric under the potatoes will make crispy rice more beautiful and delicious.
  • It is recommended to use butter for crispy rice.If you don’t have butter you can substitute solid oil to have a softer tahdiig.The liquid oil is not absorbed by the rice and makes it dry.
  • The saffron tahdig is one of the most popular and delicious crispy rice.Use high-quality rice and saffron to make it.Drain some rice then add the brewed saffron to it and mix.Pour a little saffron on the bottom of the pot then pour the saffron rice mixture into the bottom of the pot and cover the top with rice.
  • Use a suitable and non-stick pot to prepare professional tahdig.Teflon,cast iron and granite pots are suitable options for making this food and making it uniform.If you make tahdig in spirit pots let it be completely fried so that it separates better and does not stick.
  • If you want to make a more beautiful tahdig use tahchin method.To make this food combine some yogurt with saffron and salt then add some drained rice.Pour oil into the pot then pour it in a compact form on the bottom of the pot.If you don’t like to use yogurt substitute eggs.
  • You can arrange the chicken wings around the bottom of the pot and use it to make a tahdig. To make it tastier season the chickens with spices,garlic and onion then place them in the bottom of the pot with hot oil.When one side of the chicken is fried turn it over then pour the rice over it.
  • Tahdig of eggplant is delicious and new.To make this food peel the eggplant then cut it into rings and add salt.After half an hour press the eggplants a little to remove their bitterness.Fry one side of the eggplant and turn it over then cover it with drained rice.

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