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Here we are with another important Persian food recipe. this recipe for rice or Persian rice is one of the main elements of Iranian tables. Iranian rice is one of the inseparable components in the diet of Iranians. Without Iranian rice, all kinds of stews and kebabs are meaningless.

According to the type and quality, this rice is divided into smoked models, northern rice, and sout rice.
Rice or pilaf is used next to khoresh ghorme sabzi , khoresh gheymeh, khoresh fesenjan and as cholo (cholow) with all kinds of kebabs. Rice and pilaf are meaningful together. Rice is used to prepare loobia polo and provincial adas polo.
Rice is also used to prepare different types of persian tahdig and tahchin morgh.

For: 4 people

Preparation: 2 to 3 hours

Cook for: 1 hour


Rice  2 cups
Salt  2 tsp
Saffron  2 tps
Liquid oil  2 to 3 tps
Water  sufficient amount

how to Cook Persian Rice(Iranian Steamed Rice Recipe)?


1. To prepare Persian rice, we first clean the rice and pour it into a bowl pour water up to the surface, and change the water several times until the water inside the rice becomes clear and add 1 tps of salt to it.

pour rice in bowl

2. Then let it soak for 2 hours. Next, we choose a pot suitable for the amount of rice (if we have 2 cups of rice,4 to 5 cups of water are needed).

wash rice

3. At this stage, we pour half of the water into the pot put the lid on the pot, and put it on high heat so that the water boils faster. When the water starts boiling, we add 1 tps of salt to it.

pour rice in pot

4. Then we add the rice to the boiling water stir it with a draining spoon and leave the rice alone to cook for 8 minutes after this time we go to the Persian Rice and press a grain of rice with two fingers.

pour water in pot

5. If it is crushed (the rice is not separated or cut in half, but crushed) it means that it is time to drain the Persian Rice, and if it is not crushed, we should give it more time to cook. You can put a grain of rice between your teeth if It is soft and the core is a little hard, which means that the rice is cooked.

add salt and oil

6. You can do both of these tests. After making sure that it is cooked, pour the rice in a colander and quickly pour cold water over it (to remove the excess rice starch).

boiling water

7. Now we immediately lift the strainer and shake it 2-3 times so that the rice underneath is moved the heat does not crush them and the rice grains do not stick to each other. We put the pot back on the heat until it dries completely.

8. Then we pour liquid oil into it and add a little saffron to it and move the pot a little left and right until the combination of oil and saffron completely greases the pot and then pour the rice with a draining spoon.

9. We pour it into the pot with a draining spoon and never pour the rice into the pot all at once. We put the handle of the draining spoon in the middle of the rice and take it out so that the created hole causes steam to escape from the bottom of the pot.

10. Make sure that the lid of the pot is strong. It is better to put a flame spreader on the flame and put the pot on it.

11. We let the steam wrap inside the rice for 10 minutes with high heat, and then we reduce the heat very gently so that the rice is cooked for 40 to 45 minutes.  After the mentioned time, the aroma of rice starts to spread.

12. We turn off the heat and slowly pour rice into the desired dish. Enjoy your meal.

Notes for Persian Rice:

Tips for Iranian Steamed Rice Recipe:

Drain Persian Rice with tahdig:

  • With the method we explained in the tutorial above, you can make rice with a saffron tahdig, which is also made of rice. If we want to use sliced ​​potatoes or bread for the bottom of the pot, what should we do?

Just put the pot for cooking rice on the heat and add a little oil, then place the potato sheet or lavash bread on the bottom of the pot and cover it with rice, then follow the steps as above.

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FAQ for Iranian Rice:

iranian rice


  • What is Persian rice called?
  • A white rice that has a long grain rice
  • What kind of rice do Persians eat?
  • Iranian rice has different types with different aroma and taste.

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  1. My question is, draining rice better or cooked rice? Which method does not lose the properties of ricr

    1. Hi dear Niam, The best way to cook rice is to cooked it, and this method does not lose the minerals and nutrients of rice.

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