How Long to Cook Kabab Koobideh in Oven with Skewers

Kabab koobideh is one of my favorite foods in my childhood. I remember when I was a child, I did not like meat in any food that my mother cooked. So, most of the time, she cooked foods that did not have meat inside them. But, as I grew up, little by little, I became a fan of kabab koobideh.

This delicious food became one of my favourite foods, and every day, I asked my parents to cook or buy kabab koobideh for me when we went to a party and the food was kabab koobideh I really became happy.

With the passing of time, I loved meat, and I ate meat in any food such as baghali polo ba mahicheh, shishlik, chenjeh, kabab soltani, etc.

Koobideh or kabab koobideh is one of the most traditional Iranian foods. It is a combination of minced meat and onion with spices, which is grilled with a skewer and on a charcoal grill. The history of Chelo Kabab Koobideh dates back to the Qajar period and Naser al-Din Shah Qajar.

From Nayeb’s Chelo Kebab, which was the first chelo kababi, to the chelokababi established in Europe, this traditional food is popular.

Kabob koobideh is served with saffron rice (Persian rice), butter, and grilled tomatoes. Even An Italian chef who liked kebab irani made a pizza and named it chelo kabab pizza. Iranian men are very pretentious in the field of cooking kobeda.

Types of Iranian kebab:

Types of Iranian kebab

Kabab Koobideh is located next to kebabs such as Soltani kebab, ghafghazi kebab, Chenjeh kebab, Kabab barg, Kabab torsh, Dande kabab and Bakhtiari kebab,chelo kabab soltani, which are among the most delicious Iranian kebabs.

One of the important points in preparing an Iranian kebab is that it does not fall due to the heat of the barbecue and does not separate from the skewer, for which professional chefs have provided various techniques. This kebab is among the top 10 Iranian dishes, along with joojeh kabab and tahchin morgh.

In these kebabs, chicken meat can also be used to cook pounded kebab, which is called pounded chicken.

For:4 people

Preparation:1 hour 30 minute

Cook for:30 minute

My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 10
The ease of cooking Hard
Served for Dinner, Launch
Suggest for Daily meal, party meal
What is served with? Onion, sabzi khordan, mast o musir


Onion 2 pcs
Lamb (cleaned)                         0.5 pounds
Veal thigh meat                       0.9 pounds
Salt and black pepper              optional
Curry powder                             1 tps
Tomatoes                                    8 pcs

How to make kabob Koobideh?

kabob koobideh recipe

how to make kabab koobideh


Kabab koobideh in oven toaster :

Kabab koobideh in oven

Kabab koobideh in the oven is one of the most popular dishes among Iranians, which is suitable for those who do not have a place to prepare a charcoal grill. To see the complete and step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare grilled kebabs in the oven without skewers, continue with our site.

1. As the top recipe, when the kebab ingredient is ready and we take it out of the refrigerator, we start skewering it.

2. Because we can’t put skewers in the oven, we cover a wide skewer with foil so that foil covers the entire circumference of the skewer; then we take a kebab mixture and put it on the skewer.

Kabab koobideh in oven step 2

3. Now, we spread it on the skewer and make a pattern on it with our fingers, then we slowly remove the foil from the skewer along with the kabab mixture. Next, we wrap a piece of foil around the skewer and continue skewering the kebab.

step 3 koobideh in oven

4. In the same way, we skewer all the kebab ingredients on the foils. Next, we turn on the oven at the highest level (325 F), then put the kebabs along with some tomatoes and green peppers in the oven tray that we have greased with oil.

step 4 koobideh in oven

5. After the oven is well heated, we put the oven tray in the oven and wait until one side of the kebabs is roasted, then we slowly turn them over until the other side is also roasted and cooked completely.

step 5 koobideh in oven

6. Note that if we cook kabab koobideh in the oven at a low temperature,it will become dry and hard. For this reason, we should cook it at the highest oven temperature and in the shortest possible time. After the kebabs are cooked completely, we take them out of the oven.

step 6 koobideh in oven


7. At this stage, we melt the butter and then combine it with brewed saffron. When the kebabs are still hot, we apply a mixture of butter and saffron to them; then we serve them with bread or rice according to our taste.

irani kabab

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1. Grate the onion, then pour it in a strainer or squeeze it with your hand until the water is completely removed.

ingredients for koobideh

2. Pass the mutton and veal through the meat grinder 2 times, then knead it with salt and pepper. Add curry spice and onion to it and knead again until it becomes sticky (the more you knead the meat, the stickier it becomes, and it will not fall off the skewer when grilling).

skewering kabab koobideh

3. Moisten the palm of your hand with some water and divide the mixture into 4 equal parts make each one into a cone shape and spread it on a especially beaten kebab skewer (wide skewers) and shape it by simultaneously pressing two fingers on the surface of the meat.

Do the same at the head and bottom of the skewer with a little more pressure. Prepare the rest of the ingredients in the same way, arrange them in a tray at some distance, and put them in the refrigerator for 7 hours.

skewering koobideh

4. Prepare the barbecue(heat high and same in all parts).Place the kabab koobideh skewer on it in a row and turn regularly(the kebab is placed on the heat from all sides). When the meat comes out of the soft state, reduce the heat a little until the kabab koobideh is fully cooked.

grill kabab koobideh

5. While the kebabs are cooking, skewer the tomatoes and make one or two cuts on their skin with a knife, sprinkle a little salt on them, then place them on the grill until they are grilled. After that, serve the chelo kabab koobideh with Sangak bread, Sabzi khordan, Zeytoon parvardeh, Mast o musir, grilled tomatoes, and sumac.


grill koobideh

This is the Iranian kebab recipe, make it and enjoy it.

12 golden tips for having delicious kabab koobideh:

tips for kabab koobideh

  • The process of extracting water from the grated onion prevents the meat from falling apart.
  • Kneading minced meat with salt prevents the meat from falling apart and increases the stickiness of the meat.
  • Adding curry spices to minced meat gives a different flavour and aroma to this recipe.
  • You can’t make Persian grilled kebob too dry, so be sure to prepare a little tail fat along with the meat. Meat without fat is not suitable for this kebab, and it makes the kebab dry and hard.
  • One of the tips that make the kabab koobideh consistent is that they don’t wash the meat before grinding, so you don’t have to wash the kebab meat. This will cause the meat to lose its stickiness. For this reason.
  • For this koobideh meat to be completely uniform, you should grind the meat and tail fat together in such a way that you chop the meat and fatty pieces into small pieces and grind them in combination. You can grind it more than once in order to crush the meat completely.
  • One of the methods used to make the meat more sticky is to use some chicken meat. You can also add some minced chicken meat to the kabob ingredients for more stickiness. Of course, this is not mandatory.
  • One of the uses of baking soda is in koobideh. Of course, since the iron in the meat is destroyed by using baking soda, it is better not to use this method all the time. By adding baking soda, your kebab will not fall off the skewer but will also have a more uniform shape and appearance.
  • The most important step in preparing a kebab is kneading it. The more you knead, the better. After a while, you will notice that the meat changes color a little as a result of kneading, and it no longer sticks to the dish or your fingers.
  • For small amounts of grilled meat, this is not so difficult, but for larger quantities, be sure to knead the meats separately.
  • After kneading the meat well and adding your desired spices (usually, only salt and black pepper are used) make sure to rest it in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours. Do not skip this step. Resting the meat makes it taste more pleasant.
  • To have a delicious kabab koobideh, it is better to grill it on charcoal. Of course, the grill can also transfer heat in the same way and is suitable for this purpose. At the beginning of grilling, the flame should be high so that the surface of the grill cooks a little. You have to turn the skewers quickly and fan the fire as well. By doing this, both sides of the kebab will be half-baked in the same way. After the kebabs are half cooked, you should lower the heat and allow the kebabs to cook well.
  • Using turmeric powder in preparing this dish is a big mistake. Don’t forget that the spices suitable for kabab koobideh are saffron, salt, and a small amount of black pepper. Of course, saffron is used in saffron kebabs and it is not necessary to put it in simple kebabs.


  • Is kebab the same as koobideh?

Kebab, kabob, kabab koobideh,koobudeh kabob, and koobideh are the same, and their recipe is similar.

  • Is koobideh iranian?

Yes,koobideh is a traditional Iranian food that is very famous.

  • What is the difference between kofta and koobideh?

Kabab koobideh is a ground meat which is thin and long in skewer but kofta is a ground meat that is fried without skewer.

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    1. Hi,Both types of meat are used for koobideh kabob
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  1. Hi mohsen and mahsa, please tell me ,what Is the best way to cook koobideh with charcoal or gas and oven?

  2. Hello, thank you for the complete article of Kabab Kobideh
    By the way, I made this dish with my mother and it turned out great
    Do you have a recipe for ghormeh sabzi?

  3. Hi dear Mohsen
    How long to cook kabab koobideh in oven ?
    How is it in industrial or radiation ovens that the barbecue is prepared very quickly?

    1. Hello, my friend, depending on your oven model, it varies between 15 and 25 minutes
      In radiant ovens, the heat is radiated from above into the oven, and this action makes the kebab not smoke and it is cooked very well.

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