Chelo Kabab Barg Recipe _ Persian Barg Kbob

Kabab barg or chelo kabab barg is one of the old and traditional Iranian kebabs, which is very popular among Iranians. This kebab is known as one of the most popular kebabs because it is prepared from smooth meat.

Kabob barg has a special taste and a soft and crispy texture that melts easily when it is placed in the mouth and of course, for this reason, it is one of the best-selling dishes in restaurants, and every chef prepares this authentic Iranian kebab in his own way.

The method of preparing traditional Iranian kabob barg is very easy, and it is enough to cut the meat evenly and pound it until it is completely soft.

It is better to know that flavoring the kebab ingredients can be a matter of taste and use the ingredients you like.

Soup jo is usually used before serving this dish for better digestion.

How to make kabab barg on a charcoal grill? (Kabab barg recipe)

In the past, this kabob was prepared only with first-class mutton, but today, this delicious kebab is also prepared with white meat such as chicken.

Kabab barg is also famous as one of the most expensive Iranian kebabs due to the use of lamb meat.

Kabab barg is a main part of sultani kebab. This kabab is like that bakhtiari kebab.

For: 4 people

Meat preparation time: 6 hours

Cooking time: 20 minutes

The amount of calories per 100 grams or a kabab barg skewer: 200 calories

How to make kabab barg on charcoal grill

Ingredients for kabob barg:

Ingredients for kabab barg

Lamb or veal fillet meat 2.2 pound
Onion a large one
Salt and black pepper as needed
Brewed saffron as needed
Rosemary leaves, olive oil, red vinegar, bay leaves, cloves, garlic, and nutmeg for marinating or flavoring the meat as needed


Making kebabs at home is not that difficult. Be with us with the best homemade kabab and training steps.

1. Pounding kabab barg meat:

Season the meat in the restaurant style a day before or, if you don’t have much time, about 6 hours before.

In the preparation of lamb kabob barg, first, wash and dry the meat well to season it. Put the meat on the meat board and pound it with a steak hammer until it spreads and its diameter reaches about half a centimeter.

If the meat you use is very thick and does not reach your desired width with a steak hammer, the best thing is to first divide it into two equal parts with a sharp knife carefully and then pound each part with a steak hammer until it reaches the diameter and desired thickness.

The best kebab is that one which is well pounded and soft and juicy after cooking.

Remember that the width of the pounded kebab should be about four fingers or about 8 to 10 cm. The standard weight of a normal kabab barg is 120 grams, and a special one is 160 grams.

2. Season the meat:

At this stage of how to prepare kabab barg you should season the meat of this kebab like other types of kebab before skewering.

To marinate the meat in the second step, pour the meat in rosemary leaves, grated onion juice, red vinegar, melted butter, olive oil, bay leaves, cloves, nutmeg, saffron, and two grated garlic cloves.

Do not add salt to the meat at this stage because salt will cause the meat to lose water, and your kebab will be hard and dry.

So, the second reason for the hardening of kabob barg is salting the raw meat. The best time to salt the meat is in the middle of its cooking.

3. Skewer the meat:

Now, it’s time to skewer the meat. Place the meat on the work surface, and hold the meat in place with your hands.

Then, insert the skewer into the meat slowly from under your hand; the pieces of meat should stick together after skewering.

Place the skewer on the heat and turn it carefully until the meat is grilled (the best fire for grilling is a charcoal grill). To make a soft and juicy kabob barg, you have to be patient and take time.

If you feel that the meat is getting dry during grilling, especially if you are using veal for roasting, you can apply some butter on the meat with a brush. Sprinkle some salt on the grilled meat in the middle of cooking.

4.How to serve kabab barg:

In the last step of preparing restaurant kabob barg, you should serve the kebabs. It is better to serve kabob barg with rice.

When you serve kabob barg next to the bread, the fat of the meat goes into the bread, and the grilled meat dries up very quickly and loses its softness and tenderness.

To remove the kebab from the skewer, place the kebab directly on the Persian rice and carefully remove it from the skewer.

Iranian kebabs included: kabab torsh , koobideh, joojeh kabab, dande kabab, ghafghazi kababchicken koobideh kababkabab chenjeh.

How to make kabab barg in pan(barg kabob recipe):

How to make kabab barg in pan

1. If you intend to make kabab barg inside the pan, you should skewer the meat with a wooden skewer and then cut the excess meat from the surrounding area so that the meat has a conical shape.

2. Take the special grill pan, pour oil on it, place it on gentle gas heat, and allow the pan to get warm and ready. Then, put the wooden skewers that you prepared into the pan, put the lid on the pan, and cook the kebabs for about 20 minutes.

Allow time for the kebabs to drain and become soft in their water, then remove the lid of the pan and turn the skewers so that the other side of the kebabs is cooked and soft in the same way.

Notes for making in the pan:

  • The way to fry the kebabs is very important, and it is better not to fry them too much so that your kebabs don’t dry out.
  • You can smear all the skewers with butter at the end of the cooking stage.
  • You can put a lid on the pan, but be careful that, in this case, it will cook faster.

This kabob is served with sabzi khordan, zeytoon parvardeh, mast o musir, mast o khiar and Persian doogh as drink. This kebab is also served with Iranian rice or Sangak bread.

How to make kabab barg in the oven:

How to make kabab barg in oven

If you are planning to make kabab barg at your home and you are not outside, then it is better to cook your kabab barg in the oven because it is impossible to make a fire and prepare the grill at home, so use modern tools and cooking equipment such as an oven. Use it to prepare this delicious kebab.

In simple words, after you have gone through the steps of preparing the meat, seasoning it, and putting it in the refrigerator, and you have skewered your meat ingredients and put them on the oven tray, then you should turn on your oven and set it to 180 degrees.

Finally, after the oven is hot enough, put the appropriate tray or container in the oven. It is better to apply the prepared sauce of butter and saffron to your kebab every 10 minutes. Finally, like other kebabs, this kebab is served with rice.

There is a misconception that fillets refer to a particular cut of meat. As with other kinds of meat, a veal fillet can actually be derived from any cut of the cow. The difference is that a fillet is already trimmed of extra fat and it is usually free of any bones. Veal fillets are particularly admired over thin cuts of meat because they are tender.

When consumers shop for this type of meat for home cooking, they might ask a butcher from where a particular fillet is derived, as it can either be the front, middle, or rump of the calf.


13 Notes for kabab barg( grilled saffron beef Persian):

Notes for kabab barg

The technique of roasting kabab barg and the important points of making it soft and crispy:

  • To prepare a delicious and crispy kabab barg like other types of kebabs, it is necessary to use stale meat. Stale meat means meat that has been slaughtered for at least three days; in this case, you will have a tender and soft kebab. If the meat you have is fresh, put it in the refrigerator and wait for two to three days until it becomes stale and ripe.
  • Kabab soltani is a combination of a kabab barg skewer next to a kabab koobideh skewer. So, how to prepare kabab soltani is the same way. The kabab barg is separated, and the kabab koobideh is served separately and side by side.
  • The meat used to prepare kabab barg must be fillet meat. Some people use mutton or veal to make kabob barg, but fillet meat, especially lamb fillet, has a more delicious taste and softer texture.
  • Use rosemary, red vinegar, melted butter, olive oil, bay leaves, cloves, nutmeg, and garlic to flavor the kabob barg. These ingredients give a wonderful aroma to your kebab.
  • Some people prefer to grate a kiwi when seasoning the meat to make the meat softer. Kiwi softens the meat.
  • Be careful when you pound the meat; the meat will fall into pieces.
  • When skewering the kebab, we should place the pieces of meat on the meat board and keep it steady with our hands, then pass the skewer through the meat and skewer all the meat in the same way.
  • The method of preparing this kabab with chicken meat is also common. To prepare kabab barg with chicken meat, season the chicken meat in the same way, pound it with a knife, and skewer it.
  • The method of preparing homemade kabab barg on gas and in a frying pan is also common. But the advice of professional cooks is that it is better to prepare it on a charcoal grill for the delicious taste of this kabob.
  •  In the preparation of this kabob with veal order, you should follow the same method as mentioned before and prepare a restaurant and delicious kebab by using the grill technique.
  • If you want a softer kebab, you can add 1 teaspoon of grated kiwi to the ingredients.
  • Sprinkle salt on the meat after skewering.
  • The knife you have chosen to pound the meat should be the same size as the meat itself, and you should be able to hit all parts of the meat with it.


1.Why does kabab barg being harden?

The reason for the stiffening of the kabab barg is the use of non-sterile meat. So the staleness of the meat is very important to keep the kabab barg from getting tough.

2. What should we do to soften the grilled meat quickly?

To quickly soften the grilled meat, use a grated kiwi in the meat ingredients. It is better to use unripe kiwi.

3. What kind of meat is used in the preparation of kabab barg in a restaurant?

As a restaurant barbeque tutorial, you should know that the meat used to prepare kabab barg must be fillet meat. Some people use mutton or veal to make this kebab, but fillet meat, especially lamb fillet, has a more delicious taste and softer texture.

4. How to have juicy kabab barg?

Do not pour salt on the meat for seasoning, and while cooking it, let the kebab cook completely and then add salt to it. After cooking the kebab, don’t put it in the bread because the barbecue juice will be taken, and it will dry out. Other points are mentioned in the article.

5. What is the best meat for cooking kabab barg?

To cook the best kebab, you should use the lamb and remove its excess fat. Increase the thickness of the meat to half a centimeter and try to make all its parts the same thickness so that all parts cook at the same time.

6. What part of the meat is barg?

Lamb or veal fillet meat

7. What is the difference between barg and koobideh?

Koobideh is made with minced meat, and barg makes with veal fillet

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