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Baklava tabrizi is a special Persian sweet that you can use for special parties or even during the Nowruz holidays and treat your guests with this delicious and authentic Iranian sweet.

Tabriz is a famous city in the field of baklava production, in the style of Turkey. For this reason, baklava tabrizi is known as Istanbul baklava.

This Persian baklava has a very pleasant taste and has been imported from Tabriz to other cities of Iran.

If you are planning to prepare souvenirs for your relatives, both inside and outside of Iran, baklava tabrizi is the best option and it will certainly be especially welcomed.

The main ingredients for making baklava are flour, sugar, eggs, cardamom, etc. Baklava has different types and shapes, in terms of appearance it is square, rhombus, and tubular and in terms of taste, it has pistachio, coconut, and almond flavors.

You can also use walnuts, almonds, or pistachios in it.

At first glance, everyone might think that making baklava tabrizi is very difficult and we cannot easily prepare this sweet at home.

but you should know that if you are familiar with the principles of this work and know its steps this work is not difficult at all and it can be done easily.

In this article, we would like to talk about how to prepare baklava tabrizi first we will tell you what ingredients you need to prepare this delicious Tabrizi sweet, and then we will teach you step by step so that you can learn quickly.

We invite you to the end of this article stay with us.

How to prepare baklava tabrizi?

How to prepare baklava tabrizi

To prepare this baklava you should know that this sweet has two parts. One of its main parts is the sweet itself which you have to follow to reach the cooking stage and the other is the nectar or syrup on it which makes baklava taste sweet and attractive.

In the following, we will tell you the basic ingredients needed for baklava and its nectar and you can prepare them to easily prepare a delicious and unique baklava.

Make sure that the amount of ingredients mentioned for preparing baklava is suitable for about 6 people and if needed, you can increase or decrease the number of ingredients accordingly to get the amount you want.

This baklava is often used at parties along with shirini gerdooee, baklava ghazvini,nane berenji, Iranian sweets

For: 6 people

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Baklava tabrizi recipe:

how to make baklava tabrizi

Ingredients for baklava tabrizi:

Puff pastry (yufka or filo) 15 sheets
Walnut Half a cup
Melted butter 1/4 cup
Pistachio and coconut powder to decorate baklava as needed

Ingredients for syrup of baklava tabrizi:

Rose water 1/4 cup
Water a cup
Sugar 2 cups
Grated cardamom 1/8 tablespoon
Brewed saffron 1/8 tablespoon
Fresh lemon juice a drop or two


Now that you have prepared the ingredients that are needed to prepare baklava tabrizi we need to go to the steps of preparing this delicious sweet.

Pay attention that first, we will prepare baklava together and then we will prepare its nectar so that you can finally prepare this dessert in its entirety.

Just be aware that you must follow the steps by step to prepare baklava so that you don’t have any problems during the process and you can prepare baklava easily.

1. Preparation:

Preparation dough sheet

First, prepare the necessary ingredients separate the dough sheets, and cover them so that they do not dry in the open air. Then turn on the oven at a temperature of 347 Fahrenheit until it heats up.

Also, prepare a 23×23 mold and grease it with butter because the baklava does not stick to it. If needed, you can also use grease-proof paper.

2. Preparation of baklava layers:

Preparation of baklava layers 2

Preparation of baklava layers

First, fold a sheet of dough to the size of the mold and place it inside the mold. Then grease it and put another layer and do this for about 4 layers until it gets a little thick.

Then grind the walnuts into small particles with a chopper and sprinkle two to three tablespoons of walnuts on the layer and place another layer on top of it and continue doing this for about two to three layers.

Cover the last layer of walnut powder with another sheet of dough spread it with butter and continue until the last layer and place it on top of each other.

3.Baking baklava:

baking baklav 2

baking baklava 1

Now that you have put the baklava into the mold and prepared it, it is time to cut the baklava. For this purpose, using a sharp knife, cut the baklava into squares or rhombuses so that they are completely separated and you can easily separate them from each other after cooking.

After cutting, place the mold in the preheated oven and give it time until it becomes completely golden, and then you can take it out of the oven.

Of course, check every few minutes to make sure the baklava doesn’t burn and doesn’t taste bad.

4. Preparation of baklava syrup:

Preparation of baklava syrup

In the fourth step of how to prepare baghlava tabrizi, we have to prepare baklava syrup until the baklava is ready in the oven. To do this, first pour sugar and water into a suitable pot and place it on a low flame until it boils and the sugar dissolves completely in the water.

Then dissolve saffron in a very small amount of hot water and add it to the same ingredients. In the next step, add grated cardamom to this mixture and leave it for about 15 minutes to boil and get a suitable concentration.

Finally, add rose water boil for a minute, and then remove from the flame.

After removing from the flame, pour two drops of fresh lemon juice into it and let the syrup cool completely.

5.Making baklava:

Making baklava

At this stage, when the baklava is completely cooked, take them out of the oven and after they cool down a bit, immediately pour the nectar on them so that it goes well with the baklava and gives them a unique taste.

To decorate the baklava, you can pour coconut powder or pistachio powder on them put them in a suitable dish, and serve.

Notes for baklava tabrizi:

Notes for baklava tabrizi

  • Prepare the nectar when the baklava is cooling (it is better if the baklava is not hot and almost cooled).
  • After it is ready, pour the nectar on the baklava before it cools so that it penetrates the texture of the pastry.
  • Pour the nectar on the baklava, so that it spreads everywhere. In this way, baklava is prepared for serving.

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