Easy Ash jo Recipe{Best Persian Vegetarian Soup}

Ash jo is a very old and traditional Iranian food that has been cooked with different flavors and methods in all the cities of Iran since ancient times and has many fans who do not miss eating this highly nutritious dish.
How to prepare Ash Jo is very easy and you only need to follow the recipe to get the original taste of this dish. The best advantage of this dish is that you can make it with or without meat and enjoy eating it.
Ash is one of the most famous Iranian dishes that is usually cooked with different ingredients such as vegetables and legumes. This appetizer is also used as a soup for vegetarians.

Ash jow, like other Iranian ash and suop such as sholeh mashhadi, soup jo with chicken, ash reshteh,ash doogh,ash sholeh ghalamkar is a very popular appetizer.

How to make ash jo? (Ash-jo recipe)

How to make ash jo

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 2 hour

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Ingredients for ashe jo:

Ingredients for ashe jo

Peeled oats 1 cup
Pinto beans half a glass
Chickpeas 1/2 cup
Ash vegetable 0.5 pound
Garlic  4 cloves
Large onion 2 pcs
Curd 0.6 pound
Dry mint 1 tablespoon
Salt as needed
Black pepper 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder Half a teaspoon


1.Soaking beans:

We start the preparation of hearty ash jo by soaking the beans.Pour oats,pinto beans and chickpeas separately in a bowl and add water to them and let them rest for a night until they soften and get rid of bloating.

Change the bean water several times.

2.Cooking the beans:

Cooking the beans

To start cooking it is better to drain and wash the beans and then pour the chickpeas and beans into separate pots and use medium heat to boil the water and then lower the heat so that the beans cook slowly.

Remove as much of the foam as possible from the beans.

3.Cooking peeled oats:

Cooking peeled oats

Choose a large pot for cooking ash and put it on medium heat and add water to it then pour the peeled oats into the pot and let the water boil and then lower the heat until it is well cooked.

Stir the oats while cooking to prevent them from sticking.

4.Chopping and washing the vegetables:

Continue the cooking process by chopping vegetables.Ash vegetables include:leek,coriander,spinach and dill.First clean the vegetables and wash them well and then pour them on a colander to remove their excess water.

5.Chopping vegetables:

Next pick up the cooked chickpeas and beans from the heat and set aside.Place the cleaned vegetables on a clean textile until they are completely dry and then chop them evenly using a knife.

6.Adding beans to oats:

Now it’s time to go to the peeled oats and stir.It is better to let the oats go through its cooking process for 2 hours so that it becomes completely thick and glossy.Next pour chickpeas and beans into the pot containing oats.

7.Adding vegetable ash:

Adding vegetable ash

Mix some ingredients and then put the chopped vegetables into the pot so that it is cooked well along with the rest of the ingredients.Let the ingredients cook well for 40 minutes and add the necessary amount of salt at the end.

8.Chopping the onion:

Continue cooking ash jo by making fried onions by chopping the onions into slices or gems and placing a suitable pan on a low heat and adding oil to it until it is fry.

9.Fry the onion:

Fry the onion

After the oil heats up pour the onions in the pan and start frying until the color of the onions turns golden.Then take the onions out of the pan and pour them in a plate.

10.Sauting garlic and mint:

Sauting garlic and mint

Peel the garlic and cut it into slices and fry it with some oil and then pour it in a plate and keep it aside.Now it’s time to fry the mint for about 1 minute on low heat until it becomes soft.

11.Adding spices:

To season Ash-e jo it is better to cook it for the last half hour pour the required amount of black pepper,curd and turmeric powder into the pot and mix the ingredients well and it is better to taste ash to know how much salt it contains.

12.Tasting ash to add salt:

Next pour half of the fried onion and fried garlic

Next pour half of the fried onion and fried garlic into ash and wait until the ash settles and thickens.But stir the ingredients so ash does not stick and before adding salt be sure to taste it.


13.Preparation of food:

The traditional and hearty Ash-e jo you cooked

The traditional and hearty Ash-e jo you cooked is ready and you can pour it in a bowl and decorate it with fried onion,fried garlic and fried mint along with curd and then eat it.

History of ash:

history of ash

Ash is a completely Iranian food that was later lent to other regions around the world from Iran but we can confidently say that Ash is completely an Iranian food.This delicious dish has many similarities with soup.Of course the stories of ash and soup are completely different but there are similarities in that ash and soup are both so-called watery foods and vegetables are used in their recipes.
In ancient times cooking ash was so common that the person who cooks was called a Ashpaz and this word is still in use until now.Someone who is cooking food is said to be Ashpazi which in itself shows the value and popularity of Ash on Iranian tables since long ago.

What does vegetable ash consist of?

Ash jo is one of the old Iranian ash which is mostly suitable for cold seasons and has many health benefits.Its main ingredients are peeled barley,peas and beans,lentils,rice,onions and green vegetables.

Of course some people prefer Ash-e jo with meat or ash jo with sheep extract but in all these types usually the vegetables of Ash-e jo are fixed and include spinach,leek,coriander and parsley.While for example in Ash Shole ghalamkar in addition to these vegetables,spices,basil and mint are also used or in the preparation of ash reshteh you can also use dill and tarchun to make the soup fragrant.

What are the nature and properties of ash jo vegetables:

It is important to know that the composition of Ash Joe’s vegetables as well as all types of Iranian dishes is such that they reach balance together.Pay attention to these things:

  • Spinach is cold and moist and helps to protect the heart and strengthen the muscles of the body.
  • Leek is hot and dry and is very effective in reducing blood pressure,improving digestion and strengthening eyesight.
  • Coriander is cold and dry and works great in controlling diabetes and blood pressure,healing skin diseases and increasing bone health.
  • Parsley is hot and dry and strengthens the immune system and is very useful in the treatment of digestive disorders.
  • Beetroot leaves are hot and dry and cooking them with lentils is beneficial.This useful vegetable strengthens vision,improves the function of the heart and blood vessels and is a very useful plant for removing excess phlegm from the body.

Follow us to introduce you how to prepare strong and thick Ash-e jo so that you can warm yourself up by making this ash whenever you want for the cold days of the year.

Notes for cooking best ash-e jo:

  • Barley helps digestion,reduces cholesterol,prevents cardiovascular diseases and also has softening properties.
  • To make this ash tastier you must have patience and enough time to cook it so that the ash jo is fully glazed.
  • Chop the Ash jo vegetables coarser.This persian ash served with sangak bread and barbari bread.
  • The vegetables of Ash-e jo include coriander,parsley,leeks and spinach or beetroot leaves and the more coriander there is in the ash the tastier will be.
  • The cooking time,concentration,amount of stirring and the amount of water of ash jo are different from other ash.So that some people add some tomato paste in it and many people pour more vegetables in ash to make it greener.
  • You can use curd,saffron curd,cooked beans,fried onion and fried mint to decorate it.
  • In order to make the ash taste better at the end of cooking you can fry two tablespoons of flour and some saffron in a little hot oil and add it to it.
  • If you use sheep extract instead of water your ash will be tastier.
  • In order for the beans to cook faster and reduce their puffiness you must soak them several hours in advance and change the water several times during that time.

Barley is rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds.

It’s available in many forms, ranging from hulled barley to barley grits, flakes and flour.

Almost all forms of barley utilize the whole grain — except for pearl barley, which has been polished to remove some or all of the outer bran layer along with the hull.

When consumed as a whole grain, barley is a particularly rich source of fiber, molybdenum, manganese and selenium. It also contains good amounts of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin (2).

Additionally, barley packs lignans, a group of antioxidants linked to a lower risk of cancer and heart disease (3Trusted Source).


Benefits of ash jo for health:

Benefits of ash jo for health

  • The barley used in this ash has a lot of glaze and can help stomach cells to become more resistant to acid.
  • The nature of this ash is cold in traditional medicine and it has a cooling effect for people who have hot natures and always hot bodies.
  • Foods containing types of barley can be effective in regulating blood sugar and therefore the use of this ash is recommended for diabetics.
  • This ash has a large amount of fiber that can greatly affect the absorption and elimination of food and the functioning of the digestive system in general.
  • Barley is a substance that stimulates the milk glands of lactating women and increases milk production in them.


1.How to prepare Ash Jo?

Ash Jo is one of the delicious Iranian dishes that is made with chickpeas,beans,barley,rice,vegetables,etc.If you like you can add meat or sirabi to this ash.

2.Ash jo is cooked in what ceremony?

Some regions and cities of Iran even prepare Ash-e jo as an important food and offering in certain religious ceremonies and rituals such as the month of Muharram.

3.What is the best way to glaze the ash jo?

In order for your ash jo to be glazed it is better to first cook the barley for 2-3 hours.After the oats are glazed add the other beans and mix well.

4.When should you add curd in the recipe of Ash Jo?

To make ash jo add the curd to it in the last half hour of cooking and stir it frequently until it is completely incorporated.

5.What is the best way to decorate a delicious and special ash jo?

To decorate the ash jo let the surface of the ash cool a little so that the decorations do not spread on the ash.To fry mint,it is better to use solid oil so that it is better placed on the ash.In order to make curd more beautiful combine some of it with saffron.

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