Sholeh Mashhadi Recipe”Savory Persian Stew”+6Notes

Sholeh mashhadi is one of the local foods of Mashhad, which is known only as sholeh in this city. This food is from the ash family. The main ingredients of sholeh mashhadi are meat, beans, and a lot of spices.

Because the process of preparing it is very laborious and expensive, it is not usually cooked at home and is always prepared in large quantities on special occasions (especially Moharram) by a special cook. 

How to prepare sholeh mashhadi? (Sholeh mashhadi recipe)

This dish is very important for the people of Mashhad. It is not bad to know that this food is generally cooked in the last days of Muharram.

Cooking sholeh mashhadi requires a lot of experience, a lot of precision, and a lot of patience, but this time we will share with you how to prepare this delicious food in a simpler way.

So stay with meals cook site in this article.

For: 6 people

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 4 hours

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Beef or mutton 1.1 pound
White beans ½ cup
Pinto beans ½ cup
Chickpeas ½ cup
Lentils ½ cup
Mung beans ½ cup
Half-grain rice ½ cup
Wheat grits 1 cup
Nutmeg powder ½ spoon
Cinnamon powder ½ teaspoon
Turmeric ½ teaspoon
Salt and pepper as much as needed
Ginger powder ½ tablespoon
Liquid oil as much as needed


1. The first step to making sholeh is to choose a large and roomy container and pour all the legumes including peas, beans, mung beans, and lentils into the container.

2. Now pour enough water into the container and let the beans stay in the water for 24 hours so that their swelling is removed and it does not cause heartache.

Be careful that the water level in the container should cover the beans completely.

3. If you intend to make sholeh, it is better to soak the beans the night before and make sure to change the water in the container 2 to 3 times during the soaking period.

4. When you want to make sholeh, wash the beans well and let them stay in the colander, and choose the right dish to prepare this dish.

soak the beans for sholeh

5. It is better to choose a large and spacious pot so that there is enough space for cooking beans. Next, take an onion, wash it well, and peel it.

6. Using a board and a sharp knife, cut the onion into rings and pour it into the pot. Also, add the veal to the pot and pour enough water on it. The level of water should be at a level that completely covers the meat!

add the veal to the pot

7. Put the pot on the gas set the flame to low and let the meat start to cook slowly. In order to improve the taste of the meat and get its raw taste, you can add some salt, pepper, and turmeric to the pot at this stage.

8. Close the lid of the pot and let the meat cook for 3 hours until its texture is completely soft.

9. While the meat is cooking, pour the half-grain rice and wheat into a separate bowl add water to the bowl, and let them soak while the meat is cooking.

add water to the half-grain rice and wheat

10. After the necessary time has passed, when the meat is completely cooked, remove it from the pot and let it cool.

11. After the meat has cooled, use a fork and use it to separate the meat texture.  After finishing this step, you should go to the cooking steps.

12. Pour all the beans into the pot and add water to them again and then put the pot on medium heat and let the beans cook completely and become soft.

13. After cooking the beans, drain them and then let the excess water drain out. Next, pour the beans into a pot again and beat them with a meat grinder until they are completely crushed.

cook all of beans

14. Next, you should add the meat to the beans and stir well with the help of a spoon until all the ingredients are mixed together.

add the meat to the beans

15. Now it’s time for half-grain rice and wheat. Next, you should pour half-grain rice and wheat into a colander to drain their water, and finally add to the pot and stir with other ingredients until they are mixed.

16. After pouring all the ingredients into the pot, you should add some water to the pot put it on low heat again, and let it cook until all the ingredients are completely soft and mashed.

17. Be careful that the cooking time of sholeh mashhadi is about 45 minutes to an hour, and during this time you have to constantly stir it so that it doesn’t stick and burn!

constantly stir it

18. In the last minutes of cooking, you should add cinnamon, salt, black pepper, ginger powder, nutmeg powder, and some liquid oil and stir well until all the spices are absorbed and their flavor spreads.

add spices to sholeh mashhadi

19. When your sholeh becomes elastic, you will know that it is ready and you can pour it into the desired dish and eat it. To decorate the sholeh mashhadi, you can use gheymeh and pour some of it on the sholeh and finally enjoy it!

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How to prepare gheymeh for sholeh mashhadi?

gheymeh for sholeh mashhadi

The people of Mashhad pour gheymeh on the sholeh mashhadi. So be with us to learn how to make it.

1. Soaking cobs and frying onions

To cook gheymeh, first, soak the cob in advance. After that, peel and chop an onion pour some oil in a pot, and fry the onion in it.

2. Adding meat

Then, add the meat that you washed and chopped to the onion and fry it a little.  Then pour the cobs in a strainer until the water drains, and then add the cobs to the meat and fry a little until the raw smell of the cobs is removed.

3. Add turmeric and tomato paste

Add some turmeric to the meat and cobs and stir. In another container, pour 1 tablespoon of tomato paste in oil and fry it a little.

add pepper to it, and pour it into the pot of meat and cobs. Then add water to it and let the meat and cobs cook with gentle heat.

4. Pouring salt and saffron into it

At the end of cooking, add some salt and brewed saffron to the stew and put it on low heat for ten minutes with the closed lid so that the aroma of saffron is absorbed by the stew.

Your gheymeh is ready to pour into the bowl of sholeh mashhadi.

5. Serving sholeh mashhadi and gheymeh

At the end, pour sholeh into a suitable bowl pour some of the gheymeh stew on it, and eat it.

Notes for sholeh mashhadi:

Notes for sholeh mashhadi

  • The best type of meat for making sholeh mashhadi is beef or mutton. If you don’t have this type of meat available and want to use neck meat or any other part, you must make sure that the meat is boneless.
  • If you want the taste of your sholeh to be more delicious, you can add a little sheep fat to the meat used to cook with it. By doing this, you will feel a better taste; But if you want the fat to be invisible in the food, you can crush it completely with a food processor.
  • Since wheat is used in the preparation of sholeh, this causes it to burn quickly and if this happens, a burnt taste will be felt in the food. To prevent this from happening, stir sholeh frequently.
  • Stirring sholeh more will make it fit more and also make it taste better. Apart from that, it creates a more elastic state in the texture of it.
  • Be careful to add the spices to the pot at the end of the cooking and before turning off the stove.
  • As a last point, it should be added that at any stage of cooking, if you feel that the water is low, just add some boiling water to solve this problem.

Muḥarram  is the first month of the Islamic calendar, and one of the four sacred months of the year when warfare is forbidden. The tenth of Muharram is known as Ashura, an important day of commemoration in Islam. For Sunni Muslims, the day marks the parting of the Red Sea by Moses and the salvation of the Israelites, celebrated through supererogatory fasting and other acceptable expressions of joy.



  1. What is the reason for the stretching of sholeh mashhadi?

In order for sholeh mashhadi to stretch well with gheymeh, you have to beat it completely. You also need to devote a lot of time to cooking this dish.

The sholeh mashhadi should be cooked on a low heat until it is completely set. Also, using fat and neck meat and pounding the meat in this dish makes it stretchy.


  1. What is the best meat for making sholeh mashhadi?

The best meat for sholeh mashhadi is to use boneless veal or sheep meat. Of course, using lamb neck meat and ribs in the recipe of sholeh will make this dish more delicious and stretchy, especially for Ramadan and Moharram and for various religious occasions.


  1. What is the difference between sholeh mashhadi and halim?

In the preparation of sholeh, all kinds of beans and wheat and rice are used.  However, in the preparation of Halim, wheat is used and there are no legumes.


  1. What is the difference between sholeh mashhadi and ash shole ghalamkar?

We have vegetables in the cooking method of ash shole ghalamkar, but sholeh is cooked without vegetables.


  1. What is sholeh mashhadi spice?

Turmeric, a stick of cinnamon, cardamom powder, red pepper and a bit of grated nutmeg are the composition of sholeh mashhadi spices.


  1. Can I use red beans instead of pinto beans in sholeh mashhadi?

Yes, you can substitute chickpeas and red beans in the sholeh, but when cooking beans, cook each one separately because their cooking time is different.


  1. Why does my sholeh mashhadi not stretch much?

In order to stretch it, you have to stir it very well so that all its ingredients are crushed and reach the right concentration. It also takes a lot of time for the sholeh to cook and infuse, so lower the gas flame to cook slowly.


  1. Is sholeh mashhadi the same as Halim? What is the difference between sholeh mashhadu and halim?

Sholeh mashhadi and Halim are different, but the preparation of both of them requires a lot of time and attention. In halim, only wheat is used, but in sholeh, in addition to wheat, rice and all kinds of legumes are also used.

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