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Kashke bademjan is one of the most famous and simple Iranian appetizers. Kashke bademjoon is prepared from a combination of eggplant with Iranian curd, fried onions, and walnuts. This food is served with lavash bread, Sangak bread, or Barbari bread.

This appetizer is served alongside khoresh fesenjan and khoresh ghorme Sabzi stew as party dishes for Nowruz Eid and important gatherings.

kashke bademjan

The history of this famous appetizer goes back to the Qajar era. The origin of this old appetizer goes back to Zanjan. There are different ways to cook this food, but the most common method of cooking this food involves frying the eggplant and adding fried garlic, onion, and dry mint along with curd and walnut.

This dish is similar to mirzaghasemi and yatimcheh which are the best Persian foods. This dish is prepared very quickly like that kookoo bademjan and Khagineh.

In the following, we will explain the recipe for making eggplant curd, the methods of frying eggplant in the oven, grilling eggplant, and the method of getting the bitterness of eggplant.

For: 4 people

Preparation:45 minute

Cook for: 45 minutes

How to Make Kashke Bademjan?



 6 pcs
1 pcs
4 pcs
Dried mint              
1 tbsp
Chopped walnut    
2 tbsp
1 cup
Black pepper        
Turmeric powder   
½ tbsp
Liquid oil                 

Kashke Bademjan Recipe:

Instruction for kashke bademjan:

1. To prepare this delicious appetizer, first peel the eggplants, then cut them lengthwise into 2 pieces. Next, put the eggplants in a suitable container and sprinkle some salt on the eggplants.

2. Now we give time for 30 minutes to an hour for the excess water of the eggplants to come out. In addition to removing the bitterness of the eggplants and makes the eggplants absorb less oil when fried.


3. After the eggplant excess water comes out, drain it, then dry it with a clean paper towel. Next, we put a suitable pan on the heat add some liquid oil to the pan, and let the oil become hot.

4. At this stage add the eggplants to the pan and fry both sides uniformly. Next, we place the fried eggplants in a metal net to clean out their excess oil.

5. Meanwhile, we put a frying pan on the heat, then cut the onion into thin slices and pour it into the pan along with a little oil. Fry the onion well until well golden, then add a little turmeric powder.

fry onion for kaske bademjan

6. We continue sauteing the ingredients for another minute, then chop the garlic into very small slices and pour it into the pan. We saute the garlic only to the extent that its aroma comes out.Saluting garlic too much will make it taste bitter.

instruction for kashke bademjan

7. At this stage, remove the garlic and onion from the pan and set aside. Then pour the dry mint into the pan with a little oil and saute for 30 seconds until the color of the mint darkens a little. Do not saute mint for more than 30 seconds because it will become bitter.

siute the mint

8. Now we crush the fried eggplants completely with a blender until their texture is uniform, then we pour them into a suitable pan. Next, we add onion and garlic and sauteed mint to the pan along with walnuts.

adding walnut to eggplant

9. We add some salt and black pepper, then put the lid on the pan and wait until see a layer of oil. Then add the curd and mix until it becomes uniform with the other ingredients.

10. Now we put the lid of the pan again and let the curd and eggplant stay on the heat for another 15 minutes and settle. Finally, we pour curd and eggplant into the kashke bademjan we want, then we decorate with mint, onion curd, and walnuts to our taste.

How to get the bitterness of eggplant:

How to get the bitterness of eggplant

After peeling the eggplants dip them in salt to remove their brown juice.

You can cut the eggplants in layers or add salt to get the bitterness of the eggplants. Instead of salt, you can use salt that dissolves in water but in this case, more oil will be needed when frying. Allow 15 to 20 minutes to absorb the bitterness of the eggplant. That is after sprinkling salt or immersing the eggplants in salt water wait for about 20 minutes until the brown and bitter water comes out.

Drain and dry the eggplants after this time. You can use a towel to catch excess water from the eggplants. The drier the eggplants the faster they fry and the less oil is needed to fry them.

How to fry eggplant in the oven:

Eggplants can be fried in the oven. In this method after getting the bitterness of the eggplants, turn on the oven. Brush one side of the eggplants with oil and place them in the oven tray.

Place the tray on the top floor of the oven. Check the eggplants every 5 minutes so they don’t burn. After one side of the eggplants is fried turn them over. Brush the other side with oil and put it in the oven again until it turns golden. In this method, excess oil does not remain in the eggplant.

In this method due to the low amount of oil you use and because the temperature of the oil does not rise as much as it does on gas you can also use other oils. Like sesame oil and olive oil which have less resistance to temperature.

Never use sesame or olive oil to fry eggplants in a pan on gas heat.

How to fry eggplant in a pan:

Remember, if you are using the frying method in a pan the degree of frying or golden the eggplants depends on your taste. Some people fry eggplants until they are raw and others like to fry them completely.
In any case, after frying the eggplants place them on a napkin to absorb their excess oil. It is true that fried eggplant oil when mixed in eggplant curd will give it a delicious and fatty taste but prioritize your health.

You can also read khoresht mast esfahani recipe.

How to grill eggplant:

How to grill eggplant:

In the preparation of kashke bademjan you can grill eggplants in a traditional and original way. In this method, your kashke bademjan will finally taste smoky and on the other hand, this food is diet and will have much lower calories.

In the grilling method wash the eggplants and put them in a pot on the heat or use a net. You can also grill eggplants on charcoal. To prevent the pot from getting dirty you can wrap the eggplants in foil and place them in the oven tray or pot. Because cleaning the dish in which you grill eggplant is a little difficult.

After grilling let the eggplants cool then peel the eggplants and puree them. Either crush it with a knife or use a meat grinder.

10 Tips to Make Kashke Bademjan More Delicious

10 Tips to Make Kashke Bademjan more Delicious

1. One of the most important reasons that make this delicious food bitter is to use bitter eggplants. Another point is that garlic and mint used to decorate this food should be sauteed for 30 seconds because mint and garlic become bitter if sauteed too much.

2. To prevent your Persian kashke bademjan from becoming bitter, be careful when buying eggplant.

3. To buy eggplant, go for fleshy, shiny, heavy, and long eggplants with firm skin because they are tastier.

4. There are many ways to get the bitterness of eggplants and absorb less oil, but the most common method is to sprinkle salt on them and let them for 30 minutes or put the eggplants in salt water for a while.

5. It is better to put the eggplants in a metal net after frying so that their excess oil can be removed slowly.

6. Be careful when pouring salt into the Iranian appetizer with eggplant so that the food is not salty.

7. You can add curd and walnuts when serving.

8. To prepare diet eggplant dip white curd, instead of frying eggplants, you can grill them on gas.

9. Persian eggplant dip contains 190 to 230 cal.

10. Kashke bademjan can be served for lunch, dinner, and appetizer.


1. What is bademjan in English?

Bademjan in English called eggplant.

2. What is kashk in English?

Kashk in English is called curd or whey

3. How many calories are in the kashke bademjan?

Kashke bademjoon has 55 calories in 1 spoon

4. What is Kashke Bademjan?

Kashke Bademjan is a popular Persian dish made with roasted eggplant, curd (kashk), and various seasonings. It is typically served as an appetizer or dip.

5. What is curd (kashk)?

Curd or Whey, also known as kashk, is a fermented dairy product commonly used in Persian cuisine. It is made by straining yogurt to separate the liquid whey from the solid curds.

6. What is served with kashke bademjan?

It can also be served with fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrots, or bell peppers, for a refreshing. It can be served with sabzi khordan, zeytoon parvardeh, mast o musir.

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