Easy Shirini Papioni Step By Step Recipe 2024

Shirini papioni is one of the simplest and most delicious Iranian sweets. It is made with a thousand-layer dough. It is a delightful and simple pastry similar to a bowtie, decorated with powdered sugar. 

This pastry is easy to prepare, and people who like baking have homemade cakes and sweets. They can easily prepare shirini papioni with Thousand-layer dough at home. 

It is also possible to prepare a thousand-layer dough at home or buy it ready-made for convenience. This sweet is used in parties and Nowruz celebrations and is served with tea and hot drinks.


Thousand-layer dough as needed
Honey Two tablespoons
Rose water one tablespoon
Pistachio slice as needed
Powdered sugar as much as needed


Syrup ingredients

Sugar  two glasses
Rose water  a quarter of a glass
Water A glass 
Brewed saffron two tablespoons
Lemon juice one tablespoon


1. Open the Thousand-layer dough and cut it with a sharp knife. We usually need 2 x 5 cm pieces for bowtie sweets.

cut the dough

2. Then, we wrap the dough from the middle with our two fingers like a bow and set it aside.

wrap the dough

3. Then, to prepare the syrup on the sweets, we can use both the combination of honey and rose water and the combination of saffron syrup. Finally, we put the sweets in the saffron syrup.

add syrup to shirini papioni

4. I use a combination of honey and rose water, and before placing the cookies in the oven, I apply this mixture to the cookies with a brush.

5. Then, we put greaseproof paper on the bottom of the oven tray and place the sweets on the paper in order.

6. We heat the oven to 190-200 degrees Celsius and put the sweets in the oven with heat from above and below.

The baking time is between 15 and 20 minutes until the bottom and top of the cookies are completely golden.

7. After the bottom and top of the cookies are completely golden, you can take them out of the oven. Then, wait for the sweets to cool down and decorate with powdered sugar.

shirini papioni bake

add sugar powder

In the other model, instead of powdered sugar, you can use shirini papioni with special syrup.

In this model, the bow tie sweets are placed in the syrup, and after a few minutes, they take it out and use it.

shirini papioni is ready

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How to prepare a thousand la dough

1. Mix flour and butter:

To prepare a thousand-layer dough, the butter must first reach room temperature. Put the butter in a suitable container and stir well until it becomes soft. Now, sift the flour in two steps and mix it with salt.

Clean the work table, pour flour, and roll the flour into a round shape. Pour 100 grams of butter and water into the flour’s middle and slowly mix the ingredients until it becomes a paste.

2. Resting the dough:

The dough should be put in another bag and rested. It rests for 2 hours, and our dough is ready in these two hours.

3. Opening and closing the dough:

After the specified time, remove the dough from the bag and use a knife to cut it into the shape of +. Then, gently open the dough with a rolling pin.

Put the remaining 125 grams of butter in the middle of the dough and turn it over. Finally, roll the resulting dough into a rectangle with a rolling pin.

Repeat this five times, opening and closing the length and width of the dough each time.

4. Resting the dough:

Now, you can rest the dough for 30 minutes, repeat the process of opening and closing the dough 4-5 times, and finally keep the dough in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Your dough is ready, and you can use it for sweets.

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Notes for shirini papioni

1. I use Thousand-layer dough to make bow ties because it saves time and money.
2. Thousand-layer dough paste should be kept away from air and humidity, as it will lose shape and be difficult to work with.
3. To pour powdered sugar on the shirini papioni, you have to wait until it cools down, and pouring it on a hot cake will cause it to melt.
4. You can use pistachio slices or almond slices to decorate the shirini papioni.

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