Ghafghazi Kebab Recipe +6 Golden Tips

In this article, we are going to introduce you to how to prepare ghafghazi kebab, as you know this kebab is one of the most authentic traditional Iranian dishes which has a delicious taste.

The good taste of this kebab is due to the combination of mutton, beef, and chicken. this kebab is an international food similar to Bakhtiari kebab, but the cooking recipe of this kebab is different and it is prepared in two ways.

In the following article, we will teach you how to prepare restaurant ghafghazi kebab and pan kabab ghafghazi .

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Restaurant ghafghazi kebab recipe:

ingredients kabab ghafghazi:

ingredients kabab ghafghazi

Butter      1.8 ounce
Onions  2 pcs
Chicken breast       0.9 pound
Bell peppers 4 pcs
Veal      0.9 pound
Yogurt  ½ glass
Olive oil or liquid oil  2 tablespoons
Salt and black pepper as needed
Brewed saffron 1 tablespoon

Instruction kabab ghafghazi:

Instruction kabab ghafghazi

1. To start just like how to prepare kabab barg, first cut the mutton, veal, and chicken fillets into pieces like joojeh kabab and wash them.

Then pour them in a big bowl. Make sure that the pieces of meat and chicken are the same size and uniform, the pieces of chicken should not be too thin.

2. Then cut the washed onions into slices and add them to the chicken pieces in the bowl along with olive oil or liquid oil. Add yogurt, salt, and black pepper to the onion and meat pieces and mix all the ingredients.

3. When the meat pieces are well mixed with the oil and onion spices, you can add half of the brewed saffron to the meat pieces and mix well.

Cover the bowl with cellophane and leave the bowl in the refrigerator for 2 to 6 hours until the flavors are well.

4. After the time has passed and the kebab ingredients have flavored, we take them out of the refrigerator and put them aside.

Then we chop the washed bell peppers to the same size as the pieces of meat. It should be noted that many fast food shops also serve this kebab with baguette bread.

5. The best way to cook this kebab is to take the washed skewers suitable for kebab and skewer the kebab by following the order of skewering.

First, we skewer a piece of mutton, a piece of bell pepper, and a chicken fillet. We proceed in the same way until the end.

6. After finishing skewering the kebabs, during cooking we brush the remaining saffron along with the melted butter on the kebabs so that the kebabs do not dry out after cooking and have a fresh juicy saffron taste.

7. Make sure to set the right temperature for the kebabs to be juicy to cook on the grill and turn the skewers slowly during cooking so that the kebabs cook well.

8. Beside this dish, you can also grill tomatoes and hot or sweet green pepper and eat it with kebab.

9. After cooking this kebab, you can serve the kebab with bread and Persian rice. If you wish, you can use oranges, lime, vegetables, and onions.

Of course, Iranian kebabs are not only limited to kabab torsh , dande kabab , kabab barg, kabab koobideh,  and soltani kabob.

What is ghafghazi kebab?

What is ghafghazi kebab

ghafghazi kebab has a different and special combination. This kebab is prepared from fillet or veal fillet and chicken or mutton breast and they are combined with ingredients to make the kebab delicious.

These kebab ingredients include onion, bell pepper, yogurt or cream, brewed saffron, butter, olive oil, salt, and black pepper.

this dish is prepared in different ways, pan ghafghazi kebabs or restaurant ghafghazi kebabs are the most popular way of cooking this kebabs.

In this kabab, bell pepper plays an important role in the aroma and flavor of the kebab and it stimulates the appetite and makes the taste delicious. Be careful to spend time preparing this kebab because it needs more time to be flavored with mutton, veal, and chicken.

The history of ghafghazi kebab:

kabab ghafghazi is one of the most popular dishes in the Middle East, especially in Iran and the Caucasus. This delicious traditional international food is very popular among the people of Iran and the Middle East.

this kebab is made from mutton that has meat fat. When the fat melts on the kebab, it gives a delicious taste to this kebab.

What is the difference between Caucasian and Bakhtiari kebab?

Ghafghazi kebab and Bakhtiari kebab are both popular kebabs in Iran with different cooking methods and different recipes.

In most regions of Iran, Bakhtiari kebab is prepared only with mutton but Bakhtiari kebab is a combination of meat and chicken fillet in the traditional way.

It is a combination of two ingredients. In Bakhtiari kebab, you can not use yogurt with cream, replace it with soy sauce and there is no need for chicken meat.

Bakhtiari kebab is very similar to kabab ghafghazi and has the same combination of ingredients but this kebab is prepared from fat mutton, veal, and chicken fillet along with the rest of the ingredients. Ghafghazi and Bakhtiari kabobs can be cooked in a pan or restaurant-style on skewers.

How to prepare pilaf for ghafghazi kebab:

How to prepare pilaf for ghafghazi kebab

Rice is one of the most widely consumed food ingredients in Iran, which is also important in this kebab recipe, and many dishes are cooked and served using rice.

Making rice is generally easy and you can prepare it in a reasonable amount of time. To prepare Iranian rice, it is necessary to wash the rice several times with lukewarm water to remove the dirt.

It is recommended to soak the rice for at least 3 hours before cooking. If you want to make katte, you need to add salt to the washed rice and put it on low heat with water.

You can also add oil to it. After that, it is necessary to wait for 20 minutes for the rice to rise well and brew. To prepare rice, it is recommended to use a steamer.

To prepare this type of rice, it is necessary to put the water on the heat and wait until the water reaches the boiling point. Then you need to add some salt and oil to it, and finally, you have to pour the rice into the pot. You will see that you have prepared the pilaf for this kebab.

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The method of serving ghafghazi kebab:

After preparing this kebab and cooking it completely you can serve it in different ways. You can serve this kebab with pilaf.

If you want to prepare this kebab for a party, it is better to serve it with rice. You can also make a katte and a few cups of rice for each person. You can even mix rice with some ghafghazi spices such as saffron.

Also, you can use tahdig, pickles, peppers, grilled tomatoes, and fresh herbs like basil. Of course, using pickled cabbage along with this kabab can make your food much tastier.

How to prepare pan ghafghazi kebab:

this kabab can be easily prepared in a pan without the need for skewers and grills. You can use a wooden skewer to skewer the grilled pieces with bell pepper and put them in the pan.

1. First take a suitable pan and grease its bottom, then skewer the kebab pieces in the order of mutton, bell pepper, and chicken fillet on a wooden skewer and arrange them slowly in the pan.

2. Lower the heat of the pan and wait until one side of the kebabs is fried and cooked. Then fry both sides of the kebabs and enjoy.

3. You can also serve oranges,sabzi khordan,lime, fried tomatoes, green peppers, mast o musir with sangak bread and Persian rice.

Notes for Kabab Ghafghazi:

In the preparation of this kebab, it is better to follow the points that we have explained below.

  • If you like fatty foods a lot, you can apply melted butter on the meat a little before grilling. With this, this kebab will be much tastier.
  • Sufficient time to cook grilled meat is between 5 and 10 minutes. Also, vegetables such as bell peppers and tomatoes should be fully cooked.
  • When making ghafghazi barbecue sauce, avoid adding salt because this will make the meat hard.
  • Pay attention to the size of ghafghazi barbecue meats, the size of the meats should not be too big or too small. If the meat is too big, it will remain raw and not cooked well. If the meat is too small, it will burn very quickly on the heat of the grill and will not be usable anymore.
  • The longer your mixture stays in the refrigerator, the better the taste of your kebab will be (Between 4 and 5 hours is suitable)
  • Be careful not to stick a piece of mixed onions to the meat while grilling, because it causes a burning and smoke smell.
  • Be sure to add salt in the last step. Otherwise,it will make your meat tough.
  • Using colored bell peppers will make your kebab look more beautiful.

FAQ for kabab ghafghazi:

1. How to prepare ghafghazi kebab?

ghafghazi kebab is one of the tastiest and most popular kebabs in Iran, It has a very easy recipe. This kebab can be prepared only by seasoning the beef and skewering it with vegetables such as bell peppers. In the article, we have discussed comprehensively the stages of cooking this kebab.

2. What is the best way to cook ghafghazi kebab?

The best way to cook this kebab is to use orange to marinate the meat and cook it on fire. In the article, we have talked more about this kebab cooking methods.

3. What are the necessary ingredients for cooking ghafghazi kebab?

One of the most important ingredients for cooking a ghafghazi kebab is veal, yogurt, and chicken breast are also among the necessary ingredients for preparing this kebab. In the article, we have examined the necessary ingredients to prepare this kebab.

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