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Joojeh torsh is one of the delicious and popular Iranian dishes that originally belonged to the north of the country. This delicious kebab is very similar to morgh torsh and it has a very good taste due to the use of delicious seasonings in its preparation.

Joojeh torsh is one of the most famous northern dishes along with dishes like kabab torsh, Akbar joojeh, etc., we recommend that you try joojeh kabab torsh in traditional northern restaurants if you happen to be in the northern provinces of the country.

This food is one of the delicious dishes prepared with chicken meat. This delicious dish like joojeh kabab does not need grilled and charcoal, and you can prepare it in a pan. Of course, it will taste better if it is made on the grill. So we will teach you the recipe for this food on a charcoal grill today in this article.

Pomegranate paste, walnuts, and special vegetables are the three main bases of joojeh torsh. This dish is considered one of the best local dishes of Mazandaran.

With the amount of ingredients included in this recipe, you can prepare this food for 4 people. If you want to make more or less just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients.

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How to make joojeh torsh? (Joojeh torsh recipe)

How to make joojeh torsh

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 4 hours 15 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for joojeh torsh:

ingredient for joojeh torsh

Chicken fillet 1.1 pound
Sour pomegranate paste A glass
Brewed saffron One teaspoon
Walnuts Three tablespoons
Onion One large
High-fat yogurt Two tablespoons
Oil As needed
Special vegetables for Gilani joojeh torsh 4 to 5 tablespoons in total, including chochag and khalvash, plus a little coriander, parsley, and a much smaller amount
Pepper As needed


instruction for morgh torsh

To prepare sour and delicious joojeh torsh follow the steps below. Of course, we suggest that after preparing this dish you should also study how to prepare morgh torsh a popular dish of Gilani. This northern food also has a wonderful flavor.

1. First wash and dry the chicken fillet. Place the chicken on the kitchen board and cut it into squares or rectangles (similar to jooje kabab pieces).

step 1 joojeh torsh

2. It’s time to add ingredients to season the fillets. Cut the onions into large slices and pour them on the fillets along with brewed saffron, high-fat yogurt and diluted pomegranate paste. Then add salt, pepper and finally ground walnuts to the chickens.

step 2 joojeh torsh

3. Now add the special vegetables that we said above to the chicken and mix it.

step 3 joojeh torsh

4. In this step stir the contents of the bowl with your hands so that all the fillets are coated with the ingredients. Then cover the bowl with cellophane and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

step 4 joojeh torsh

5. After this time remove the bowl from the refrigerator and skewer the chickens. If you plan to make this food in a pan you should use wooden skewers.

To prepare this food in a pan, pour a small amount of oil in it and arrange the wooden skewers. Then reduce the heat and let them fry slowly.

step 5 joojeh torsh

If you want to prepare this kabab on the grill, you can use a metal skewer. While grilling rotate the skewers so that all parts of them are cooked.

joojeh torsh is ready

Joojeh torsh is served as a meal or with rice. In addition, you can use seasonings such as pickles (torshi liteh), seer torshi , mast o musir, mast o khiar, sabzi khordan and zeytoon parvardeh.

Notes for joojeh torsh:

notes for morgh torsh

  • Do not leave the lid of the frying pan from the beginning to make the joojeh torsh crispy. Let both sides of the chickens be fried well and then close the lid of the pan so that the chickens are well cooked and crispy.
  • To make this chicken kabab crispy and juicy you can add two to three spoons of yogurt to the ingredients.
  • Sour pomegranate paste is more suitable for making Sour chicken Gilani and makes this food crispy.
  • You can add a few pieces of kiwi to the ingredients to make this food crispy.
  • Add the salt to the chickens during cooking and when the chicken meat has cooked a little and has set itself so that the chicken meat does not get tough.
  • You can add a spoonful of thick brewed saffron to the joojeh torsh ingredients to make it more delicious. Of course original the food does not have saffron.
  • If you think the taste of pomegranate paste is too sour for you, you can add sour pomegranate paste to taste the chicken.
  • The combination of parsley, coriander, savory, and tarragon in the amount of 3 to 4 tablespoons plus 2 cloves of grated garlic also gives a good taste to the northern joojeh torsh.
  • Keep the distance between the chicken pieces on the skewer to cook the meat well. A finger knuckle is enough space between the chicken pieces on the skewer.
  • Prepare this sour chicken without vegetables is also possible, you can even change the combination of vegetables in this food to your taste so that this dish suits your taste.
  • Some people are interested in preparing sour chicken without walnuts and for this reason, they remove walnuts from the ingredients.

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KABĀB (kebab, kabob, cabob), a popular dish which traditionally consists of meat cut in cubes, or ground and shaped into balls; these are threaded onto a skewer and broiled over a brazier of charcoal embers. After the kabāb is cooked, it is placed on a platter or tray and pulled off the skewer with a piece of flat bread. Because of the smoke produced from the drops of fat that fall on the charcoal, kabāb is usually made in the open air, normally in the courtyard of the house. As a general term, it applies to all kinds of food broiled directly over charcoal, wood, or recently gas, with or without the use of a skewer.

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