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Cucumber tomato salad or Salad Shirazi is a very simple salad, but I will explain to you later that it is not. The combination of tomato, cucumber, and onion should give us a delicious salad, but it is not.
First, lemon juice or authentic Iranian abghoureh should be used as a seasoning for this salad. Second, you have to finely chop the tomatoes and cucumbers. The last point is the amount of pepper that we use for this salad is also very important.

Shirazi salad or Persian Shirazi salad is a completely Iranian salad that is very healthy. Salade Shirazi is a combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions with lemon juice or verjuice (abghoore).To add flavor to this salad origin, we add a little salt, black pepper, and dried mint to it.

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What is served with? Loobia polo, adas polo, ghormeh sabzi

What is the history of salad Shirazi?:

salad shirazi or shirazi salad

The exact history of the salad Shirazi is not available, but an interesting story is told that during the Qajar period, the Shirazi people were known for their laziness. In order to make them active, they designed a competition in which people have to prepare a portion of food that chops cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes accurately and equally, and the one who does it best will be awarded 1000 coins.

After a few days, people would prepare the salads and bring them to a big table in the king’s palace, and the winner would be determined.

In the end, when the king says the purpose of this competition, this salad is known as Shirazi salad. This salad is the best option to serve with kalam polo Shirazialbaloo polodami gojehkhoresh gheymehghormeh sabziloobia polokhoresh fesenjoon.

How to make salad shirazi?(Salad Shirazi recipe)

Preparation time: 5 minutes


ingredient salad shirazi

Cucumber                                     2 pcs
Medium tomatoes                     3 pcs
Medium white onion                  1 pcs
Dried mint                                    1 tsp
lemon juice                                 4tsp
Salt and black pepper               optional


1. To prepare this appetizer, first wash the cucumbers, then cut the top and bottom of the cucumbers and chop them into small cubes. Pour the chopped cucumber into the salad bowl, then wash the tomato, chop it in the same way, and add it to the salad bowl.

2. At this stage, we peel the onion, chop it finely, and add it to the salad bowl. The ingredients of the authentic Shirazi salad of Irainan are only cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, and it is better not to add other ingredients to the salad.

3. At the end, we pour dried mint on all the salad ingredients and mix, then add some salt and black pepper into the lemon juice and add to the salad after mixing well. At the end, we put the salad in the refrigerator to cool.

Notes for persian shirazi salad:

Notes for persian shirazi salad

  • Try to prepare this salad next to the polo meals, such as loobia polo and adas polo, or the best taste is served with ghormeh sabzi.
  • In this salad, you can use some chopped parsley or dried mint.
  • It may be interesting to know that instead of using lemon juice if you use sour lemon, you will see a unique taste.
  • Try to chop the necessary ingredients of Shirazi salad a lot to give this salad a better taste.

Are cucumbers good for you?

Yes, cucumbers are a great part of a healthy diet! Cucumbers belong to the gourd or Cucurbitaceae family, along with pumpkins, squash and melons. This low-calorie fruit (yes, a fruit — it has seeds and grows from a flowering plant!) is chock-full of water and other nutrients, including fiber, vitamins A, K and C, potassium and calcium. One serving equals about 100 grams, or one-third of a medium-size cucumber.

A serving of raw cucumber, eaten with the peel, has:

  • 15 calories.
  • 0.1 grams of fat.
  • 3.6 grams of carbohydrates.
  • 0.5 grams of dietary fiber.
  • 1.7 grams of sugar.
  • 0.7 grams of protein.

Cucumbers offer essential nutrients, too. One serving of cucumber delivers:

  • 16.4 micrograms of vitamin K (14% daily value).
  • 147 milligrams of potassium (3% daily value).
  • 2.8 milligrams of vitamin C (3% daily value).
  • 16 milligrams of calcium (1% daily value).

Health benefits of cucumbers

Whether you like your cucumbers raw or pickled, eating them will benefit your health. They’re rich in antioxidants that can protect your cells and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Here are six ways eating cucumbers improves your health:

1. Increases hydration

Drinking water every day is crucial for your health. It helps with:

  • Digestion.
  • Joint pain.
  • Kidney function.
  • Memory and cognition.
  • Regulating body temperature.


  • How many calories does this salad have? 
  • This salad’s calories are 81kcal in 100gr.
  • Where is Salad Shirazi from? 
  • Shirazi Salad is from Iran.
  • What is the history of Shirazi salad? 
  • The exact history of the salad Shirazi is not available, but an interesting story is told during the Qajar period.
  • What is the famous Iranian salad?
  • Salad Shirazi is a famous Iranian salad.

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