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Kachi is one of the traditional Iranian desserts, rich in vitamins, and can be served at the dinner or breakfast table or as a substitute for one of the main meals. According to the grandmothers, kachi is a home remedy and miraculous.

When it is prepared with animal oil, plenty of saffron, and all kinds of nuts, it can be the best dessert for all. This dessert is very useful for women who have recently given birth to strengthen and restore lost strength.

Kachi is also considered a delicious Iftar dessert or even a light dish for Iftar in Ramadan. This pudding has different names and cooking methods in different cities. For example, in the city of Tabriz, it is called quyimaq, and the people of Kerman add four nuts to it to increase the energy and properties of the dessert.

This Persian Dessert like :Persian Halva, Halva havij, tar halva, Fereni strach pudding and Harireh Badam.

In this article, we are teaching you how to prepare saffron kachi. Be with us at the meals cook site.

Kachi with turmeric or saffron?

kachi with safron

The method of preparing kachi with turmeric and saffron is both traditional and is a suitable option for the diet plan of one month of Ramadan. Making this dessert, a hearty dessert, is done differently in different cities of Iran, sometimes with different names.

Tabrizi kachi is very famous, and the people of Tabriz call this delicious and nutritious dessert “Quyimaq”, the people of Urmia call it “Doshab,” and the people of Kermani use 4 nuts to increase the strength of this delicious dessert; some add sugar, and in some regions, the recipe Kachi is also customary with adding a little salt and turmeric.

Making this pudding with sangak bread flour and white flour is also common. In general, the ingredients of this old and traditional dessert, regardless of the different names, are similar in different regions of Iran with a little addition and subtraction of ingredients.

How to make Kachi? (Kachi recipe)

How to make Kachi

For: 4 people

Preparation time:10 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

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Wheat flour  1 glass
Butter  1.7 ounce
Animal oil or liquid oil
Half a pint
Cardamom powder(hel spice) Half a teaspoon
Cinnamon Half a teaspoon
Brewed saffron 3 tablespoons
Water 4 glasses

Instruction Iranian kachi:

instruction for kachi

1. Prepare this dessert at the beginning of the work, start by making the syrup for this; put a suitable pot on medium heat and, if you wish, mix sugar, honey, or grape juice with some water in a bowl and pour it in the pot.

making syrup for kachi

2. Next, it is better to stir the sugar until it dissolves completely. It is not necessary to reach the consistency, and it is enough to mix the sugar grains with water and then add the brewed Persian saffron and stir the ingredients until they are uniform.

add saffron to kachi syrup

3. To prepare the basic this dessert, it is better to add rose water and, after stirring a bit, remove the pot from the heat. If you used chopped candies instead of sugar, strain the syrup.

add butter to pot

4. Put a suitable pot on low heat, pour the oil and butter into the pot, let the butter melt, and mix it with the oil. Using a sieve, sift the flour into a bowl twice.

add flour to butter

5. Continue cooking by adding flour to the pot containing oil and then stir the ingredients well so that the flour does not lump and turns golden. The darker the color of the flour, the darker the color of this.

6. stir the flour with low heat so it does not burn and removes the raw smell. Now it’s time to mix the cardamom and cinnamon powder with the ingredients, and you can add your favorite spices at this stage and mix.

add cardamom to syrup

7. Using turmeric in preparing this will change its color, but if you don’t like its taste, it is better to remove it, and it is better to use more saffron.

8. Now it’s time to remove the pot from the heat, and then, using one hand, add the pre-prepared syrup to the ingredients in the pot and gently stir with the other hand until the ingredients are completely uniform.

add syrup to kachi

9. Continue cooking this dessert by mixing the ingredients with the syrup until you get a smooth mixture with a soft texture. If you want, you can use different types of nuts to strengthen Kachi further.

continue cooking kachi

10. To brew this pudding, it is better to put the pot on low heat twice and then stir slowly, let the pudding settle down little by little. For this, close the pot lid and sometimes open the lid and stir the ingredients.

11. When this concentration reaches the right size, removing the pot from the heat is better. Remember this dessert has a consistency like porridge and should not harden like halva, and remove this delicious dessert from the heat before it hardens completely.

12. The delicious and nutritious kachi you made is ready, and you can pour it in a suitable dish, decorate it with different types of nuts, and enjoy it.

kachi is ready

Notes for Persian Halva Pudding:

notes for kachi

  • Mix some brewed saffron with the ingredients if this dessert becomes hardens.
  • You can use cardamom and cinnamon extract instead of powder if you want.
  • Using rice or wheat flour is completely tasteful, and you can make this dessert with both types of flour.
  • This pudding hardens like shole zard after cooling, and you should not remove it from the heat with a high concentration.

What is Animal Fat?

From a scientific perspective, animal fats and oils are lipids derived from animals. Oils are liquid at room temperature, and fats are solid. Both animal fats and oils are composed of triglycerides.

Animal Fats Provide Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Animal fats carry bioavailable fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2.

These are called fat-soluble vitamins because they are soluble in organic solvents and are absorbed and transported in a manner similar to that of fats.

The retinoid version of vitamin A is only found in animal sources such as liver, butter, whole milk, and egg yolks. [21]

In countries with a low intake of fatty animal foods vitamin A deficiencies are prevalent. [22]

Vitamin K2 found only in fatty animal foods like pork chops, eggs, and full-fat dairy plays a crucial role in blood clotting, calcium metabolism, and heart health.


What is Kachi good for?

What is Kachi good for

Kachi is a delicious and popular Iranian dessert, which is usually considered an auxiliary and strengthening food. This dessert has many different recipes, which can be prepared in different ways and with different ingredients.
For example, milk can be used instead of water in the recipe for this. In this case, the dessert will be tastier and thicker at the end, use rice flour instead of wheat flour or a mixture of both, or change the place of saffron and turmeric.
Anyway, the most important use of kachi among Iranians is for women after childbirth or during menstruation and even to relieve knee pain. This dessert is also very useful for people recently undergoing surgery to strengthen and restore lost strength.

FAQ Persian kachi:

1. What should we do to glaze kachi?

It is better to put a flame spreader under the pot to cook the pudding in the oil so that it cooks slowly and falls into the oil. While cooking kachi on a low flame, do not stir it so it falls into the oil. You can shake the pot a little to ensure it does not stick to it.

2. What ingredients are used to perfume Iranian Kachi?

You can use some cardamom, cinnamon, or cardamom and cinnamon extract to flavor the kachi.

3. What kind of flour is used to prepare kachi?

To prepare homemade kachi, you can use rice flour, wheat flour, or a combination of these two flour.


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