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Halva havij irani, which goes back to Urmia in west Azarbaijan, is one of those hearty and delicious traditional desserts that are suitable for almost all occasions. The people of Urmia make this delicious halva for the month of Ramadan, Yalda night.

Halva havij, more like a compressed and thick jam, is considered one of the famous souvenirs of West Azerbaijan province, and it is especially good during the iftar of Ramadan with tea.

Halva havij is one of the types of halva in the list of Iranian desserts, which has many fans due to the many properties of carrots and their deliciousness. Carrot is a very nutritious plant rich in vitamin A. Carrots are very useful for strengthening eyesight, strengthening the immune system, skin care, cardiovascular diseases, preventing osteoporosis, and preventing cancer.

Halva is one of the oldest types of traditional desserts that is served in various celebrations and mourning ceremonies. In addition, you can learn how to prepare halvah havij and prepare this delicious dessert for your evening meal and eat it with Persian tea.

Stay with meals cook to teach you the best way to prepare halva havij. This desert along with samanu, shole zard, and fereni are best Iranian dessert,

For: 10 people

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cook for: 40 minutes

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My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 8
The ease of cooking Easy
Served for Dessert
Suggest for Daily sweet, party sweet
What is served with? Persian tea, gol gav zaban

Halva havij recipe:

halva havij recipe

Ingredient halva havij:

halva havij ingredient

Carrot 1.1 pound
Sugar   1 ½ cup
Water  1 cup
Rose water ½ cup
Brewed saffron 1 tablespoon
Cardamom powder(hel spice) ½ teaspoon
White flour  1 cup
Liquid oil  ½ cup
Butter  1 ounce

Instruction halva havij:

1. To prepare halva havij, at the beginning of the work, we wash the carrot, and then remove its skin.Next, we add the carrot along with 1 glass of water into the pot, then put the pot on medium heat until the carrot cooks completely.

step1 cooking havij

2. Now, when the carrot is completely cooked and soft, we take it out of the pot, put it in a blender, and mix until the carrot puree is ready. Next, we prepare the halva nectar, for this purpose, we pour water and sugar into a suitable pot.

step2 halva havij

3. At this stage, we put the pot on a gentle heat, then add rose water with saffron and add cardamom powder to halva nectar, then mix until the sugar particles dissolve in the water. Now we let the nectar stay on the heat until it boils.

step 3 halva

4. When the nectar of halva boils, we take it off the heat and let it cool. Next, pour the flour into a suitable pan, then place the pan on low heat and saute for 20 to 30 minutes until the raw smell of the flour disappears.

5. At this stage, we add the butter along with the liquid oil in the pan containing the flour, then mix until the ingredients are combined and uniform. Next, add the carrot puree to the flour, then stir until the carrot puree and flour are completely mixed and uniform.

6. Now saute the carrot puree with flour for 2-3 minutes, then remove the pan from the heat and add the nectar to the halva in 2 steps. Next, we stir continuously until the nectar is absorbed into the halva, and then we put the pan on the heat again.

preaper halva havij

7. At this stage, stir the halva havij rapidly until it gathers in the pan. Next, we remove the halva from the heat, then collect it in the pan using a cradle method (Hold the handles of the pan from both sides and keep shaking it to the left and right until the ingredients come from the sides of the pan to the middle of the pan and become like a dough) and pour some of the halva into a pastry bag with a star nozzle.

halva havij and design

8. Finally, we pour the remaining halva havij into the desired dish and design it in the desired shape, then we pipe the halva on it with a pastry bag. At the end, decorate the top with pistachio slices to your taste and serve. Enjoy your dessert.

Along with this dessert, zoolbia bamieh and ash reshteh are served during Ramadan.

design halva havij

Carrot Nutrition Facts

One medium-sized carrot (61g) provides 25 calories, 0.5g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates, and 0g of fat. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin K, fiber, and vitamin A. The following nutrition information is provided by the USDA.1

  • Calories: 25
  • Fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 42mg
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Fiber: 1.5g
  • Sugars: 2.9g
  • Protein: 0.5g
  • Vitamin A: 509mcg
  • Vitamin K: 8mcg
  • Potassium: 195.2mg
  • Beta carotene: 5053.8mcg


A cup (128g) of chopped raw carrots has 12.3 grams of carbohydrates, with 3.6 grams of fiber and 6.1 grams of natural sugars. The glycemic index for boiled carrots is low, ranging from 35 to 43.2


Carrots have minimal amounts of fat (nearly 0g for one medium carrot and just 0.3g for a cup of chopped carrot), the majority of which is polyunsaturated.


Carrots are not particularly high in protein. A cup of carrots has just 1.2 grams of protein.

Vitamins and Minerals

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A—specifically beta carotene, which is responsible for their orange color. Carrots also offer potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

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Four golden points for Iranian carrot halva:

iranian carrot halva

  • Sifting flour to make halva makes the flour have smaller grains and halva finally gets a good texture.
  • The main color of halva havij is orange. In making this halva, the flour should not turn dark and brown because, in the end, the color of the halva will be dark and bad. So saute the flour only to the extent that its rawness is removed.
  • Do all the steps of making this Persian sweet on the gas stove with the appropriate flame. But when shaping the halva, allow the halva to cool down so that it is less sticky and easier to shape.
  • You can use milk instead of water in halva havij.

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Notes for Halva Havij:

notes halva havij

  • Due to the sticky nature of this halva, you must use some oil when shaping it.
  • If the heat of halva decreases, its stickiness will also decrease, and it will be easier to shape.
  • You can use carrot pomace when getting carrot juice instead of cooking and pureed carrots.
  • Pour the prepared carrot puree into the pan and saute it until some of its water evaporates.
  • The more carrots there are in this dessert, the tastier the halva will be.
  • To make halva, never grate the carrot because it will be clearly visible in the halva.
  • The color of the flour should not change during sauting.
  • You can store halva havij for several hours in an environment that is not too hot.
  • To store Iranian Carrot Halva for a long time, you should store it in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

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FAQ for halva havij:

faq for halva havij

1. What type of flour is suitable for preparing halva?

To prepare halva, use rice flour, chickpea flour, pastry flour, etc. To have quality, it is better to use white wheat flour.

2. What should be the amount of gas flame to prepare halva?

The amount of gas flame should not be so high that the flour and butter burn quickly, so it is better to put the flame on medium to prepare different types of halva.

3. Why does Halva fall apart?

If you find that the halva hardens or separates, the amount of halva nectar or the amount of oil in your halva must be low.

4. What to do if the halva is too loose?

We put the halva on low heat and stir it regularly until the halva separates from the pot and becomes like a dough.

5. What are the best spices for carrot halwa?
The best spices in Iranian halwa, including halva havij, are cardamom, rose and saffron. They provide a great flavor that completes this dessert.

7. Can carrot halva be made vegan?
Yes, with the difference that you use coconut oil or vegetable butter instead of normal oil. In this way, you can cook the best vegan halva havij.

8. What is the best way to serve carrot halva?
After cooking the carrot halva, place it at room temperature to cool down. After that, decorate the halva with pistachio powder and almond slices.

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