Hel Spice – Iranian Green Cardamom + 6 Benefits

Have you ever had the experience of drinking tea or coffee with ” Hel spice” or cardamom? 90% probability you will say no. I suggest you mix cardamom powder with tea or coffee or brew it and drink it.
Cardamom has a heavenly aroma and is excellent to use with Persian tea.

I have said little about cardamom’s wonderful flavor in food and drinks. In my opinion, cardamom is the best spice after saffron. Stay with me as I share the incredible benefits and history of this expensive and delicious spice.

What is “Hel spice” or Cardamom?

What is Hel spice or Cardamom

Cardamom, or “Hel spice,” is a green spice with an intense and addictive taste. Since ancient times, cardamom has been known for its great aroma and taste, and today, with the development of science, this magical green spice has had many medicinal benefits. In Iran, this species is called “hel”.

This spice has many health benefits. This spice is native to India, Nepal, and Indonesia. Hel spice is available in two colors: green and black. This spice has been expensive and valuable in the past and was even exchanged for luxury goods in trade.

The first time I smelled “Hel spice” was 30 years ago, but it had such a strong smell that it still lingers in my mind. Stay with meals cook site to read the benefits of this magic spice.

Types of cardamom

type of cardamom

There are basically three types of hel spice:

  1. Green cardamom: It is the most widely used type of cardamom and is widely used for its aroma and medicinal benefits.
  2. Black cardamom: It has a smoky flavor and is often used in savory dishes.
  3. White cardamom: with a milder aroma and flavor, it is actually the same green cardamom that has turned pale and white.

You can also read Persian saffron syrup and gol gav zaban tea.

Culinary uses

It is a spice with extraordinary and incredible efficiency. Cardamom is an effective spice for use in Asian and Middle Eastern teas and coffees and in Indian sweets and Iranian stews and dishes.

The taste of this spice with Iranian tea provides an excellent drink with a heavenly taste and aroma. In modern cooking, chefs test hel spice in various dishes, from salty to sweet, and get an extremely attractive result.

Medicinal benefits

benefits of green cardamom-min

Apart from cardamom being a type of spice, it should be said that it is a plant full of medicinal properties.

The property of “hel spice” helps improve the digestive system’s health and prevent some diseases, such as cancer.

In addition, as an antioxidant, it can also help the health of the body.

In addition, it makes you happy and prevents depression.

Due to its high manganese content, it is very useful for treating diabetes.

This spice is known for its strong aroma and smell; walking and exercising increase the body’s oxygen level.

 What is Hel spice in English?

Hel spice is known as Cardamom in English. Cardamom is available in three colors: green, black, and white. Green cardamom powder in cooking and baking is the most widely used of these models. The excellent taste makes this spice very special.

Cultivation and production

To cultivate and produce this spice, we need a tropical climate. This climate is available in hot and dry countries such as India, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. Cultivation and production of hel spice takes time and requires high precision, affecting this product’s value.

Buying and maintenance tips

When buying this spice, you should pay attention to the color of this spice, which should be natural green.

Fresh “hel spice” has a strong aroma. If the spicy aroma of this spice does not attract you, it is probably not fresh and has been produced for a long time.

To buy this spice, pay attention to its shell. If the shell is open, it does not have the quality of fresh “hel”.

After buying, you should keep it in a closed bottle and container. It should be kept in the cabinet and away from sunlight and heat.


Cardamom, with its different colors and rich and old history, and being an excellent and aromatic spice in food and drinks, is also a plant with magical healing properties and helps human health. And several years are the time to plant and harvest this product.

 Potential Benefits of Cardamom

Supplement use should be individualized and vetted by a healthcare professional, such as a registered dietitian, pharmacist, or healthcare provider. No supplement is intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease.

In traditional medicine, cardamom has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis.4

Cardamom has also been touted for its pharmacological effects. Some studies have found cardamom to be:1

  • Antioxidant
  • Antimutagenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antidiabetic
  • Heart protective
  • Liver protective
  • Chemoprotective (an agent that may reduce the side effects of chemotherapy)


FAQ for Cardamom or Hel spice:

cardamom or hel spice

1. In what foods or drinks is “hel spice” used?

Hel spice is combined in various Iranian stews and even drinks such as tea and coffee.

 2. How to store this?

 In a dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight (usually in the cabinet).

 3. Can I use cardamom seeds instead of cardamom plants?

Yes, you can use it, but it has a more spicy and intense taste and is not recommended.

 4. Is cardamom useful for digestion?

Yes, in the recipes of traditional medicine, the use of this spice in food is useful for digestion.

 5. How is cardamom harvested?

This spice bushes are kept until they are produced after two to three years, and their products can be harvested. As we said, the hel spice product is in capsule form.

It is harvested after it becomes completely green and starts to dry on the plant.

 6. Why is cardamom so expensive?

Considering that the time from planting to harvesting is very long and expensive.

 7. What is the difference between green and black cardamom?

Sweet green has more aroma, while the black model has a smoky taste.

 8. Can I use cardamom in drinks?

Yes, using these spice seeds in tea, coffee, and other drinks is better.

9. What is Hel spice in English?

 Hel Spice in English means Cardamom.

 Did you like this article about “Hel Spice”?

In my opinion, the best spice for cooking after saffron is green cardamom.
If you have any other opinion, comment for me
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    1. Hi dear Rashel, I will definitely give you a recipe for tea with cardamom
      A brief explanation about it: before brewing tea, we put a cardamom seed in the teapot and add boiling water to the mixture of tea and green cardamom, and after 15 to 20 minutes our cardamom tea is ready.

  1. I have been living in California for 10 years, since I was 20 years old. I travel to Iran once a year and the first thing I do is to go to the market in Tehran and buy all kinds of spices, especially green cardamom.

    This spice is an inseparable part of my and my family’s food basket

    1. I understand exactly how you feel because I have been living in Turkey for several years and whenever I return to Iran I have to prepare a lot of spices and dried vegetables. Rice and saffron have the same situation, especially saffron.

    1. Hi dear Mahsa
      Green cardamom has a very strong and intense flavor, while black cardamom has a smoky and vague cardamom flavor. The taste of black cardamom is cool, in general, green cardamom is more widely used, tastier and more expensive than black cardamom

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